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Eric Hufschmid, 30 Oct 2007
The Zionists are a very large and well funded crime network, but we are scattered individuals with almost no money. Smith's bizarre phone call to me shows how we can easily expose these suspicious people with inexpensive technology.
However, most of you will not want to make your recordings public, so pass the information around quietly.
Let's make The Zionist Emperor's New Clothes become reality by secretly recording and quietly exposing the Zionists.

They will assume that they are fooling us, but we will be gathering evidence to expose and eliminate this crime network.

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In Daryl Smith's interview with Mohammed Rafeeq on October 28, 2007, he has some interesting accusations that we can learn from. It's important to learn the techniques these people use so that you don't become one of their suckers.

Rafeeq's defense of Smith should also cause us to wonder, should we trust Jewish Muslims, such as Mohammad Rafeeq, Professor Kevin Barrett, or Kee Dewdney?

Barrett created the Muslim Jewish Christian alliance for 9/11 truth:

Update: Barrett has deleted his website. Maybe he finally gave up.

Dewdney created

Did you know that the Jewish feminist, Naomi Wolf, has met Jesus? Her article has been deleted, but a copy is at the Internet archive: 

Smith was always trying to convince me that Professor Michel Chossudovsky of is a good Jew. Did you know that Chossudovsky promotes Kurt Nimmo? Now that Smith has exposed himself as a Zionist agent, his promotion of Chossudovsky makes sense. I have some information about Nimmo and Chossudovsky here:
Smith also tried to convince me that Karen Kwiatkowski was honest. I suggest we assume Kwiatkowski is another Zionist agent. This would explain why Lew Rockwell also approves of her:
Why should we follow any Jew when it's obvious that there is a gigantic, Zionist crime network running horrendous crimes?

My advice is don't trust Jewish Muslims, Jewish Christians, Jewish feminists, or Jewish atheists. 

We are suckers to let Jews tell us about Jewish crimes. Let's do our own investigation. We're not helpless babies, are we?

The excerpt I played from Alex Jones and Luke Rudkowski is from his show on Monday, October 29, 2007:

It seems to me that the Zionists are preparing right now for the inevitable situation in which everybody knows 9/11 was a false flag operation, and they want their agents, such as Alex Jones (and Daryl Smith?) to be in the position of truth seeker and investigator so that they can lead us to a slaughter.

Luke Rudkowski was the "friend" of Dan Wallace, who died mysteriously. Did you see this:

The alternative newspaper, The Idaho Observer, seems to be another American Free Press; just another deception.

In this article, for example, they blame the Globalists and advocate Ron Paul as a solution.

A transcript of the audio

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I was talking to someone yesterday who still did not yet realize that The Idaho Observer, a newspaper out of Idaho, is another of the alternative newspapers that is under the control of Zionists. The reason some people trust The Idaho Observer is that a couple years ago they were selling my book and DVD, and they even carried a couple articles of mine. However, Alex Jones, the American Free Press, and other people also sold my book a couple years ago.

You can't judge a person, or an organization, by what they did a couple years ago. You have to look at everything they've been doing throughout their entire existence. If you do that with the Idaho Observer, or Alex Jones, or the American Free Press, and other truth seekers, then yoiu going to notice a pattern. The pattern is that during the past few years, virtually everybody in the so-called truth movement has been pretending I don't exist, or they're insulting me. This cannot be a coincidence because all of them are doing it. This has to be a coordinated effort.

As I've mentioned before, different people should have different opinions. When you find people scattered all over the world promoting the exact same opinion, you have to suspect some sort of coordination.

Years ago I trusted The Idaho Observer and lots of other people, but now it looks as if the only reason they were selling my book and DVD was to make some money and create the impression that they are honest investigators. However, the situation changed a couple of years ago. I think that's when the Zionists started to realize that they are being exposed, and they started to panic. They've been trying desperately to push me aside, and Christopher Bollyn, and promote their own agents as 9/11 investigators.

It's also interesting that as these truth seekers were trying to push me aside, Daryl Smith began calling me on the phone and asked me to help him with his website and radio show.

Smith's his latest audio interview with Muhammad Rafeeq on Sunday, the 28th of October 2007, is more evidence that he may be just another Zionist agent whose job was to become my friend so that he could find my weakness and manipulate me. I wasn't planning to discuss Smith again, but I'm still getting questions about the issue, and his latest interview is useful as a lesson in their manipulation techniques.

If you've listened to me before, you know that I think it's important to analyse and understand their techniques so that we can learn how to avoid becoming one of their suckers. So, let's start by listening to this excerpt from his interview with Mohamed Rafeeq:


I've fallen victim to deception and horrible slander, and the rest of it, at the hands of people who may in fact be operatives. I don't know what the motivations of these two individuals are, but I must say Muhammad, my goal here is to just soldier on with this stuff and essentially put what these two, geez, I don't know what to call them, but put behind me my relationship with them because what is coming out over time here is that I was badly abused by both of them.

