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- The Zionists Behind Voxeo 

By Christopher Bollyn
12 January 2008

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Voxeo, the company that processes the data from the Iowa caucus before it is returned to the Democratic Party of Iowa, has created a Voxeo Talk blog to defend itself against the allegations that it is connected to the State of Israel.

The Voxeo blog was opened by Dan York, an employee of the company, on January 4, 2008, and is entitled "Voxeo: Owned by employees, controlled by your web applications; not Israel, Elron, or Aliens from Area 51."

The Voxeo Talk blog is at:

In my first posting on the Voxeo blog, I asked the fundamental question about Voxeo: What exactly are the connections between Israel and Voxeo, IRdg, and Jonathan Taylor, the CEO and founder of both Voxeo and IRdg?

Dan York responded:

In 1995 Voxeo’s CEO (Jonathan Taylor) started IRdg with six other 100%-American entrepreneurs. In 1997 the shareholders of IRdg discussed acquisition opportunities with five of its customers and partners (Nortel, Motorola, Ericsson, Digital Sound, and MediaGate).

MediaGate made the best offer. As a result IRdg’s shareholders - for strictly capitalist reasons - sold IRdg to MediaGate. As part of the deal Jonathan was contractually required to work for MediaGate for two years. When IRdg was sold (in 1997) MediaGate was 25% owned by Elron.

Bollyn responds:

Isn't that interesting? American, Canadian, and Swedish companies with plenty of cash were out-bid by an Israeli front company from Ra'anana, Israel? What is it that the Israelis saw in the Florida start-up company that the Americans didn't? Why did those Red, White, and Blue shareholders of IRdg sell their Florida software company to an arm of the Israeli military? Didn't they know who MediaGate was? Don't they read the papers? Don't they care?

Dan, could you check the company archives and tell us the names of the Israeli negotiators that were involved in the acquisition of IRdg? Who were the IRdg shareholders?

Then, as Mr. York says, Taylor, Higgins, and the staff of IRdg became a division of MediaGate (of Ra'anana, Israel) and worked and wrote software for their Israeli owners for two years.

Dan, could you tell us what kind of software Mr. Taylor and the IRdg software team was writing for their Israeli bosses? How similar is it to the software that Comverse and Odigo came out with in 2001?

Am I the only one who sees something a little strange about such a relationship? Why are Americans writing software for the militaries of foreign countries, especially those who have made a sport out of killing Americans?
(See 9-11 and the Israeli attack on USS Liberty of 1967)
Ariel Sharon at the World Trade Center November 30, 2001 showing his deep concern for the 9/11 attack.

Of the thousands of Israelis who were expected to have been at work on 9-11, only one, a janitor, died in the WTC disaster. The rest apparently checked their Odigo messages and decided to call in sick that day. Here the Zionist master terrorist (now in coma to keep him from bragging) signs his name by the Israeli flag on the 9-11 memorial. 

Sharon has always pushed Jews outside of Israel to come to Palestine. In Sharon's game-plan, 9-11 was meant to force thousands of American Jews to occupied Palestine - hence the drug-induced "coma." (I was talking to an Israeli the other day and he told me that there has never been a photo of the comatose Sharon in the Israeli media. How odd.)

Dan York continued:

That sale - 10 years ago - to the highest-value bidder is the ONLY connection between Israel, Voxeo, IRdg, and Jonathan Taylor.

Voxeo has its own history that is completely separate from IRdg and Israel. In 1999 and 2000 three of IRdg’s 100%-American entrepreneurs left one company (IRdg/MediaGate) and started another (Voxeo), as entrepreneurs often do.

Bollyn responds:

Voxeo is not "completely separate from IRdg and Israel" and all the wishful thinking in the world will not make it so.

It needs to be clear that Jonathan Taylor’s previous company, IRdg, was bought in 1997 by an Israeli company, MediaGate, which was closely tied to the Israeli military electronics establishment. At that point, Taylor and his software team moved to California to write software for the Israeli-owned MediaGate, a subsidiary of Elron.

In December 2000, the Jerusalem Post reported that Comverse (a Mossad firm) was "in talks" to acquire MediaGate. Comverse, at the time, was headed by the notorious "Mossadnik" mega-criminal Kobi Alexander, whose Odigo technology was used by the criminal perpetrators of 9-11 to warn fellow Israelis to avoid the area of the World Trade Center on the day of the attacks.

Did Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan and the Arab hijackers use Odigo, the Israeli's (Odigo) stolen instant message technology?
"Kobi" Alexander, the Mossad mega-criminal who owned Odigo, is now a fugitive of U.S. justice in Namibia. Why can't American and German forces bring one of the key suspects in 9-11 back to the U.S. to face justice? Doesn't the long arm of American justice reach that far? Have they forgotten how to do extraordinary renditions or are they afraid of Namibia's power? The C.I.A. kidnapped people all over Scandinavia and Europe; why not Southwest Africa? What are they afraid of? The truth?

Jacob "Kobi" Alexander, who stole hundred of millions of dollars through fraud involving stock options, is currently a fugitive of U.S. justice in Namibia. How close did Comverse get to taking over MediaGate? Did Comverse get the software of Taylor and Higgins? It certainly looks like they got it.

Mr. York says that Voxeo is not IRdg. Fair enough, but let's look at the people who were IRdg - and who founded Voxeo.

