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Eric Hufschmid, 19 May 2008

Life offers us a variety of
activities, philosophies, and people

The choices in life are similar to flowers.

Some flowers attract bees, and others appeal to hummingbirds. The flower in this photo attracts flies.

Human children get along with one another, but as we grow up we separate as we discover that we prefer certain philosophies, activities, and people.

This concept seems simple and obvious, but understanding it can help you to understand yourself, and the world, and the global Jewish crime network.

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The Jewish crime network is sinking

There are so many millions of people who know about their role in 9/11 and other crimes that I don't think they can save themselves.
Their network has been exposed.
They can kill people, but they can't stop the intangible information about them from spreading from one mind to the next.


The truth seekers have become beggars
Most of them are begging for money more than they've ever begged before.

I don't think it's entirely because of the economy; I think they're losing support as people realize that they're liars who are trying to deceive us about who the true criminals are.

On April 15, 2008 Alex Jones and his friend Raymond Teague struggle to confuse the Apollo moon landing issue with UFOs and other nonsense: 
Teague15Apr2008-ufo.mp3   300kb

On that same show, Jones and Andreas von Bulow try to protect Israel. Bulow says that a "very small group" did 9/11, and Jones blames it on the "Multi-national Anglo-American establishment/Israel":
Bulow15Apr2008-not-israel.mp3   120kb
Bulow15Apr2008-very-small-group.mp3   60kb

However, getting rid of the Jewish crime network is only the first step to improving the world. Once they're gone, we have to deal with a lot of other problems.

Every nation must take a serious look at itself
Most voters are so incompetent that they look for candidates who praise them.
Professional athletes realize that they must they look critically at themselves in order to improve their performance, so they routinely watch video of themselves, and they expect their coach to provide criticism, not praise.
In order to improve our nation, we must be capable of looking critically at our nation and facing the fact that every nation has serious problems.
Have you seen the clay statues with the Chinese made 2000 years ago? They don't look like the Chinese of today. They are taller and healthier.

The Asian nations need to face the fact that they've got serious problems with overcrowding, malnutrition, pollution, and corruption.

Everybody in every nation ought to be disgusted with what is going on inside their nation.
But the people in Thailand are not ashamed that some of their teenage boys are castrating themselves and becoming "ladyboys".

Don't believe the Thai propaganda that they're having a nice life. They're desperate for money, and some of them supplement their income with "ordinary" crime.

Most people are so out of touch with reality that have no idea that millions of people are having a miserable life, and millions are mentally ill.
There are businesses catering to masochists, and to adults who want to wear diapers and act like babies, and there are farms that rent animals for sex, and there is a Japanese man (in the photo) who lets several women poop into his mouth.

(It's difficult to see in this photo but he has a very slanted forehead. Coincidence? Have you seen my Neanderthal pages?)

The Earth could be a beautiful place, but by ignoring our problems, we are allowing the planet to become a cesspool of pollution, fear, war, retards, freaks, abuse, and crime.


Who was David Gletty working for?
David Gletty admits (another new link - watch it before it gets deleted again) to being an FBI agent and infiltrating a white supremacist group. Did he do this for the Americans? Or the Israelis?

Until the FBI helps us get rid of the Jewish crime network, we should assume they are the Federal Bureau of Israel.

Don't trust any of white supremacists, Holocaust revisionists, patriots, or 9/11 groups.

And since our Homeland Security is under the control of the Zionist Jew Michael Chertoff, don't trust that agency, either.

“You can trust me!
I love Goyim!”
Why have so many entertainers died?

Have you seen the evidence that Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, and others were actually murdered?

A transcript of the audio

19 May 2008

There are several things I'd like to mention in this audio file. To begin with, it seems as if we are finally making progress in defeating this global Jewish crime network. I think they've been exposed to such an extent that they're beyond the point of saving themselves.

A couple years ago there were many times I thought our situation was hopeless. I was expecting Israel to get a nuclear war started, or cause some disaster with diseases, and I assumed the majority of people would continue to take their bribes or behave like stupid sheep. I was even thinking I might have to leave America.

But the situation seems to be changing dramatically today. It's probably difficult for most of you to see the changes because you only see your relatives and neighbors, and they're still refusing to take a serious look at the 9/11 attack or Israel.

However, I'm sure that I see a different side than most of you. Ever since I've been involved in exposing 9/11, mysterious people have been swarming around me, and most of them have turned out to be Jews. They try to become my friend, or influence my opinions. And I can see changes in their behavior.

Furthermore, there are some very significant changes in the behavior of Alex Jones, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and all of the other phony 9/11 truth seekers. Almost all of those phony truth seekers are now under pressure to admit that Israel and Jews played at least some role in 9/11, and the world wars, and other crimes. John Stadtmiller of the Republic Broadcasting Network, recently spent some of his time on his radio show trying to justify Israel's right to exist. It's also interesting that many of these phony truth seekers are begging for money to an extent that they've never begged before.

Another significant change is that the phony truth seekers are promoting one another rather than remaining independent. During 2002 they appeared to be ordinary citizens who were independently discovering that they were lied to about 9/11. And some of them would promote my book, or an article by Christopher Bollyn. Because they appeared to be ordinary citizens, it was difficult to figure out which of them were actually working with the crime network.

Today, however, they no longer appear to be independent citizens. They are promoting each other, and they're afraid to mention my name or promote my website. Some of them still have a link to my website, but it's surrounded by links to deceptive websites.

An example is the Jewish professor in Canada named Michelle Chossudovsky who has the website In 2002 he appeared to be an ordinary independent, jewish professor who was disgusted with Israel and trying to expose some of their crimes. But today he's a radio host on the Republic Broadcasting Network, and there's no way to explain why a Canadian professor would join a deceptive radio network unless he's actually working with Israel.

You can visualize what has happened to me and Christopher Bollyn by imagining yourself arriving at a large party. When you first arrive at the party you can mingle with the crowd and talk to whoever you want. Everybody is friendly and everybody appears to be just another ordinary, independent person.

But as the evening goes on you notice that one person after another stops talking to you and moves to the other side of the room. Eventually you find yourself standing alone, and everybody else is on the other side of the room talking only to one another. And you notice that Christopher Bollyn is missing.

The fact that these so-called truth seekers are working together today and afraid to mention my name is a sign that they're losing their supporters, and they're reacting by promoting one another. They cannot get back the people who realize that they're liars, so they're trying to attract the naive people who are just now discovering that they were lied to about 9/11.

However, even if they do attract some naive people, those people won't remain naive forever.

There must be millions of people around the world who already realize that 9/11 was an Israeli false flag operation. Divide those millions of people by the number of days since the 9/11 attack and you can see that every day thousands of people on average are discovering the Israeli involvement.

And every day there are people who discover that we were lied to about the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing, and the Nazis, and the attack on the USS Liberty.

The awareness of Israeli crimes is going to continue. There will be thousands of people tomorrow who discover the Israeli involvement in these crimes, and there will be thousands more people the day after that. There's nothing the Jews can do to stop this trend. It doesn't matter how many radio shows Professor Chossudovsky produces. And there's nothing the Scholars For 9/11 Truth can do to stop it, either.

The Jewish crime network has been exposed, and the information that exposes them is spreading around the world, and nobody can get rid of that information. The Jews can kill and kidnap us, but they can't stop information from passing from one person's mind to the next.

