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12/21/03 12:10 PM
 David Irving continues his SPLC sponsored tour [ Post 1133757 ]

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   Published: December 12, 2003  Author: Skunk
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David Irving tours ' Moscow Idaho ' for Militia

What is Irving doing in Moscow Idaho ?

This slanty eyed SPLC yhid was at his 2002 & the 2003 convention

The guy on the front right is a SPLC employee

Moscow is where all the � Vhite supremecists� live. It almost appears the the SPLC is using Irving as a ringer.

I attended his 2002 convention in Cinncinatti and saw Morris Dees and seven of his flunkies � they were there from Friday through Monday. On his Riverboat cruise there were 42 guests and 8 SPLC employees. I saw Irving�s video man giving the SPLC tapes of the speakers

How can Irving not notice Morris Dees walking around a small Marriot hotel or a river boat ?

12/21/03 12:40 PM
 David Irving continues his SPLC sponsored tour

His Cinncinatti convention is held at a small Marriot - middle of nowhere. The lobby is an atrium ( bar , restaraunt, convention rooms ) - you can't miss people.

The jew - Morris Dees paraded around the hotel like king of Siam. I saw him in the lobby and elevators four time minimum. I didn't see him with Irving - but there is no doubt in my mind that Irving is either a total imbicile or a Poodle

12/21/03 03:44 PM
 David Irving continues his SPLC sponsored tour 

Why I doubt irving

#1 ---- Irving's Cincinatti conventions are ' Supposed to be ' - private conventions that are screened. You don't allow Morris Dees on his 50 person riverboat cruise.

# 2 ---- Irving hasn't touched on any hot issues like the Mossad assassinations of Moelleman and Lindh - Jew assassinatin of CIA in Gaza

# 3 ----- His tours go to Militia hotspots --- Moscow Idaho

# 4 --- Someone is financing him and it isn't a anti-jew source

# 5 ---- His Lipstad trial was a gift to the jews

# 6 ---- His $ 3 mil judgement - he lost no assets

His stand on 9/11 and egyptair 990 are a joke.

12/21/03 03:54 PM
 David Irving continues his SPLC sponsored tour 

It has been said that Irving has hinted at having some jewish ancestry when he met with some jewish leaders. Personally I think he's just a showboat who craves notoriety, probably a homosexual, and he found that he could achieve some degree of fame and increased book sales by being controversial and tweaking the Jews. I've never trusted him.

12/21/03 03:55 PM
 David Irving continues his SPLC sponsored tour 

>How can Irving not notice Morris Dees walking around a small Marriot hotel or a river boat ?

Have you asked him?

Yes I did.

Irving said ---- " I check every person that comes to the conventions. Why do you say such things ? "

Irving is a Extreme Womanizer

If the jews wanted his ass he could be set up in a heartbeat with a minor in Key West. A cute waitress at his local breakfast haunt would work in 30 seconds.

Zundel is in jail and irving is on a world tour