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Looking For Work?

The State of California

Jobs Creation Council (JCC),

in conjunction with lots of
mysterious nonprofit organizations,

Announces Thousands of New Jobs!

Here are two examples:

1) The California Avocado Commission 

Promote California avocados!

No experience or talent needed.
Sit on porch steps or street corners.

Incredible financial benefits, as this article explains.

Apply at their website before it is too late!

 2) The California Travel & Tourism Commission 

Promote California tourism!

Excellent opportunity for unemployed executives to get experience in government. Rapid promotion to management.

Apply at their website now!

Thousands of jobs ... every state!

Please note that these jobs are available in every state, including Hawaii, as this article explains, so tell your friends and relatives!

There's no reason for any American to be unemployed when our hard-working, conscientious government officials are providing so many wonderful and productive job opportunities.

Brilliant jobs
from brilliant minds!

These exciting job opportunities are the result of years of study by experts in their field, all of whom are college graduates with advanced degrees.

So take advantage of their clever job programs. Don't spend another day in the unemployment lines. Apply for one of these exciting jobs today!

Please support government agencies and nonprofit groups by paying more taxes and donating more money.

The more agencies and nonprofit groups we create, the less unemployment we will have.

"It really is that simple!"

Paid for by the California Jobs Creation Council (JCC) and your tax dollars.