Millions of us today know that Israel and the Jews are involved in a lot of very big crimes, and this intangible information is going to continue spreading no matter what the Jews do, and no matter how much propaganda they put on television.

The Jewish crime network doesn't have the ability to shut down the Internet or stop us from producing CD-ROMs or DVDs, so I think their only hope is to create worldwide chaos, and then get control of the world while everybody is busy fighting with each other. I have the feeling that the Jews were recently trying to create financial chaos in America, and worldwide food shortages, but I don't think they have enough support any longer.

Actually, they're not just losing support, they're gaining enemies. Every day there must be hundreds of people who switch from feeling sorry for Jews to being disgusted with them.

This same situation is occurring with the 9/11 investigators, the Holocaust revisionists, and the other so-called truth seekers. For example, every day there are people who realize that the Scholars For 9/11 Truth, the Loose Change video, and Alex Jones are actually working with the Jewish crime network.

Eventually the only people who trust those truth seekers will be the mental defects who can't think properly, and the naive people.

Some of the tricks that have been successful for the Jews are now backfiring and helping to destroy their network. A good example is their arrest and kidnapping of Christopher Bollyn. That would've been successful years ago, but because of the Internet, it exposed and ruined WingTV, the American Free Press, Daryl Smith, and a lot of other people. The Jews did themselves a lot of damage to by trying to silence Bollyn.

The Jews consider themselves to be more intelligent than the rest of us, but they don't seem to fully understand that information cannot be killed or destroyed. They can kill Jesus, and they can kidnap Christopher Bollyn and his family, and they can even kill me, but they can't kill the information we provide.

The information that Bollyn and I have provided is already out there inside people's minds, and it's circulating around the world. There's nothing the Jews can do to get that information out of people's minds, and they can't stop it from spreading to even more minds.

Another of their tricks that's losing its effectiveness is the "wolf in sheep's clothing" trick. I suppose people who listen to my audio files already know about this trick, but in case you don't, the Jewish criminals pretend to be Nazis, veterans, Christians, Muslims, anti-war activists, or 9/11 investigators. Their goal is to attract naive people to their organizations, and that allows the Jews to identify their potential enemies and set us up for accidents, suicide, bribery, blackmail, or being fired from our jobs. They can also pressure us into donating money to them. However, once you become aware of this trick, you become like an intelligent fish who pulls the bait off the hook.

This trick is losing its effectiveness, and the Jews are responding by providing more exciting bait. Take a look at the website wakeupfromyourslumber, or Jeff Rense website. Recently they have been providing articles that attack Israel even more harshly than some of my articles. The Jews are trying desperately to attract you over to their sites. But once you realize that those sites are working for Israel, this trick doesn't work.

Furthermore, once we realize that those sites are working for Israel, we can figure out which other sites are also working for Israel. For example, a long time ago someone told me about the video called One Third Of The Holocaust. I looked at it and I noticed that it has interesting information about the Holocaust. However, I suspected it was just another group of Jews trying to draw attention over to their website, so I never promoted it.

Then another mysterious person, or a Jew, told me about the video, and then another, and another. This made me wonder, why are so many mysterious people, and so many Jews, trying to convince me to promote that particular video? Whenever you find a video or website getting a tremendous amount of publicity from mysterious people, or from Jews, you should to wonder, who are these people are and why they're promoting that information?

Furthermore, these mysterious people are always trying to convince me to promote their websites, but they never promote my website. Or if they do provide a link to my site, it's just mixed among links to deceptive Jewish sites. This is another pattern that helps to identify the Jewish criminals. Specifically, they refuse to work with me or Christopher Bollyn. They want us to promote their information and websites, but they won't promote the work we've done.

Another of their tricks is to take a small portion of my information and put it on their site to attract you to their site, but they don't always put the complete information. For example, Professor Kee Dewdney of Canada, who works with the group called, posted an article I wrote years ago about the concept of a wolf in sheep's clothing, but they removed the information about the Apollo moon landing. People who visit their website will see an article from me, but they won't realize that they're getting a censored, Jewish approved version of my article.

Sometimes a Jewish website will post one of Christopher Bollyn's articles to make it appear as if they support Bollyn, but they select only a couple of his more mild articles that does the least amount of damage to the Jewish crime network.

Once you understand the wolf in sheep's clothing trick, you can identify a lot of the propaganda simply by looking at who promotes it. The tremendous publicity that the Jews give to the video One Third Of The Holocaust is evidence that it's created by Jews. This would explain why the video ignores 2/3rds of the Holocaust, and why the narrator has such a depressing monotone. The narrator is not truly interested in exposing the Holocaust. These videos are simply bait to lure you to the criminal sites and away from people like me.

A lot of Jews and suspicious people also promote the video called Zeitgeist. Anything the Jews promote should be considered suspicious. For example, the other day I saw an article in a British newspaper about a woman who was arrested by the Gestapo and tortured by the Nazis. Once you realize that Jews were working with the Nazi party, and that the Jews were using the world wars to create Israel and get more control of Europe, you have to ask yourself, who was really responsible for the atrocities that the Jews attribute to the German people? Was it really the Germans? Or was it the Jews?

You can see this same situation with the FBI, the CIA, and the US military. For example, the Scholars For 9/11 Truth, Alex Jones, and other Israeli agents tell us that the US military is responsible for the Vietnam War, but Kay Griggs says it was Henry Kissinger and other Jews.

The Jews also tell us that 9/11 was an "inside job" by Americans, but most of the Goyim who assisted with the attack were probably tricked by the Jews.

When the FBI or the CIA or the military behave in suspicious manners, we should ask ourselves, is it the Goyim within those agencies that's causing trouble? Or is it the Jews? We have to become aware of who among us is a Jew. Did you know that Valerie Plame, the CIA agent who was exposed a few years ago, is a Jew? A lot of people felt that it was wrong to expose a CIA agent, but every Jew should be exposed and removed from our government. Actually, we should remove Jews from our societies.

A couple years ago I thought our situation was hopeless, but today it looks as if there are people within our police departments and militaries, and in others around the world, who are starting to stand up to these Jews. Eventually the Jews are going to lose, and that brings us to another very big problem we're going to have to deal with.

Specifically, we have to deal with the majority of people. Most of them have no ability to face reality, and they make terrible decisions about who to vote for. And they won't do anything to help themselves or their society. The majority of people are the reason that organized crime networks are flourishing in every nation.

Unfortunately, dealing with the majority of people is emotionally difficult for us because it requires dealing with our own relatives, friends, and neighbors. This brings up another issue I want to discuss. I've mentioned this issue before, but I think it's important to go into more details because I think we're defeating the Jewish crime network, and soon we're going to have to deal with this problem.

It's important to realize that the only way you can improve yourself is to be critical of yourself. This concept is so obvious in regards to athletic competitions that athletes all over the world routinely film their performances and analyze themselves afterwards. No successful athlete considers an analysis of his performance to be "unpatriotic". We never see a successful athlete crying that his coach is looking closely at video of his performance and criticizing him. Successful athletes are the exact opposite. They don't want a coach that does nothing but offer praise. They realize that a coach has no value if he can't help an athlete improve.

We must apply the same attitude to society. The leaders of society should have an attitude similar to an athletic coach. They should be able to analyze the nation and help us to improve. Unfortunately, our emotions don't want a coach in control of society. Our emotions are attracted to leaders who praise us and who blame our problems on some other group of people or some other nation.

