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Updated June 28, 2009

I originally wrote this document in 2002, and I just noticed that some of it no longer applies, such as the question of why I don't have a PDF file available of my book. I have a PDF file available at this page! So I took out the questions that no longer apply and updated a couple of others.

1) Why did you include the information about President Kennedy?

One reason is because when I discussed the September 11th scam before I wrote the book, many people complained that our FBI and CIA would never permit such an attack. So I included the Kennedy information to show how incredibly obvious it is that the FBI and CIA were involved in the assassination of President Kennedy. 

Another reason is to show you that you can determine the Kennedy assassination is a scam simply by reading a small portion of the Warren report. You do not need to read the entire report, nor do you need to interview anybody. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of people have been trying for decades to prove that the Kennedy assassination is a scam, but how much proof do the American people need? What exactly is wrong with the minds of our fellow Americans? Even some of my own family members and relatives are hopeless.

A third reason is to show how amazingly easy it is for these people to get away with these scams and deceive the public. 

I was a child when Kennedy was killed, so I did not know much about it. I grew up with the common attitude that Oswald killed Kennedy. Millions of other people who were either children at the time or not yet born also believed Oswald killed Kennedy. 

The scam is extremely obvious, but it was not until a few years ago that I looked at the Warren report and realized that it was a scam. Perhaps tens of millions of other Americans still do not realize it was a scam. It is amazingly easy to control the news reports, school books, and encyclopedia articles.

2) How did you produce your book? Did you have any help?

I produced a book entirely by myself. Nobody wanted to help me because most of the people in 2002 believed the official story for 9/11. They assumed that I was making a big mistake when I claimed that the World Trade Center towers were demolished with explosives. However, my father was willing to look at my book just before I sent it to the printer to help identify typos.

All of the information in my book came from the Internet. I didn't travel to New York City to interview anybody, and I didn't travel to any libraries. I didn't interview anybody by phone, either. The material in  the two chapters about the assassination of President Kennedy come from the Warren Report, which is also available on the Internet. I don't have any special sources of information on that killing, and I didn't travel to Texas or talk to anybody about it.

I gathered all of the information I needed from the Internet by sitting in my spare bedroom with my computer and a modem. However, not all of the photos were free. I had to pay for the photos from Associated Press, Reuters, and Corbis, but I purchased and downloaded those photos while sitting in my spare bedroom.

I produced the entire book in that room. I didn't have to travel anywhere. I gathered the information from my computer, formatted the book on my computer, created the printer files on my computer, and sent the printer files to the printer by CD-ROM.

I paid the printer to produce the book with my savings, and I paid for the photos with my savings. Furthermore, that money was money that I earned. I haven't received any inheritances, and nobody donated money to me. I didn't borrow any money, either.

I didn't bother keeping accurate records of how much everything cost me, but I spent somewhere around $5000 for the photos and about $25,000 to print the book. The book was expensive because I paid for high quality paper and a higher quality glue than the typical paperback book has. Unfortunately, the person I was dealing with at the printing company misunderstood me in regards to the cover of the book. I wanted it to have the typical plastic coating that paperback books have, but he left it uncoated. So that is why the very first printing of the book had an uncoated cover.

Computers, software, and the Internet have made it possible for a person to produce a book with color photos all by himself. It is also possible for a person to produce videos all by himself. In fact, all of the videos that I produced were made by me, all by myself.

I tried to find information for my book from what the "ordinary" people consider to be reputable sources, such as Associated Press, The New York Times, and our government. I suppose the only source of information that most people would say is questionable is the information I received from Christopher Bollyn, an investigative journalist whose entire family was kidnapped in June 2007 (I have information about the kidnapping here).

3) What do you do for an income?

I have been in business for myself, a home business, since 1991. I develop software for machine shops and other businesses that have CNC machines. I have never received any inheritances, trust funds, or other sources of money. I earn all my money and finance everything myself.


4) Do you think your book will change the world or the USA?