How much of IRdg's technology went over to Voxeo? The founders of IRdg, most notably Jonathan Taylor and John Higgins, were, after all, the people and technology behind Voxeo. Did they just bring their toothbrushes when they left MediaGate and founded Voxeo?

From 1997 until they founded Voxeo, Taylor, Higgins, and all the staff of IRdg were a division of the Israeli military’s subsidiary - MediaGate. Are we clear on that? Do you understand what that means?

When Voxeo was created in late 1999, who were the people behind this new project?

Apart from Taylor and Higgins, there are three we know from press reports: Gary L. Reback and Boris Feldman from Wilson Sonsoni, and Paul G. Stern, the former chief of Nortel.

"Mr. Reback left Wilson Sonsini with seed money from the law firm itself and other investors like Paul Stern…"
(Source: New York Times, 12 March 2001)

I ask, why would a law firm like Wilson Sonsini let its best lawyer (the guy who took down Microsoft) quit the firm to start a minor company that would seem to have very little potential in the real market - and provide seed money from the law firm on top of that?

This, of course, would be a question that only Messrs Reback and Feldman could answer.
Gary L. Reback, 
the Zionist behind Voxeo



Mr. Reback and Feldman both come from Russian "Hebrew" families that have strong bonds to the state of Israel. Mr. Feldman is, for example, on the advisory board of the Israeli Securities Authority.

This is worth repeating: One of the key founders of Voxeo, Boris Feldman, a partner in the law firm with Gary Reback, is an advisor to the Israeli Securities Authority. Really, I am not making this up.
Boris Feldman, Reback's (rather ridiculous) partner at Wilson Sonsini. Are Americans completely unable to recognize such traitors in their midst?

Boris Feldman is on the board of the Israeli Securities Authority with such notables as Glenn Yago, director of Capital Studies at the Milken Institute. Mr. Milken, a well known criminal, runs the financial school at Mossad University, the IDC in Herzliya.

Boris is the son of Frieda Altman and Mendel Feldman from Warsaw, who came to America after World War II. Most of Boris Feldman’s siblings were born in the USSR, like Fred Feldman from Baku.

See Fred Feldman’s website with Feldman family photos at:


Who is Paul George Stern, the other principal investor in Voxeo that was named in press reports? Paul Stern was born in Czechoslovakia and is probably of the same Czechish "Hebrew" ancestry, as Zionists described themselves in those days.
Paul Stern,
the Czech Jew "Wunderkind" of Unisys and Whirlpool


Stern, a Jew from Czechoslovakia, left Europe after the war and lived in Mexico for some time before coming to America. He even speaks Spanish, which gives some idea of how long he must have lived in Mexico. It is amazing how these Czech Jews are so clever at becoming the directors of American and British companies. It must be their language skills.

Paul G. Stern is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Northern Telecom (Nortel) in Washington, and was a special limited partner for the investment firm of Forstman Little & Company in New York, when his son, Alexander Franz Stern, married Rachel Rebecca Gerstenhaber in June 1994.

Stern, a director at Dow Chemical and Whirlpool was president of Unisys Corporation (formerly Burroughs Corporation) from 1982-87. He is chairman of Claris Capital, since 2004, a co-founder and general partner of Arlington Capital Partners and co-founder of Thayer Capital Partners in 1995.

Stern's only partner at Thayer Capital Partners is Frederic Vincent Malek. Malek has been unduly criticized for having been "Nixon's Jew counter." The guys at the top gave Malek a break, they probably knew he was a Czech Jew.
Frederic Vincent Malek

Malek, from Oak Park, Illinois, has a family name which means "king" in Hebrew and Arabic. Malek is not a German or Czech name. Mr. Malek joined the Episcopalian Church. This is a common disguise tactic used by Czech and Austrian Jews seeking a Christian disguise. Mad Madeleine Albright was another.

Malek, for all his "Jew counting" for Nixon, is a vice president, since 1991, of the America Israel Friendship League with people like Kenneth Bialkin and Ronald Lauder. Here he joins forces with the most potent Zionists in America and Israel.
James Wolfensohn (left), Maurice Greenberg, Czech President Vaclav Havel, and Frederic Malek (right).

The Czech Republic, a member of the European Union, still enforces the racist Benes Decrees, which were used to expropriate the property of millions of Germans in Bohemia and Moravia.

Gary L. Reback, the founder of Voxeo, has similar Zionist ancestry. His Yiddish-speaking grandparents came from Warsaw or Russia and Gary’s father rose from his humble roots in Brooklyn as a "sewing machine operator" to running the budget of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Gary L. Reback, founder of Voxeo

For some reason, Gary Reback’s biographical sketches never mention this interesting family background. Why would the founder of Voxeo hide the fact that his father managed the budget of the home of the Manhattan Project? How odd. Wouldn’t he proud of his father’s achievement?

These are a few of the characters who started Voxeo. All Jewish Zionists with strong family connections to Israel. You say that Voxeo has no ties to Israel? Just look at the people who founded the company. Where are their loyalties?

Am I wrong in seeing this — or only in pointing it out? This is the company that has handled the Iowa caucus data for the Democratic Party in 2004, and most likely in 2008. The way that Voxeo got the Iowa caucus job is another story.


Christopher Bollyn and his family are MIA

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