Our emotions are well suited for life in 10,000 B.C., but they're out of place in this modern world. Our emotions are giving us desires that are detrimental. We need leaders who can show us our mistakes and help us to improve ourselves and our nation.

It's not unpatriotic to criticize a nation. It's the only way a nation can improve. When we criticize a nation we're often reprimanded with idiotic remarks such as, "If you don't like it here, then move to some other nation". That attitude is equivalent to an athlete who has a temper tantrum when his coach criticizes him and who tells his coach that if he doesn't have something nice to say, then he can become somebody else's coach.

The people who demand praise from their politicians think of themselves as patriotic, but they are primitive savages who inhibit progress. Unfortunately, the majority of people can't tolerate criticism, and this is one of the reasons no nation is able to improve itself.

An interesting example are the trips that Josef Fritzl of Austria made to Thailand to have sex. If you look at my website occasionally, you may have noticed that I posted a news article about the Thai government trying to stop doctors from castrating young boys. Later I posted a news article about the doctors refusing to stop the castrations.

In case you're unaware of this situation, there are teenage boys in Thailand who are willing to castrate themselves to make themselves more feminine. They become a type a prostitute that we refer to as "ladyboys".

Joseph Fritzl is reported to have had sex with one of the ladyboys, but that's not the reason I brought this issue up. The point I want to make is that most people in Thailand show no embarrassment that some of their teenage boys are so desperate for money that they're willing to castrate themselves and become prostitutes for sexually disturbed people all over the world. We can see this same problem in China. A lot of the Chinese are willing to sell themselves for not much more than a bowl of rice.

And look at Italy. Some areas have such large organized crime networks that half of the retail stores are supposedly paying protection money, but do you see any embarrassment among the Italians?

The majority of people are incapable of taking a serious look at their own nation. You might find it easier to understand how destructive this attitude is if you imagine these problems occurring on a very small scale, such as within your own neighborhood.

Imagine yourself living in an ordinary neighborhood with ordinary, single-family homes. And imagine that living in the house next door to you are several families from Thailand. Imagine a total of 40 people trying to live within that single-family house, and imagine that they're so desperate for food and money that they're offering to do yard work, house cleaning, and other chores for all of the neighbors at a very low price.

But imagine that there's not enough work for all of them, so some of their children are offering themselves as prostitutes. And imagine that some of the teenage boys are castrating themselves and dressing up like women in an attempt to attract sexual perverts. And imagine that because they have so little food, are they're so under nourished, that they never reach the full height that a human adult should reach. And imagine that they're so hungry that regularly eat food that they don't really want to eat, such as cockroaches, spiders, and flies.

If this were to happen on a small scale within your own neighborhood, you'd be disgusted. You'd be horrified. And if you discovered that some policemen, government officials, and school teachers were taking trips to the house to have sex with those children, you'd be disgusted with all of THOSE people, also.

But when this problem occurs on a national scale, nobody is embarrassed or ashamed. Have you ever met or seen anybody from Thailand who shows shame that their nation has degraded into the world's primary center for perverted pedophilia and prostitution? The doctors who castrate the teenage boys don't even seem to be embarrassed or ashamed of their nation.

Imagine this happening on a small scale within your neighborhood. Imagine that you boast to your neighbors that your son has just finished school and has acquired a nice job as a carpenter or as an engineer, and the Thai family that lives next door to you boasts that their son has just been castrated and is making a wonderful living as a prostitute for perverted homosexuals. How can a parent be proud that this is what his son has become? How can a nation be proud of this? How can doctors be proud?

And how many people in America or Austria or Britain are ashamed that some of their citizens are taking trips to Thailand to have sex with these people? Imagine that behavior occurring in your neighborhood. Imagine watching your neighbors paying the castrated teenage boy for sex. Would you be proud of your neighbors?

And take a look at China. Millions of Chinese citizens are also so desperate for food that they will offer themselves or their children for sex or as a labor slave, and I don't see any sign that the Chinese government officials, or even the Chinese people, are showing any signs of embarrassment or shame about how their nation has degraded.

I don't see any sign that the Chinese government even cares about the gambling problem. In fact, they promote gambling in the island of Macau. The Chinese government seems more interested in palaces and statues for themselves, and military weapons.

In case you didn't realize it, China wasn't like this thousands of years ago. Have you seen the clay statues that the Chinese made about 2000 years ago? Those statues are apparently life-size, but they don't look like the Chinese people of today. The Chinese people today are smaller, under nourished, deformed, and sickly by comparison.

Thousands of years ago the population of China was low, and the people were eating food that would be considered proper for humans. The Chinese people in that era were healthy, and the Chinese children grew to the size that a human is supposed to reach. And of course, in that era, nature was killing the more seriously defective humans. But as China's population grew, they destroyed most of their food supplies and had to switch to food that wasn't truly natural for humans, such as rice.

Most people try to ignore the possibility that there are subtle differences between the races of humans, but there seems to be a personality difference between the Asians and the Caucasians. The Caucasians societies tend to get into fights with one another when the population reaches a high density, and that helps reduce the population, but the Asians simply tolerate the extreme density.

Animals don't deal with reproductive issues, and primitive humans didn't need to deal with this issue, either. But now that humans have the ability to produce enormous amounts of food, we must deal with this problem.

The Caucasian population never grew to the point at which food supplies became scarce, but the Asian populations reached the level at which they destroyed most of their food supplies and had to start eating food that wasn't truly natural for humans. They became undernourished and sickly as a result.

The same problem occurred in Japan. They also tolerate extreme population densities, and as a result, they wiped out most of their food supplies and had to switch to rice, seaweed, and whatever else they can find in the ocean.

However, I've never noticed any Asians who are embarrassed about what their nations have degraded into. They never seem to complain about the overcrowding, or that their primary food supply is rice, or that organized crime gangs are flourishing in their nations.

There is no nation yet that is capable of looking critically at itself. The majority of people in every nation prefer to praise themselves and boast that their nation is the greatest, and they insist that all of their problems are coming from other people.

This animal-like behavior is hurting all of us. We have to face the fact that the primary enemy of every nation is its own people. The Japanese and the Chinese are torturing themselves with their extreme population densities, but they don't want to face that possibility, and the Americans don't want to face the possibility that the American people are ruining America, and the people in Austria don't want to look critically at themselves and notice that the majority of their people are also behaving like animals.

If the people in Thailand, and China, and Japan could take a serious look at themselves, they would realize that their nation would be described as disgusting or sickening or atrocious if it occurred on a small scale. But how many Chinese can look seriously at themselves? How many Americans can look seriously at America? How many British can look seriously at Britain? We can see the problems of other people, but its not easy to look seriously at ourselves.

It makes me wonder, how extreme do our problems have to be before we admit that we have to starting changing our attitudes? What if the people in China were purchasing raw sewage from America so that their poor people could pull out the undigested pieces of corn and peanuts? Would that be enough for the Chinese to fact the fact that that they've got a serious problem?

What the doctors in Thailand were providing fertility pills to Thai women so that they could have lots of babies to sell for use in Jewish murder rituals? Would that be extreme enough for the Thai people to fact the fact that they've got a serious problem?

How bad does life have to be in China, Thailand, and Japan before the people admit that they're ruining their lives?

