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Bart Sibrel talks about
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Audio recorded on 14 Sep 2006

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Like millions of people around the world, Bart Sibrel was fascinated with the Apollo moon landing when he was a child. The walls of his bedroom were filled with pictures of the Apollo moon landing.

Years later, as an adult, he heard that NASA faked the Apollo moon landings. Since he was making films for a living, he decided to investigate Apollo and create a documentary about it.

Bart Sibrel spent five years and $500,000 on the research and filming of his Apollo documentary, starting in 1996. The end result was A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon:

He acquired a lot of video from NASA's archives during his research. One of the containers of video was mis-marked. Inside was video that had not been edited for the public. Instead, it contained the raw video directly from the Apollo spacecraft.

If the Apollo astronauts really did go to the moon, it would not matter if somebody acquired unedited video.

However, this particular unedited video showed the astronauts in orbit around the earth, and they were setting up for a photo to make it appear as if the earth was a small sphere a long distance away, thereby creating the illusion that they were halfway to the moon.

The public was supposed to see only the portion of the video in which the earth looks tiny; we were not supposed to watch the astronauts set up the image.

This video proves that the astronauts never went beyond Earth orbit, which in turn means the entire moon landing was faked.

More information about his videos are here, plus video excerpts:

Do you need more evidence?

We have hundreds of ways to prove that Apollo astronauts never went to the moon. However, as with the 9/11 attack, the people who defend the official story will ignore our proof and bring up issues that we cannot answer. For example, the Apollo defenders might ask,

"Well, if the astronauts didn't go to the moon, then where did they film the moon landing?"
For those of you who are familiar with the 9/11 attack, this is equivalent to people asking:
"Well, if Flight 77 didn't crash into the Pentagon, where is it?"

We don't have to know where Flight 77 is in order to prove that it did not hit the Pentagon, and we don't have to know all the details about Apollo in order to prove that the moon landing was a fake.

Reflectors on the moon are not proof!

As another example, the Apollo defenders will tell us there is a reflector on the moon.

However, the Russians supposedly dropped a reflector on the moon with an unmanned spacecraft. The Americans also sent unmanned probes to the moon.

A reflector on the moon does not prove people landed on the moon. Instead, it only proves that there is a reflector on the moon.

Besides, where is the proof that a reflector is on the moon? The people who claim there is a reflector are the same people who tell us fire brought down the World Trade Center buildings.

There is no shortage of liars, idiots, and fools in our government and universities.

Who was on the "moon"?

Bart Sibrel shows that Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were circling the earth at the time they were supposedly halfway to the moon.

This brings up the question, if the astronauts were circling the earth the entire time, who was on the "moon"?

Two possibilities are:

A) The astronauts on the "moon" were actors.

B) NASA had filmed the moon landing weeks in advance.

Bart Sibrel selects option A. He thinks that the astronauts circling the Earth were providing the audio and the actors on the moon were silent.

However, to confuse the issue, there is a video of a light fixture falling down just as Armstrong is about to step onto the moon's surface:
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Bart Sibrel believes that video was created by a filmmaker for a joke, although he acknowledges that a government may have created it in order to discredit the theories that the Apollo moon landing was faked.

However, if that video clip was from a rehearsal of the moon landing, that means the moon landing was filmed before the Apollo 11 spacecraft was launched.

What do you think?

Why don't the Russians expose the Apollo Moon hoax?

My assumption was that the Russians did not want to expose Apollo because America could retaliate by exposing some of their crimes, as I wrote here:

Bart Sibrel points out that the Russians -- and other nations -- would not want to expose Apollo because they would prefer to blackmail the American government.

Are the Astronauts happy with themselves?

There were six different teams of astronauts that landed on the moon; namely, Apollo 11 through Apollo 17, with Apollo 13 only circling the moon.

I suppose the astronauts imagine themselves as special, but have they been enjoying life since the returned from the moon? Are the astronauts proud of what they have done to America?

None of the astronauts seem happy. Instead, they seem to hiding from us, like criminals.

I suggest you consider that the astronauts are Useful Idiots; fools, suckers, losers. And they have brought tremendous harm to America.

David Wolper, a friend of Neil Armstrong, and Penn and Teller, are probably the few people laughing about Apollo:



Why do UFOs promoters also promote Apollo?

Most of the 9/11 truth seekers defend or ignore Apollo. Most of the people who believe in UFOs and crop circles also defend or ignore Apollo. Is this a coincidence? Why don't any of them expose Apollo?

I think most of the 9/11 truth seekers and UFO promoters are working for the same criminal network. The UFO people may have helped with the Apollo landing, and they may have been involved in building this UFO craft:

Astronauts Gone Wild

Bart Sibrel also made a video called Astronauts Gone Wild. In this video he tracks down many of the astronauts and tries to get them to talk about the moon landing and swear on a Bible that they actually did go to the moon. Information about it is at:

The last astronaut in the video pushes Bart and his cameraman out of his house, but he accidentally leaves his microphone on. The astronaut's son can be heard asking his father:

"Do you want to call the CIA and have them waxed?"

Is it possible that the astronauts have been told that they will be given any protection they need, including the murder of people who try to expose the Apollo hoax?

In such a case, the phone calls at the CIA office must be interesting:

Good morning! CIA headquarters. May I help you?

Connect me to George Tenet. 

Sir, he is in a meeting. Who is calling?

I'm one of the Apollo astronauts! I don't care if what the meeting is! Get him! Now!


Hey, George, I want you to wax someone. His name is Bart Sibrel. He lives in Tennessee. This time... uh,...  don't shoot him! Drown him in the Mississippi River. And hurry it up!

Yes, Sir! Would you like a beverage with that waxing?

Don't be a smart ass, or I'll have you drowned also, like that other smart ass, Dulles.

That was Colby, not Dulles. Didn't you watch the Desperate Wives video at

I don't remember your f'ing names! Just shut up and do your job!