And in fact, you know, to have somebody place your wife's picture on the Internet, and your photographs of your home, and start doing very horrible things to somebody with betrayal, and saying you're working with somebody but then taping all of the conversations you're having with them. It stinks like a Zionist plot to me.


It must be extremely unpleasant for you, Daryl. Sadly, it does go with the territory. What I would say is that when you look at the time of Ramsay, when they wanted to have a go at Ramsay, okay, he got locked up in jail. People didn't put his home up on offer. People didn't put his wife up on offer, or his family on offer. It was the man himself. And I find it difficult to believe that people can't understand why people wouldn't get very upset, minimum, probably extremely angry.

It is a fair reaction to somebody dragging the members of your family who are not involved in your fight, into your fight. That should be sufficient to distress anybody and I can see that, it's very clear to me. If a man was a Palestinian, and if somebody attacked his wife or child, I would expect that man to become angry. I would expect him to be upset about that. And I would expect, also, his friends to sympathize and come to his defense.


You know, people have, almost to a man, supported me in this whole thing, I think, because I see the results of people writing me and whatnot. My larger issue is that how could I have been so badly duped? And I told you earlier when this particular individual was spreading rumors that I was dying in a few months, and he said that I he would be dead in a month or two, so you can deal with me about these things, is what Eric actually told somebody.

And when I was told this by the person he said it to, I flipped out and said I wanted him off my website. Now this was back about eight months ago, no, more than that. It was like January -- February -- of last year. But he just completely made a lie out of it. And he made a lie out of my PayPal things. And then I find out from PayPal that he's the guy behind getting my PayPal shut down. And this makes you wonder what kind of... he's an operative!

I have to say, I've been taken down the Primrose Path here. And I trusted somebody who has turned out to be a bad guy. And I was warned! I was warned by a lot of people that he was bad, and I just couldn't see the forest through the trees. Now, you know in hindsight, it's becoming clearer to me because I've stepped away from this man's influence for a long enough period and not accepted his version of things. Now that was the problem I had. I was trusting.

Consider Smith's complaint that Bollyn should not have posted photos of Smith's wife or his house. Both Smith and Rafeeq complain that Bollyn dragged Smith's wife into the dispute. If you listen only to what Smith and Rafeeq are saying, you are likely to come to the conclusion that Bollyn truly is a bad person, and that he forced an innocent woman to get involved in this fight.

Smith and Rafeeq are focusing on a very narrow aspect of the dispute between Smith and Bollyn. You can visualize what they're doing as making you look at the issue through a narrow, paper tube. They are fooling you into focusing on Bollyn's posting of the photos. However, you can't understand any issue by focusing on one narrow aspect of it. You have to look at the entire dispute between Bollyn and Smith, and ask such questions as, why did Bollyn post those photos in the first place? Once you look at the entire dispute, you can see two major problems with what Smith is saying.

First, Smith started the fight by making terrible accusations about the Bollyn family during that Thanksgiving visit in 2005. Bollyn responded by describing his side of the story, and he posted photos as evidence for what he was saying. He didn't have any video or audio evidence, he only had some photos, so he posted the only evidence he had. How can Bollyn be considered to be badly behaved when he is defending himself?

Second, Smith was threatening to have me killed if I don't criticize Bollyn and his son. If it's wrong for Bollyn to post photos of Smith's wife and house, why isn't it wrong for Smith to threaten my death if I don't attack Bollyn and his son? Who is really behaving badly here?

Smith complains that Bollyn dragged his wife into the issue, but Smith wanted to drag Bollyn's child into the issue. Furthermore, Smith was threatening me if I don't help him attack Bollyn and his child.

Smith and Rafeeq focus on Bollyn's posting of photos, and by focusing on that tiny aspect of the overall dispute, Smith appears to be a victim of the cruel and untrustworthy Christopher Bollyn.

Smith is telling the truth when he says Bollyn posted photos of his wife and house, but Smith is ignoring an enormous amount of information about the dispute. This is an example of how people can be deceived with the truth, if only a portion of the truth is exposed.

In 2006 I wrote an article about how people can be deceived with the truth. I used the sick rescue workers from 9/11 as the example in that article.

I pointed out that Jenna Orkin, and some of the other 9/11 truth seekers, are telling people the truth when they say the rescue workers are sick because the air around the World Trade Center was not safe to breathe. However, those truth seekers are deceiving people by leaving out some very critical information, such why the air was unsafe to breathe.

A woman named Penny Little recently made a video about the health problems. The video is called Dust And Deceit.