Almost every human on the planet is behaving like a stupid, arrogant monkey who assumes that he and his group of monkeys are perfect and flawless, and that the other monkeys are potential enemies. This behavior makes sense for animals because it causes them to fight with each other, and fighting is the only way animals can determine which of them survives, but humans have to move beyond this animal-like behavior.

We've got to provide ourselves with leaders who can take a serious look at our societies and help us to improve. We have to avoid the men who want to fight for territory. And we need businessmen who compete to make life better. We have to get rid of these "talking animals" who fight for dominance.

We also have to deal with this problem of fighting between different races. This issue is going to be significant for America during the 2008 presidential election because most people consider Barack Obama as a black American or an African-American.

And consider the remark recently made by his wife, Michelle. She said "for first time in my adult lifetime I'm proud of my country". It seemed as if she was praising Caucasian Americans for considering a black man as president, which implies that Caucasians are biased against black people. Of course, she's correct. Every person is biased in favor of its own race. But so what?

This brings up another important issue. Specifically, all of us have animal emotions inside of our mind, but the majority of people refuse to accept the possibility that we're just intelligent monkeys.

Living in a fantasy doesn't do us any good. We have to accept what we are. When we refuse to admit that all humans are biased, we allow the different races that are in the minority to play the role of a victim and beg for sympathy. Many black people in America are crying about how they are victims of discrimination, and they imply that they're better than the Caucasians, but they're no better than any other race. Every race is biased.

Take a look at Africa. It's is a gigantic nation, and it seems to have more varieties of plant, animal and human life than any other continent. There is no single race of African people. Instead, there' lots of different African races. They're different shades of brown, and they're different physical sizes, and they have different appearances. And all of the African races discriminate against one another and fight with each other.

The Native Americans also discriminated against one another and fought with each another, so it's absurd for them to cry about the Europeans who merely joined in on the fighting and ended up dominating.

We're never going to improve the world until we face the fact that humans are just intelligent monkeys. If you insist that humans are a special creation of God and that we're different from the animals, you won't be able to explain anything about human behavior. For example, you'll have to blame wars on the devil, or on mysterious concepts, such as ignorance or poverty.

But if you can accept the possibility that humans are just intelligent monkeys, then the fighting that occurs between businesses, religious groups, nations, and even individual men will make sense. All animals divide into groups and they fight endlessly with one another for territory and dominance.

Human men behave just like the neighborhood cats and dogs. For example, the male humans want to be dominant, just like the male animals, and we fight with any man who challenges our position. We're not going to stop these fights until we realize that we have these animal emotions inside our mind, and we also need the ability to override those emotions. Since we differ in our ability to control our emotions, some people appear more like an animal than others.

There are no evil people. The concept of evil is a ridiculous theory created by religious people who couldn't explain the animal-like qualities of humans. The people who appear evil are simply the people who have less control over their emotions, or they're people whose brains don't functioning properly due to genetic disorders, or brain injuries, or blood chemistry problems.

And once you realize that humans are animals, the idiotic aspects of our body will make sense. For example, female humans dribble pee on themselves several times a day, and we all have problems with farting, diseases, and bad breath. An all knowing and powerful god that is capable of creating a universe could certainly design humans with fewer defects. But if you can face the fact that the human body is identical to a monkey body, but with slightly different proportions, the idiotic aspects of our body makes sense. We're just intelligent monkeys.

In order to improve the world, we have to face what we really are, and what we are is monkeys. And we have to face the fact that we differ in our ability to control our monkey emotions, and we have different personalities. We are very similar to each other, but we're not identical. We need to find the men who are less animal-like and more interested in helping society, and put those men into positions of leadership.

Unfortunately, the current presidential candidates are not what I would consider proper leaders. I don't know much about Michelle or Barack Obama, but my impression of both of them is they're unhappy, and Michelle seems slightly bitter.

The problem of unhappy people is another very important issue that we have to deal with. The people who believe that humans are a flawless creation of a God have no way to explain unhappiness except to assume that it's caused by the devil, or an improper childhood, or discrimination, or maybe poverty. But if you realize that we're just monkeys, then the unhappy people can be explained as the people whose minds or bodies are not functioning correctly.

Unfortunately, most people can't face the possibility that they're defective. People who are unhappy prefer to blame their problems on something that's outside of them. The most popular theory is that unhappiness is due to a shortage of money. This causes unhappy people to crave money.

Some unhappy people come to the conclusion that they need more sex, or that they need sex with children, or that they need sex with animals. Some people develop the theory they need to be famous. And some people come to the conclusion that they will become happy when they do an activity that nobody else has done before, such as skiing down Mount Everest, or having a body piercing in an area that nobody has pierced before.

I think the symptom of unhappiness is the attempt to find happiness. Anybody who is searching for it must not have it. And the people who believe that there is such a thing as "wealth" are also either unhappy or very naive. Material items don't make people happy. We need to make a living because we need food, but the theory that a person will become happy by gathering money or material items is a concept that only makes sense to people who are unhappy. It should be easy to understand this concept. Just look at the poor people of today. They are extremely wealthy compared to the rich people of a thousand years ago. And consider that the poor people of the future will have even more material items, medical technology, food, and electronic gadgets than the billionaires have today.

The neighborhoods that we describe as "poor" are miserable places to live, but it's not because of the shortage of money or material items. It's because of the people who live in those neighborhoods. Most of those people are more mentally defective than the average person. They have trouble making a living, and a lot of their time and money is wasted on drugs, alcohol, gambling, and television. Their shortage of money is not their problem. Their problem is their minds.

If we were to swap the people in a poor neighborhood with the people in an ordinary neighborhood, after a while the ordinary neighborhood would become miserable and full of trash, and the poor neighborhood would become more attractive.

The unhappy people who foolishly believe that their misery is coming from outside of them are causing a lot of problems in the world today. They look for somebody to blame their misery on, or they struggle to become rich and famous. An unhappy woman might come to the conclusion that her misery is due to thousands of years of sexism, and she may whine that she can't become happy until women are treated as equals. A person in a poor neighborhood might assume that his misery is due to discrimination by aristocrats or corporations, and he may assume that the solution to his misery is communism, or socialism, or stealing what the corporations have taken from him. And a person who is a different race may assume that his misery is because of discrimination.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure if unhappy people can understand these concepts. People with defective minds may never know what happiness is, and so trying to explain to them that money has no effect on their happiness may be as useless as trying to explain an orgasm to a child. How can a person understand happiness if he's never experienced it?

If your mind and body is functioning properly, you will be happy when you wake up, and you'll be happy during the day, and you will be happy when you go to sleep at night. Occasionally you'll be frustrated or annoyed, but most of the time you will be relaxed and happy. But if your mind or body is not functioning properly, you may never be happy. And if your problem is due to something such as improper blood chemistry or bad eating habits, your happiness may appear and disappear throughout the day depending upon what you eat or drink.

The unhappy people are a problem because they're very easy for crime networks to manipulate. The criminals can offer them money, or sex, or fame, and the unhappy people will respond exactly like dogs on a race track that chase after a mechanical rabbit. The unhappy people will do whatever is necessary to get that money, or the fame, or the sex.

When they get their reward, they will experience some momentary titillation, but it will quickly disappear, and then they can be offered more money or sex or fame. They will waste their entire lives chasing after that mechanical rabbit. And in the process, they cause trouble for the rest of us because they will be helping a crime network.

