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9/11's Invisible Army 

by Christopher Bollyn
18 October 2004


Fighting against the secrecy of the government and the disinformation of the corporate media, an invisible army of citizens is fighting to expose the lies about 9/11.
Here the top section comprising 30 floors of the South Tower has broken off.

As Hufschmid describes: "The white clouds show that the pulverizing process is occurring in the portion of the tower that is below the fire zone." [Painful Questions, p. 47]

SANTA BARBARA, California - Three thousand miles from New York City and Washington, this idyllic California coastal town is a hotbed of citizen activists fighting to uncover the truth about what really happened on 9/11. A handful of local residents here have spearheaded a nation-wide effort to expose the lies that make up the official version of events of the Pentagon the World Trade Center attacks.

One year after 9/11, Eric Hufschmid, a self-employed computer software developer, published his exposé Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attack. Hufschmid's large format book contains many important color photographs of the World Trade Center and Pentagon not seen anywhere else. He spent some $6,000 for the rights to use high-resolution photographs from Reuters, Associated Press, and other sources.

The most significant photos in Painful Questions are of the collapsing towers, which show dust and debris being shot out hundreds of feet. These high-resolution photos reveal that the top 30-floor section of the South Tower broke off and began tipping over, contrary to the commonly accepted fire-induced pancake collapse scenario promoted by government appointed investigators and the controlled press. The photographs reveal huge explosions occurring at the breaking point and in both the upper and lower sections simultaneously.

Rather than falling to the ground, the photographs reveal that the tipping 30-floor section was demolished by explosions that pulverized the concrete. Hufschmid presents this evidence in an important series of 8 high-resolution color photos.

Now in its second printing, Painful Questions, printed on high-quality glossy paper, presents evidence that debunks the government's conspiracy theory that 19 Arabs with box cutters outsmarted the U.S. military and caused the massive devastation of 9/11.


While Hufschmid's work is cited in numerous books about 9/11, no mainstream media outlet has ever contacted him. Painful Questions can be obtained directly from the author at

“The mainstream media ignore information they don't want people to know about,” Hufschmid says. “TV is the modern weapon. It's better than a bomb. Whoever controls it has the people and the people don't even realize it. This television fantasy world is what we are fighting against. My book and DVD are weapons for the invisible army in this information war.”

Asked about the media's avoidance of the unanswered questions of 9/11, Hufschmid said: “My guess is that some are there to cover it up; some are afraid to speak the truth; and some are truly ignorant.”

Asked about the military's reaction, he said: “I would expect our military to be concerned about how they were beaten by such a small group of primitive people. Football coaches do more of an analysis of their games to learn from their mistakes.

“If 19 Arabs with no technology could pull off that attack and cause that much destruction, what could 5,000 terrorists with advanced technology do?”

Hufschmid says he cannot believe that the U.S. military would allow the demolition of the WTC to occur. “It caused such extreme suffering and devastation,” he said. “It feels to me that it was done by selfish people whose primary interest is not America.

“Some members of the conspiracy took advantage of the attack and demolished the WTC for their own selfish reasons,” Hufschmid said. “Without the WTC attack, we basically have a symbolic attack on the Pentagon, similar to what we see in the Northwoods plan.”

The most obvious parts of the scam, according to Hufschmid, are the demolition of WTC 7, the explosion of the towers into dust in 10 seconds, and the confiscation of video evidence from private businesses around the Pentagon and the lack of any photographic or seismic evidence that a Boeing 757 even hit the Pentagon.

Regarding the remark in the FEMA building performance report stating that the cause of WTC 7 collapse is unknown, Hufschmid said: “We say we can put a man on the moon but we can't figure out what happened to building 7?”


Asked about Larry Silverstein, the owner of WTC 7, who had obtained a 99-year lease for the twin towers only five weeks before 9/11, Hufschmid said: “Silverstein has to know that the towers were brought down with explosives. He even admitted on PBS that the commander of the fire department demolished the building - as Silverstein had suggested - rather than put the fires out.”

Eight thousand copies of Painful Questions have been distributed, primarily through the efforts of an “invisible army” of ordinary citizens who have purchased Hufschmid's book in bulk and pass it on.

Another local resident, Jimmy Walter, sent Painful Questions and Hufschmid's two-hour DVD Painful Deceptions to every member of Congress at his own expense. “I was so impressed with this book and the questions it raises,” Walter wrote, “that I will send a free copy to any fire station, police precinct, judge or politician that requests it.”

In September, Walter bought full-page color ads in mainstream magazines and newspapers such as Newsweek, BusinessWeek, and The New York Times, promoting Painful Questions and raising some of the “very troubling” and unanswered questions about 9/11.

Walter's ad in Reader's Digest, however, was cancelled by the publishers - without explanation - after having been accepted. American Free Press, which no longer sells Painful Questions, sold hundreds of copies during the brief period when it did.

Hufschmid told me that he does not even sell one book a day to individuals. “It's primarily being bought in quantity by housewives and ordinary citizens who are worried about the future of this country. They are buying the book and DVD and pushing it on their friends. It is often difficult for these people to get their family and friends to look seriously at this issue. It frightens and upsets people.”

Hufschmid said that before he began writing Painful Questions, he was frustrated at the silence of the media, professors, and professionals, who he had expected would provide leadership and raise questions in the public discourse about the events of 9/11. “The silence was shocking,” he said.

Another local resident, David Ray Griffin, recently published his book The New Pearl Harbor. Hufschmid notes that although Griffin lives less than two miles away, “We were unaware of each other's work until just days before Griffin's publication deadline.”


On Oct. 12, the Washington office of Sen. Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) was suddenly closed until after Election Day due to security concerns. Dayton's Minnesota office told me the closure was based on information contained in an intelligence briefing.

Bill Pickle, Sergeant at Arms for the U.S. Senate, told me that Sen. Dayton had shown caution and acted on intelligence information from the previous week. Dayton's chief of staff and press spokesman could not be reached by press time.

At Congressional hearings on July 31, Dayton spoke out and complained about the government's lies and incompetence in the official 9/11 Commission report. Speaking about the military's fabrications concerning their failure to respond properly to the “hijacked” planes, Dayton said: “They [NORAD] lied to the American people, they lied to Congress and they lied to your 9/11 Commission to create a false impression of competence, communication, coordination and protection of the American people.

“And we can set up all the oversight possible at great additional cost to the American taxpayers and it won't be worth an Enron pension if the people responsible lie to us; if they take the records and doctor them into falsehoods, and if they get away with it.”

The Senator can be seen in the video "9-11; A Closer Look" at:


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