Jenna Orkin, Penny Little, and these other deceptive truth seekers create the impression that it was just ordinary dust, and that the health problems are due to asbestos and chemicals. They complain that the government didn't warn people to wear face masks. They are deliberately ignoring the evidence that the World Trade Center buildings were demolished with explosives.

Christopher Bollyn interviewed a professor from Davis who studied air samples, and he found microscopic, spherical metal particles floating in the air, and he said such tiny spheres of metal can only be produced from extreme temperatures, and that they were so small that they would penetrate the lungs and cause serious health problems.

People can deceive you with the truth if they give you only a portion of the truth. This is what Smith is doing. He is telling the truth when he says Bollyn posted photos of his wife and house, but Smith doesn't discuss the issue of why Bollyn posted those photos in the first place. Its only when you look at the overall incident that you realize that Bollyn was simply defending himself.

Another of Smith's complaints in that excerpt I played for you is that me -- or Bollyn -- were spreading rumors that Smith was dying.

I'm not sure if Smith is referring to me or Bollyn. However, Smith told me many times that he was in very bad health, and in one phone call he even told me that he very worried that he was dying. He was having trouble breathing, or with his heart, I can't remember now. Unfortunately, I did not record that phone call. This shows the importance of recording phone calls. It will be my word against his. I remember him many times telling me that he was in very bad health, and he was wondering how long he would live.

He also mentioned his health was bad on some of his radio shows, and people sent suggestions to him. One of his listeners suggested he stop smoking, and another person suggested he eat the algae called chlorella. Here is an excerpt from his broadcast on sep 29, 2006 about recovering from an operation:

I have been in the recovery stages of an operation I underwent, and feeling a bit better. Still have some healing to do, but I want to thank you all for your best wishes there. A lot of people sent me get well wishes, and I thank you very much for that.

On his March 13, 2007 show he mentioned his health problems several times. For example, here he mentions that his cholesterol level is beyond anything even remotely resembling normal:

You know, I've shared with you and I'll share with other people, in France they told me I have seven grams per liter of cholesterol

And how about this:

To be faced and 50 years old with poor health and to know most of it is at my own hands,

And then, later in the show he mentions this:

And one of the reasons why I've taken so much time off is because I haven't felt well lately

Eventually Smith tried chlorella, and it made him feel better. Smith thanked the person on one of his radio shows for telling him about chlorella, and he praised chlorella on several of his shows. He also mentioned that his health is much better now.

To summarize his health issues, Smith is the person who made remarks about his poor health, it wasn't me. I and other people believed Smith when he said he was in poor health.

Another of Smith's accusations in that excerpt I played for you is that I caused his PayPal account to be shut down. That accusation seems real because he says "then I find out from PayPal that he's the guy behind getting my PayPal shut down". However, Smith doesn't explain how I'm responsible for what PayPal does, or who at PayPal made this accusation. He simply makes the remark and hopes that we believe him.

I suppose if Smith asks his criminal friends in Las Vegas to have me killed, and if they turn him down because his credit is bad, Smith will annouce, "and then I find out from the Las Vegas mob accountant that Hufschmid is the guy behind getting my credit shut down."

In that excerpt I play for you, Smith says that he was warned about me. But who warned him? Let's hear the names of the people. And let's hear what those warnings were. Smith is once again making an accusation that sounds credible, but there's nothing to support it. It's simply an attempt to manipulate our emotions. The only people I've heard ever warn other people about me are the Zionist Jews. Nobody else is afraid of me.

Whenever you catch somebody lying or committing a crime, you should ask yourself, what are the chances that this is the very first time this person has behaved in such a manner? I mentioned this years ago in regards to the 9/11 attack. It is not very likely that 9/11 was conducted by amateurs who never committed a crime before.

It's much more likely that they were experienced criminals. Take a look at some of the people that we suspect of having high-level involvement in 9/11, such as Larry Silverstein, Rahm Emanuel, and Ariel Sharon. Bollyn wrote about Emanuel's family and points out that his father is suspected of being part of the team that murdered a Swedish ambassador. Bollyn refered to Rahm Emanuel as “the son of a terrorist”. There are also accusations that Larry Silverstein has been involved with crime for decades.

Now consider Smith. Do you think those angry phone calls to me were the very first time he ever try to intimidate a person? Certainly it's possible, but we ought to consider the possibility that he has been working with the some crime network for years, and that he's been trying to intimidate people before. This may be one of the reasons he doesn't want us to see his photo. Perhaps he is worried that some of his victims will recognize him.

His behavior reminded me of gangsters in a Hollywood movies that are trying to intimidate people. I find it difficult to believe that somebody could behave in that manner towards me if they had never behaved in that manner before. As I was listening to him, I had the feeling that this was not the first time he talked to somebody like this.

Smith's interview with Rafeeq brings up another important issue, and that is, should we trust Jewish Muslims?