I suspect that Barak Obama is one of those unhappy people, and that he was promoted to be a Senator in Illinois because the Jews considered him to be one of their puppets. And my impression of Michelle is that she's also unhappy and has come to the conclusion that her misery is the result of discrimination by Caucasians.

Unhappy people should never be allowed into positions of leadership because they're not interested in helping society. Their primary goal is to relieve themselves of their misery.

Unhappy businessmen tend to struggle for money, and some of them turn their business into military units that try to conquer other businesses so that they can titillate themselves over the thought that they're important men who are high on the social hierarchy.

Unhappy government leaders sometimes struggle for money, but most of them seem struggle for fame and feelings of importance. They like to titillate themselves with the thought that people all over the world admire and worship them.

Our corporate boardrooms and government offices are becoming insane asylums for men who don't enjoy life, and who are desperately struggling to relieve themselves of their misery.

And why do Barak and Michelle Obama want to be president? Do either of them have any intelligent suggestions on how to make America or the world a better place? Michelle only seems interested in stopping the discrimination that she believes black people are suffering from. But does she have any plans to stop the discrimination that comes from black people?

And what does Barak Obama consider himself to be? Does he consider himself to be an American, or does he consider himself to be an African who is a victim of racial discrimination by those nasty Caucasians? Or is he like the Caucasian liberals who imagine that their victims of aristocrats or corporations? And we know nothing about his mother. If she's Jewish, he may consider himself to be a Jewish African.

Most people didn't even know of Barak Obama until the Jews began promoting him as a presidential candidate. My assumption is that Israel wanted Hillary Clinton to become president, and so they selected Obama as her opposition so that they could push aside all of the other candidates, and create a contest between Clinton and Obama.

I don't think Israel realized how many people are disgusted with the Clintons, however. Today the Liberal Jews seem to be panicking that Obama will be elected. Even though Obama may be a Jewish puppet, he may not be as willing to follow orders as the Clintons.

Have you noticed the tremendous attempt today by Jews to ruin Obama's reputation? They're trying to expose him as a homosexual drug user, and as an angry African-American who identifies more with Africa than America.

On May 12, 2008, one of the black leaders, Pastor James Manning, appeared on the Jeff Rense radio show to criticize Obama. That should be considered proof that Pastor Manning also works for the Jews.

It's important to note that all of the black Americans who get favorable publicity by the Jewish media are disgusting people with miserable attitudes. The Jews promote only the black people who encourage pouting or anger over the slavery of hundreds of years ago, and they encourage black people to imagine that there's nothing they can do to help themselves.

As far as I know, Bill Cosby is the only famous black person who may be an exception to this rule. Cosby seems to encourage black people to behave in a respectable manner instead of pouting or hating. But Cosby's son died mysteriously, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Jews killed his son in order to let Cosby know that he better keep quiet.

The Jews don't want people like Cosby in a leadership position. The Jews want miserable, disgusting black people as leaders. You should assume that anybody who gets favorable publicity by the Jewish media is a criminal, a pervert, or a freak of some sort, and that he's also a Jewish puppet.

So how did Bill Cosby become famous? My guess is that it happened many years ago before the Jews had total control of the media. Somebody like Cosby may not be able to become famous today.

The black people should be complaining about the leaders of the black community, but since the Caucasian Americans don't complain about the disgusting Caucasian leaders, and the Japanese, Chinese, and British don't complain about their disgusting leaders, I'm not surprised that the black Americans never complain, either. The majority of people of every race and nationality are behaving just like dumb animals who don't care about what's going on. Most people don't even have the emotional ability to face the possibility that a crime network is manipulating them.

At the moment it looks like the American voters are going to select between Obama and McCain for president. John McCain is another person who sold out to the Jewish crime network. McCain seems to be the loyal puppet of Senator Joe Lieberman. This shouldn't be too surprising when you consider that the survivors of the attack on the USS Liberty have evidence that the McCain family has a history of working for Israel.

Michelle Obama is proud of America because we're considering her husband as president, but America should not be proud of any of its presidential candidates. We should be ashamed. And we should be doing something to correct the situation.

Americans need to take a serious look at their nation and realize that we've got some big problems. However, the Jews don't encourage people to discuss issues. They encourage us to follow our emotions and do whatever feels good. They encourage selfishness, sex, and arrogance.

Which brings me to another issue I wanted to mention. Recently I decided to listen to some of the Internet radio shows that are produced by the white supremacist group that calls itself stormfront. This is one of those groups that worships Hitler and tries to create the impression that they're Caucasians who are struggling to defend the Caucasian race against Jews and other races. They offer radio shows by David Duke, Paul Fromm, Don Black, and other people who call themselves patriots, or white nationalists, or Holocaust revisionists.

I've been ignoring these groups of white supremacists since the beginning of 2002, which is when I came to the conclusion that they are actually Jews who pretend to be Caucasian patriots.

For those of you who haven't read my 9/11 timeline, when I first started exposing 9/11 in January of 2002, I was shocked to discover that most people refused to listen to my information. I sent information to professors, scientists, engineers, and other people, and they all ignored me. So I started looking around at who might listen to me. Since I was accusing the Jews of blowing up the World Trade Center towers, it occurred to me that the white supremacist groups would love to spread this information around.

So I posted a message about 9/11 on their message board, and I was shocked to discover that I had to argue with them about the importance of this information. They banned me from their forum after only a few messages. I came to the conclusion that the white supremacists are actually Jews.

But recently I decided to listen to some of their radio shows just to see what they say to their followers, and I noticed that they frequently using the expression “our people”. Who is “our people”? David Duke and the others use that expression to refer to Caucasian people. However, even though I'm Caucasian, I don't feel any bond to most of the people who are Caucasian.

For example, I have nothing in common with the Caucasians who sit for hours in front of slot machines in Las Vegas. Those Caucasians have more in common with the Chinese who sit for hours in front of slot machines in Macau, China.

And the Caucasians who routinely get drunk have more in common with the Koreans who frequently get drunk.

And the Caucasians who take bribes from Jews have more in common with the Africans who take bribes from Jews.

I also have nothing in common with the Caucasian adults who purchase Harry Potter books. They have more in common with the Japanese adults who also like those books.

And the Caucasians who burglarize houses have more in common with the Vietnamese who burglarize houses.

And the Caucasians who have sex with their dogs have more in common with the Malaysians who also enjoy such activities.

It's idiotic to divide ourselves up according to race, nationality, language, or skin color. Once you realize that humans are animals, it makes more sense to divide us according to our behavior and our effect on the world.

Consider the attitude of a gardener for a city park. A gardener doesn't judge plants according to their species. Instead, he judges them according to whether they add something beneficial to the garden. And he realizes that different plants have different living conditions, so he separates the plants into groups that coexist together. He doesn't try to force every plant to be the same as every other plant.

If we consider the earth to be a garden and the people to be like flowers, then instead of judging people according to their race or nationality, we judge them according to whether they are flowers that make the earth a beautiful place, or whether they're weeds or parasites that ruin the garden.

If we think of the earth as a garden, there's no reason for us to force everybody to become a unisex creature that dresses, eats, and behaves exactly like everybody else. It would be acceptable with this attitude to allow a patch of Chinese flowers in China to be different from a patch of Japanese or German flowers. As long as everybody is behaving in a respectable and beneficial manner, we don't have to be identical.

