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Eric Hufschmid, 11 December 2009

A city of castles


The photos mentioned in Part 5 are here.

Why should we cleanse our society of criminals and parasites rather than feel sorry for the Underdogs?

Because the more honest and responsible our society is, the more options we have.

I'll explain this by describing a different type of city.

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Why is the media destroying Tiger Woods?

The website blames it on the CIA, but we ought to wonder if the Jews are trying to intimidate their puppets.

One of his lovers claims that his marriage was only for publicity.

Another lover, Rachel Uchitel, has suspicious connections to the 9/11 attack, and Suzan Lewis, the daughter of Jerry Lewis, says that she heard that Hy and his brother Maurice Uchitel were connected to "The Syndicate".

Are black men really on a police-killing rampage?

A black man is accused of shooting at two officers, killing one, on 31 October 2009, and another is accused of killing four officers on 29 November 2009.

The website blames the killings on a "Secretive Militia Force", but we ought to wonder if the Jews are killing the honest officers.

If you know any people in the police or military, help them find the emotional strength to look at the evidence that Jews are responsible for the 9/11 attack, the world wars, and lots of other crimes, and they are blackmailing a lot of influential people, which is why nobody famous will talk about any of these crimes or issues.

By the way, have you seen my page about numerology? The criminal Jews have some childish fascination with the numbers 9 and 11, and if you add the digits in 29 November 2009, you'll get 11, 11, 11. The Tiger Woods car accident was on 27 November 2009, ie 9 11 11


Would you agree with me that Bill Gates is mentally ill?

When I suggested this in the year 2000 in my articles complaining about Linux and Microsoft, a man named Frank responded with this angry e-mail that I think helps explain what is wrong with Bill Gates. He also wrote this about autism.

After reading Frank's e-mail, I think Bill Gates wants a giant house and wants to remove his neighbors because he has a problem dealing with other humans. He is trying to withdraw from society, not make society a better place. He belongs in the mental hospital, not a leadership position.

Most of the people in leadership positions need to be replaced. We shouldn't try to control them with rewards or punishments.

Some examples of Jewish propaganda

Professor Chossudovsky accuses the US military of forcing the Nobel prize to be given to Obama.
Jordan Dern wonders "How do we sustain a hatred and an anger towards the German people?" (at 45:15), and Dr. Ken Wald talks about his desire to get revenge on the Germans (at the 54:20, and he becomes very emotional at at 58:30).
Debbie Schlussel claims that Islamic terrorists are practicing for another attack.


Important message:

Help counteract the propaganda!
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