Rafeeq is willing to defend Smith but, from what I remember, Rafeeq is a Jew who converted to the Muslim religion and changed his name to Muhammad. Professor Kevin Barrett also converted to the Muslim religion, and a few years ago he created the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth.

Kee Dewdney, who admits to being at least partly Jewish, also became a Muslim, and now he's involved in the 9/11 truth movement.

Both Barrett and Dewdney promote only the "truth seekers" who protect the Zionist crime network. Does that sound like a Muslim to you?

How many Jewish Muslims are really Muslims? How many Jewish Christians are really Christians? My advice is don't trust any of them. We should also wonder about anybody who continues to support Smith now that he is shown such a bizarre aspect of himself.

Smith's bizarre phone call to me shows how important it is for us to start recording people who seem suspicious. We have no other defense. Smith can find people, such as Muhammad Rafeeq, to defend him, but who will defend me? Will defend Bollyn? And who will defend you, if you ever need it in the future?

If I had not recorded Smith's angry phone call, who would have believed me when I said that such a sweet, wonderful man could behave like a gangster from a Hollywood movie?

If we remove the secrecy that protects these people, we will see what they really are. Right now we only see what they want us to see.

Remember that you don't have to make your recordings public. You can make the recordings to help your friends understand what's going on, and you can quietly e-mail them to other people.

It would actually be better if you don't let the suspicious people realize that you suspect them of being Zionists. It would be better if you observe them quietly, and observe their associates, and behind their back, spread information about them.

This will create a situation similar to that story of the emperor and his new clothes. Specifically, the Zionist agents will be proudly walking among us, confident that we don't realize what they are doing, but in reality we will be using technology to remove their secrets and expose them. Eventually we might have enough support and evidence to deal with these criminals.

If Smith was truly interested in helping me to stop Zionism, he would have helped me and Bollyn. He would not have attacked Bollyn and his child, and he would not have threatened to kill me if I didn't also attack Bollyn and his child. Smith's behavior makes no sense, unless he is a Zionist or under their control.

I don't think we should dismiss Smith's attempt to intimidate me as something insignificant. I think it's a sign that the Zionists are becoming extremely desperate. I think they've been failing to get another 9/11 type attack to occur, and they're also failing to get the US military to attack Iran. I think the Zionists have reached such a point of desperation that they are going to try to expose 9/11 and put themselves into the position of saviors. Let me explain some of the other things I see happening right now.

First, here's an excerpt from Alex Jones on Monday, October 29, 2007. He's talking to Luke Rudkowski, a young man from New York, who is part of


Luke Rudkowski, you've got the floor. Talk about what 9/11 truth's doing right now. Talk about how people need to get involved. Talk about how serious this is.


I mean, I mean this is a perfect time to be alive, I mean, it's not time to watch, it's not time to listen, it's time to act. It's time to do something and this is a perfect time to be alive. We have the Internet, we have all other technology. We have the time, it's the perfect time right now to actually do something, and actually do something positive and take this country back away from the criminals who stole it away from us and make this country mean what it meant before. And that's the Bill of Rights, that's the Constitution. Let's take what's ours, let's take what's right. And again, stop listening, stop watching. Let's start acting, let's start doing something.

Alex Jones, Luke Rudkowski, and the other so-called 9/11 truth seekers are saying almost exactly what I'm saying, except that I blame the Zionists, and they blame mysterious groups such as the New World Order, and the Globalists. If those people can fool the nation nto thinking that they will save us from the Globalists, then they will sacrifice a few Globalists, and the entire Zionist crime network will remain operational.

They might also try to stage a civil war, and if they can do that, they could easily use the chaos to kill lots of us. They know a lot of the people who are wise to them. For example, the people who've subscribed to the American Free Press, or the Idaho Observer. They also know many the names of many people who've donated to the Ron Paul campaign, and the people who purchased DVDs from Dave von Kleist and other people.

In order for them to be successful at this trick, they've got to get rid of those of us who complain that Zionists are responsible for these crimes, and that most of the truth seekers are also Zionists.

Another important development that I mentioned before, that is Sofia, who created 911 Mysteries, has replaced the section of her video that showed my book and photo. She replaced it with David Ray Griffin. And now she's getting an amazing amount of publicity in America, Europe, and other nations. This is not a coincidence.

The only protection we have against this Zionist crime network is to spread my website, don't let people forget about me or Christopher Bollyn, warn people that this truth movement is a farce, and start using cell phones, video cameras, and audio recorders to gather information to prove that these so-called truth seekers are liars.

Finally, I posted a 2-part audio file from Christopher Bollyn that he emailed to me. In these files he sounds exactly like I remember him. I guess that is a sign that he's adjusting to captivity. However, he told me to stop saying that he is kidnapped or in trouble.

Well, I was just thinking that the best thing to do is wait for some evidence that he's truly free before I jump to such a wild conclusion. What do you think? 


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