If every nation would deal with its weeds and parasites, every nation would be wonderful, and the earth would be a nice place to live. Without the weeds and parasites, we wouldn't have to worry about crime, or being cheated by businessmen or government officials, and we wouldn't have to worry about different societies getting into wars with each other.

This brings up a closely related issue that some of the Jews are trying to frighten us about. Alex Jones and the other phony truth seekers are telling us that some military personnel are being asked, "Would you attack Americans?" The implication is that the military is being set up by the mysterious New World Order to attack Americans.

It may be true that some military people have been asked that question, but they SHOULD be asked that question. All of us should be discussing this issue, not just the military. We should be asking ourselves, who are we trying to help? Who are we risking our lives for?

I wrote about this issue a couple years ago, and I pointed out that I'm not interested in helping the "talking animals". If I was on a sinking ship, I wouldn't save the retards, the alcoholics, or the burglars. I would save the people I considered to be respectable. And I wouldn't save somebody simply because they're young or female. Children are easily replaced, and many children will end up to be horrible adults. However, respectable adults with useful skills are not easily replaced.

Every nation can be considered a sinking ship because every nation is suffering from serious problems. We should be asking ourselves, who do we want to save? What is our goal?

America's attitude is to save the underdogs, and the poor people, and the disadvantaged, and the criminals, and the alcoholics. Americans love to feel sorry for themselves and other misfits, but I think that's a stupid philosophy that's slowly destroying America. Every nation has organized crime networks, and every nation is full of selfish, retarded, and dishonest people. We have to judge people by their behavior, not by their citizenship. We have to take care of the respectable people who contribute to society, not the losers or the misfits or the parasites who make life miserable.

People like David Duke are trying to trick us into judging people according to their race or their citizenship, but it should be obvious in 2008 that Duke and the other "patriots" are controlled by Jews. In fact, recently a man in Florida named David Gletty, who was a leader of the white supremacists, admitted on television that he was working with the FBI to get control of the group. Some people might think that the FBI did this to protect us, but when has the FBI done anything to protect America? They have been ignoring organize crime -- and especially Jewish crimes -- throughout their existence. Until the FBI starts destroying this Jewish crime network, we should assume that they're traitors who are working for Israel.

Anyway, David Gletty admits that a lot of people are angry with him for infiltrating the group, and that he's concerned about his life. But why is he the only person who's worried? Ideally David Duke, Alex Jones, the Scholars For 9/11 Truth, Wolf Blitzer, Barbara Walters, Mike Wallace, and all of these other traitors and Jewish criminals would also be afraid to walk around in public. Don't let these criminals intimidate you. We shouldn't tolerate their crimes or their disgusting behavior. Ignoring their crime network won't protect you. It just allows them to grow and cause more trouble.

As I've mentioned before, I think one reason we have trouble dealing with crime is because every one of us can find terrible thoughts running though our minds once in a while, and so we assume that we're no better than the criminals. For example, when we see the door to a bank vault open, we might have thoughts of grabbing some of the money, and when we see a pretty woman we might think of grabbing her, and when somebody upsets us, we might have fantasies of throwing an object at him.

All of us have animal emotions, so there's nothing we can do to stop these fantasizes, and there's no sense being ashamed of yourself simply because of these thoughts. We only have a problem if we can't control these emotions.

Another reason we have trouble dealing with crime is that every one of us have relatives who are badly behaved, or committing crimes. In order to stand up to crime, we have to be able to stand up to our own relatives. We have to be able to treat our relatives in the same as we treat other people's relatives. We must be able to turn our back on our relatives and walk away from them.

If you have trouble looking walking away from your relatives, consider an extreme example. Imagine that you visit a zoo and you discover that one of the monkeys can speak English. He complains to you that he's lonely because all of the other monkeys are just stupid animals. So you tell him that he should get out of the zoo and live with the humans, but he responds to you that he can't leave his friends and family because he doesn't want to hurt their feelings or make them feel like dumb animals.

We shouldn't allow our ancestors or our relatives to be a ball and chain around our legs. We shouldn't worry about making them feel stupid. We should become better than them. We should walk away from the animals who waste their time complaining about the price of gasoline or discussing Hollywood gossip and get together with humans who discuss what our future could be and what incredible opportunities we have.

Most of our relatives live like a stupid animal in a cage that's controlled by a Jewish crime network, and we're fools to believe that we should remain in the cage with them. We have to to walk away from them and tell them that we're tired of their disgusting behavior.

This brings me to the most important issue I wanted to mention. Specifically, the decisions we make about who we want to be with and who we want to walk away from can help you to understand yourself and this Jewish crime network. I'll start by using my mother and her parents as an example.

My grandfather came from a Catholic family, and my grandmother's family was Lutheran.

My grandfather didn't care that his wife was a different religion, but HIS mother cared, and she demanded that my grandmother convert to the Catholic religion. My grandmother was willing to convert, and as a result, my mother was raised as a Catholic. However, my mother didn't have any desire to raise me or my siblings on the Catholic religion, and my father wasn't interested in any religion.

My mother told me that the reason we were not raised as Catholics is because when she was a teenager she started to doubt whether the Catholic Church was really speaking for God. There were several aspects of the Church that she considered suspicious. One of them were the confessions. Every week she had to go tell a priest what she had done wrong during that week, but most of the time she hadn't done anything wrong, but when she told that to the priest, he would accuse her of lying, so she started making things up in order to satisfy him. My mother wondered why an all powerful and loving God would want a young girl to be forced into this uncomfortable and awkward situation of lying to a priest in order to make herself look like a bad girl.

Another aspect of the Catholic Church that she considered suspicious is that it promoted the idea that God is a violent, sadistic creature who likes to torture people forever in hell. Forever is a long time to torture somebody. Why would God want to torture billions of people forever?

My mother came to the conclusion that a God with the ability to create the universe and to create somebody such as herself, would be a wonderful God, not a nasty, sadistic creature, and therefore the Catholic Church doesn't really speak for God. She decided that the Catholic Church is just an organization of angry and weird men who try to control people with threats of hell.

As I mentioned in one of my documents at my philosophy page, if we consider a religion to be a philosophy, then the organized religions are not religions. Instead, they're organizations that make money and manipulate their members. The Catholic Church should not be referred to as a religion. It should be referred to as the Catholic business, or the Catholic cult, or perhaps the Association of Catholic Homosexuals And Pedophiles.

The point I want to make is that my mother was exposed to a particular Catholic church, and she decided that she didn't like the attitude, and so she walked away from it. But there were other people in that same church who enjoyed the attitude, and they remained a member of the church. Why do some people stay in a church and other people leave?

During the past 2000 years a lot of children were raised as Catholics, but many of them decided they didn't like it, and they abandoned it. They either became atheists, or they joined some other religion.

You can see this with other organizations, also. Some of the children who were raised in the Mormon cult decided they didn't like it, and they abandoned it. This has also been happening with Jews. For centuries a small percentage of Jewish children have been abandoning their religion and mixing in with the rest of the population. The Jewish children who choose to remain as Jews were the ones who enjoyed being a Jew.

We may never know the truth about Jesus Christ, but it's possible that Jesus was a Jew who came to similar conclusions as my mother. Jesus may have found it difficult to believe that an all-powerful God would be as vengeful and violent as the Jewish religion makes him appear to be. Take a look at the Old Testament, or the Torah, or the Talmud. The Jewish God behaves like a spoiled brat who loves to torture and slaughter people. Why would anybody be attracted to such a violent and psychotic God?