Before it was printed, I occasionally let myself fantasize that it would improve the USA, but I didn't really expect it to have any more of an effect than the books that exposed the President Kennedy scam. These scams go on year after year, and they will certainly continue to occur in the future.

I wrote the book for the small percentage of people who appreciate information about the 9-11 attack, and mainly for the people who want to discuss the issue with other people. My book gives them the photos and info they need to discuss the attack without looking like a "conspiracy nut".


5) Do you wonder if you are on the wrong side of this scam?

Occasionally such thoughts passed through my mind from 2002 to perhaps 2006. During those years I was shocked and appalled at how the majority of people, including my own relatives, refused to take a serious look at the information my book.

During those years I wasn't completely certain of who was involved with the 9/11 attack, and what their ultimate goal was, and so it occurred to me that maybe some of those people were also disgusted with the "ordinary" people, and they were trying to bring improvements to the world, and their technique was to stage false flag operations. And so I was wondering if my book was going to make things worse by interfering with their attempts to improve the world.

Many years prior to the 9/11 attack I had come to the conclusion that America is a hopeless, dying nation. I think the two most serious problems with America are:

1) Millions of Americans are trying to avoid work.

Americans boast about how they are hard-working people, but I grew up around them, and I know what they're thinking about and what dreaming of. They want retirement benefits, and they want to win the lottery, and they want inheritances. They want Mexicans, Africans, Chinese, and other people to do the work. Most Americans are not interested in learning a skill or doing real work. This is why there are so many Americans trying to get worthless jobs in the government or the universities. America is full of people who don't want to contribute to society. They are parasites.

Most white Americans are like the white South Africans; ie, people with such an incredible craving for slaves and servants that the USA will soon be dominated by their slaves and servants. A nation cannot survive for long when one race is trying to use other races as "human donkeys".

In 1776 about 30% of the people in the southern states were African; in 2003 more than 30% of the entire nation is African, Mexican, and Chinese. By 2020 perhaps 70% of the USA will be African, Mexican, and Chinese. This could explain one of the reasons AIDS and SARS are being developed, and why they are designed to infect Africans, Mexicans, and Chinese more than other races.

2) Americans love to feel sorry for themselves.

They refer to this as defending the "Underdog". America has a very strong "feel sorry for me" attitude. Americans don't respect or encourage people with skills or talent. America prefers to give special treatment to the "disadvantaged", the losers, the freaks, the drug addicts, the criminals, and the weirdos.

To summarize this, I think America is a hopeless nation. Most Americans have self-destructive attitudes. They don't want to learn or think or discuss or contribute. They want to feel sorry for themselves, and they want to fantaszie about money and pampering and inheritances.

I think America is headed towards destruction, but this gives us the opportunity to create something better. When you are on a sinking ship, you should save yourself and other respectable people, and you should let the "Underdogs" drown. Then, the survivors can design a better ship.


6) Aren't you angry with the people who conducted the 9-11 scam?

No! See page 150 of my book. I don't hate anybody. I prefer to enjoy life, not waste it hating people.

However, I have become throughly disappointed by the American people since they allow these scams to occur, and when we try to help them understand their problems, they ignore or insult us!

The people who conducted the 9-11 scam are simply taking advantage of the multitude of people (including most of my own relatives!) who refuse to think, learn, discuss issues, and behave in a respectable manner.

Who is really the enemy of the USA? Is it the people who conduct the scams? I say the primary enemy of every nation is that horde of non-thinking fools we refer to as "The People". 

  • The People want to advocate wars, but they refuse to discuss our foreign policy and how it might be the cause of hatred and chaos in other nations.
  • The People want to vote, but they refuse to learn about our government system or seriously discuss which candidates have shown leadership abilities. 
  • The People want to pass judgement on abortion, drugs, and crime, but they refuse to learn about or discuss any of the issues.
  • The primary enemy of the USA is my sister, my brothers, my relatives, my neighbors, and most of your sisters, brothers, relatives, and neighbors.
    Somebody needs to get control of the horde of sheeple.