Jesus may have come to the conclusion that God is actually wonderful and loving. And once Jesus started promoting this philosophy, some of the other Jews decided to abandon Judaism and switch to that particular philosophy. The rabbis may have worried that Jesus was going to cause a significant percentage of Jews to abandon Judaism, and so they arranged to have him killed.

Unfortunately for the rabbis, when they killed Jesus, all they did was kill his body, they didn't kill his philosophy. His philosophy had already been transferred into other people's minds, and so it continued to pass from one person to another. The philosophy changed slightly as it was passed around, and eventually it developed into the Catholic Church. Many people of other religions were attracted to it, and so they abandoned their particular religion and switched to Catholics.

Life provides us with tremendous opportunities. We have different philosophies to choose from, different nations to live in, different activities to select from, and lots of different people to associate with. When we're very young we do whatever our parents tell us to do, but as teenagers we start to experiment with drugs, or sex, or alcohol, or sports, or some other activities. We all discover that we enjoy certain activities and people more than others, and eventually we settle into a lifestyle that we like the best.

This concept seems obvious, but a lot of people don't seem to fully understand it. An example are the people who considered rock 'n roll music to be the devil's music. Rock 'n roll music started becoming very popular in the 1960s. A lot of adults notice that the audience at concerts for Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones tended to be young and unbelievably obnoxious, at least compared to the audience of other types of music. The audience at rock concerts would scream uncontrollably, and many of them had problems alcohol or other drugs. Many of the women in the audience would behave like female animals who would line up to let the dominant male have sex with them.

How do we explain the strange behavior of people at rock 'n roll concerts? In the 1960s, many adults came to the conclusion that rock 'n roll music was transforming normal people into savages.

Many adults came to the conclusion that they had to stop rock 'n roll music in order to protect their children. And there's a lot of evidence that many rock 'n roll musicians were murdered. Some musicians may have been murdered by Jews simply to control the entertainment industry, but some musicians may have been murdered by religious fanatics who thought they were protecting their children from the devil.

Have you looked into the mysterious death of Jim Morrison, for example? Somebody who listens to my audio shows pointed out to me that it looks as if the Jews killed Morrison. However, if you look into the mysterious deaths of musicians, try to learn from 9/11. Most of the people who investigate these deaths are actually Jews who are trying to confuse us and keep us away from the more honest investigators.

The Jews will imply that Americans or British were responsible for the deaths, and if they mention that Jews are involved, they make it appear as if he's just a individual Jew with no connection to Israel, or they make it appear as if the Jews are under the control of the Americans or the British. And the Jews spread lots of false rumors to send us in the wrong path, such as telling us that Jim Morrison was a heroin user, or that he was a pervert or a homosexual.

People in the entertainment business are probably the easiest group of people to murder because most of them seem to have some type of drug or alcohol problem, or some sort of emotional disorder. When we hear that an entertainer died from drugs or suicide, we're not surprised or suspicious.

But take a close look at some of the deaths. For example, when Elvis Presley died, I believed the news reports that implied that Presley was so stupid that he accidentally had too much alcohol with his prescription drugs. His death brought forth memories of junior high school. There were some 12 year old children in my school who were safely taking more dangerous drugs, and so my assumption was that Elvis Pressley must be below the intelligence level of an ordinary 12-year-old child. But now I suspect that Elvis Presley was murdered.

The point I'm trying to make is that rock 'n roll music doesn't transform people into maniacs. Rock 'n roll music appeals to a lot of people, so why do people at rock 'n roll concerts behave like maniacs? Why don't we see a random sample of the human population of these concerts?

I think people with certain types of mental disorders have a much stronger attraction to rock 'n roll music than the rest of us. The music, especially in combination with drugs, seems to be able to mask certain types of mental disorders. The people with these particular mental problems don't go to the concerts to listen to the music. They go to the concert to experience some momentary relief from their misery.

I would bet that a lot of normal people have been to rock 'n roll concerts, but that they were disgusted with the behavior of the people around them. Eventually the only people who want to go to such concerts are the mentally ill people who are on drugs. To rephrase this, rock 'n roll doesn't transform people into lunatics; rather, it has a very strong appeal to lunatics, and that high concentration of lunatics repels the more normal people.

Some of the rock 'n roll musicians are probably mentally ill, also, but some of them seem to be deliberately acting like lunatics in order to titillate their audience. But when they dress and behave like lunatics, they also repel the normal people.

Is difficult for parents to face the possibility that their child behaves like a lunatic because he IS a lunatic. When children misbehave, parents try to blame it on somebody else, or on some mysterious force. But if any of your children or relatives are behaving like lunatics, it's not because of rock 'n roll music or poverty or discrimination. It's because of their mind. It's because of decisions that they've made.

We behave in a manner that we want to behave in. Everybody is responsible for his behavior. Each of us chooses the life we want to live. Each of us experiments with different activities, and we meet different people, and we choose what we want to do with our lives.

The people in the social sciences and religions promote the theory that children are pieces of clay that are molded by threats, punishments, jail, and fear. But as I've been trying to point out, we can't control people. The people who want to scream throughout a rock 'n roll concert are going to act like a lunatic no matter what we say to them. The people who want to drink alcohol are going to do it regardless of what we say. And the people who believe the Catholic Church speaks for God will continue to approve of that Church regardless of what my mother has to say about it.

Life offers us a lot of activities and people. Each of us experiments with some of our options, and through the years we abandon the activities and people we don't care much for. The life we end up with is the life that we've chosen for ourselves. Nobody is forcing us to use alcohol, or go to the Catholic Church, or take bribes, or join an organized crime gang.

Now consider how this concept can explain the Jewish crime network.

According to the Jewish historian Arthur Koestler, who wrote the book The 13th Tribe, during the 8th century the leader of a group of savages, who we know as the Khazars, decided that a religion might help his people become a little bit more civilized. According to Koestler, he invited representatives of the Islam religion, the Christian religion, and the Jewish religion, and they were to describe their religion to him, and he was going to make a decision about which one he wanted for his people. He ended up selecting the Jewish religion, and he became a Jew immediately. And during the following centuries, many of those Khazar people also decided to become Jews.

But it's important to note that not all the Khazars became Jews. Nobody knows exactly how many of them switched to the Jewish religion, but the exact numbers are not relevant for this particular discussion. The reason I'm bringing this issue up is that I want you to ask yourself, why would anybody chose to become a Jew?

Take a serious look at the Jewish religion. Does that religion appeal to you? You have the choice right now to select between atheism, Scientology, the Catholic Church, Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and lots of other philosophies. Are you attracted to the Jewish religion? Are you attracted to the people who call themselves Jews? Would you want to join them and become a Jew?

Years ago I skimmed through the Old Testament, and I came to the conclusion that the Jewish God is disgusting. He's s spoiled brat who has violent temper tantrums, and he demands insane rituals, such as smearing blood over doorways during Passover. The religion also teaches its followers that they're the superior species, and that other people are animals.

Who would be attracted to this philosophy? I suggest that you consider that the Khazars who became Jews were those with the most serious mental disorders. Some of the psychotic Khazars may have been attracted to the sadomasochistic Jewish god, but I suspect that most of the Khazars were attracted to the idea that they were a superior race. And some of them may have been criminals, so by becoming Jews, they could justify their criminal behavior on the grounds that they were the superior race.

One way to visualize why some Khazars decided to become Jews is to look at flowers. Most flowers are very attractive to humans, butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. We enjoy the visual appearance of flowers, and we like the way they smell. However, there are some flowers that have a very unpleasant odor to us. Some of them smell like a rotten animal. These flowers attract flies, and from the point of view of a fly, they are beautiful flowers with a wonderful odor.

The different philosophies are like different flowers. Which philosophy you're attracted to depends upon your personality. Billions of people are attracted to Christianity, Islam, atheism, and the Asian religions, but the Jewish religion has never been popular.

The Jewish religion is like one of those stinky flowers that most of us consider to be disgusting. Jesus wasn't attracted to the Jewish religion, and only some of the Khazars were attracted to it. And when those Khazar Jews had children, some of their children abandoned the religion and mixed in with the rest of the population.

Jewish children have been abandoning their religion for centuries. The Jews who decided to remain as Jews were the ones who approved of the philosophy. But what kind of person would be attracted to such a philosophy? I think we should consider the possibility that this religion is attractive only to disgusting people.

Take a look at some of the attitudes that you see with Jews. For example, have you heard them boast about how they "work smart" rather than "work hard"? This is the attitude of a parasite. People with this attitude want a society in which they are the pampered royalty and the rest of us are slaves and servants.

The attitude of working smart is the same as the attitude that some work is "nigger work". The people who believe that they are too special to do nigger work are parasites.

There's nothing wrong with a person paying somebody to do a job he doesn't want to do or doesn't know how to do, but that's not the attitude you see among people who want to work smart. The people who want to "work smart" are not simply trading their services with somebody else's services. Rather, they're parasites who want to be kings and queens.

We have to decide what we want the human race to become. Do we want different classes of humans? Do we want to continue supporting economic and political monarchies in which certain families are treated as royalty?

I don't think it's possible to create a stable society in which there is a pampered elite. The people in the servant class will never completely accept their role, unless they're given lobotomies or unless they're genetically engineered to enjoy being servants. But who among us wants to live in a society in which there are mindless zombies in the servant class? Are you attracted to the idea of mindless servants who pamper you?

Take a look at history, and take a look at the people who have been attracted to the Jewish religion. Those Jews seem to have been the world's primary slave traders, and this may not be a coincidence. And a lot of Jews seem to be involved in the human trafficking of today. Who among us was to keep a child in our basement for sex? And who wants to set up a business in which the employees are kidnapped children?

Centuries ago there were people in that Khazar region blinding people so that they can be used as household slaves. By blinding their slaves, the slaves wouldn't be able to run away. Are you attracted to the idea of capturing somebody, and then blinding him, and then using him as a household servant?

Millions of men may have had fantasies of having Queen Elizabeth or Hillary Clinton as a sex slave, but lots of weird thoughts pass though our minds, especially when we're upset. We have to look at who actually engages in this type of behavior. And it's especially important to notice who repeats this behavior over and over because they enjoy it.

We should consider the possibility that the Jewish religion has been attracting people who like to think of themselves as the superior race, and they like the idea of being pampered by slaves and servants. This religion may be attracting some of the most disgusting humans on the planet.

Some people say that the Talmud is giving Jews a terrible attitude, but that theory is as idiotic as saying rock 'n roll music is turning people into lunatics. It makes more sense to say that disgusting people are attracted to the Talmud. The Talmud and rock 'n roll music can't make anybody do anything. People have to make the decision to behave in a disgusting manner.

All throughout history we can find people becoming disgusted with Jews. The Jews complain that we're all anti-Semitic, but a more sensible explanation is that the type of people who want to be Jews truly are disgusting.

Some people think that the Jewish religion causes trouble by encouraging the Jews to think of themselves as superior, but an attitude of superiority is not by itself a problem. There's nothing wrong with a group of people who believe that their superior to another group. Adults think of themselves as superior to children, but that attitude by itself doesn't cause adults to abuse children. And teachers think of themselves as superior to their students, but that doesn't necessarily cause trouble.

Actually, an attitude of superiority can be beneficial. An adult who thinks of himself as superior to a child won't demand as much from a child as he would from an adult. Instead, the adult will help the child and take care of the child. It would be idiotic for an adult to treat a child as an equal.

If the Jews merely felt superior to us, then they would look at us in a similar manner as the way an adult looks at a child, or the way the teacher looks at a student. In such a case, the Jews would realize that since they're superior to us, they can't expect as much from us, and so they would help us.

But we never find Jews using their superiority to help us. Instead we find them kidnapping us, starting wars, cheating us of our money, selling slaves, producing pornography, starting gambling casinos, and selling drugs. This is not merely a group of people who think of themselves as superior. This is a group of parasites, criminals, freaks, and lunatics.

If an adult were to treat a child in the same manner that the Jews treat us, you wouldn't describe the adult as feeling superior to the child. You would describe the adult as psychotic and abusive and disgusting.

We have to judge the Jews according to their behavior, not according to the sad stories they tell us of discrimination or abuse. And their behavior all throughout history has been disgusting.

Another expression that I've heard from Jews is "You should always treat people nicely because you never know who they are." This may appear to be a desirable philosophy, but it's just another parasitic attitude. The Jews look at people as opportunities to exploit. This is the attitude we see with con artists, or parasites, or criminals.

Another peculiar attitude among Jews is their doomsday attitude. They're always predicting the end of the world or horrible chaos or horrible suffering.

It's true that nations develop and disintegrate, just as marriages and businesses come and go, but the human race is not going to destroy itself. There will be tragedies and suffering, but the human race will slowly improve.

It's possible that the Jews promote these doomsday theories simply to confuse or frighten us, but I've come to the conclusion that a lot of Jews truly are psychotic, miserable creatures who don't enjoy life and have lots of emotional disorders. Many of them truly seem to be attracted to sadomasochism, suffering, death, and torture. I wouldn't be surprised if the concept of a suicide bomber comes from Jews, not the Arabs. And the American concept of “Mutual Assured Destruction” probably came from Jews, also, not Americans.

Alex Jones sometimes sounds like he's bragging about how he's willing to die in the fight with the New World Order. He has the attitude of a masochistic, psychotic loser who doesn't care that he and his family will end up dead over a lost cause.

If you're not familiar with this issue of sadomasochism, you should take a look into it. The most bizarre video I've seen so far is of a Japanese man who is laying on his back under a chair that has a hole cut into it, and in the hole is a funnel with a tube that goes into his mouth. One woman after the next sits on this chair and poops into the funnel, and then she takes a plunger and shoves everything down into his mouth. And he eats it all. How could he possibly find this entertaining?

There are people who love to be tortured. There are lots of businesses that offer sadomasochism to these people. Perhaps you noticed that a few months ago a Canadian math professor almost died in one of these S&M businesses in New York City. These people claim to be enjoying themselves, but I don't think they're happy. I think they're struggling to find relief from their misery.

Not everybody who enjoys sadomasochism is a Jew, but I have a feeling that a high percentage of Jews are masochists, and that the Jews also enjoy torturing other people. I think we should start facing the possibility that most Jews really are dishonest, disgusting, miserable psychotic parasites and freaks. Who else would be attracted to the their attitudes and those people?


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