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Bridge "Collapse"

A bridge in Minneapolis crumbles on 1 August 2007

8 Aug 2007

Learn from the 9/11 attack!
Phony witnesses were pre-positioned
In New York City, the television news crews gave us such phony witnesses as this man, who immediately knew exactly why the towers collapsed:

At the Pentagon, they gave us phony witnesses who described seeing the American Airlines plane.

The government confiscated evidence

At both the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, government agents confiscated video and other evidence on the grounds that they needed it for the investigation.
Zio-Scientists were ready to defend the official lie
Two days after the 9/11 attack, professor Bazant of Northwestern University published a paper to explain that the fire brought the towers down. He did not bother to conduct any investigation.
"Truth seekers" were in position to confuse
Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, and many other "truth seekers" were ready on 9/11 to mix some lies with the truth. For example, Mike Rivero is still insisting that Flight 77 really did crash into the Pentagon.
Zionist agents monitored the real witnesses
There is evidence that at the JFK assassination, the 9/11 attack, and other crimes, some agents are pretending to be ordinary people. Their purpose is to mingle with the real witnesses in order to find out who knows too much. The troublesome witnesses have to be kept away from news reporters, and they would have to be identified. They would have to be confused, blackmailed, or frightened into silence.
Was the bridge collapse a Zionist job also?

The behavior of the scientists, engineers, truth seekers, witnesses, and media suggest that the collapse of the Minnesota bridge was yet another Zionist job.
One of the witnesses that the television crews decided to talk to was Dan Schueller.

He was riding his bicycle at just the right moment to witness the collapse. He got off his bike and helped the victims.

Yes, he may be just an ordinary,  innocent citizen, but we would be fools not to learn from 9/11.

He could be a Zionist agent whose job was to be a phony witness to create the official story of the collapse, and to find out if any the witnesses knew too much about why the bridge collapsed. You can see him with several of the victims, such as below.

Was he really just a concerned citizen who wanted to help? Why was he selected by the news crews?

Listen to him describe the situation:

Some high res photos of the collapse:

Zio-Scientists were ready to defend the official lie

Within only two days, computer simulations of the collapse were completed and posted on the Internet. The group that did the simulations:

Their simulations are simplifications of the collapse, not accurate reenactments based on the evidence, so what good are they, other than propaganda?

Why did only certain sections of the bridge disintegrate?
Some steel sections were ripped apart, just like at the World Trade Center towers, but other sections merely bent, as in the photo below, just as low carbon, structural steel is supposed to do.
"Truth seekers" were in position to confuse

Alex Jones, Mike Rivero, Jerome Corsi, and other "investigators" immediately insisted that the collapse was due to the bridge being old; our money being spent on the war rather than on repairing bridges; the large amount of cars using the bridge; and other innocent mistakes. They don't need to investigate the rubble; they already know why the bridge collapsed.

For example, look at Jerome Corsi's article:

Here is an audio excerpt of Mike Rivero explaining the collapse to Alex Jones. Rivero complains that some people blame the collapse on the lack of money spent on highway improvement, and then he complains that those people never mention that a lot of our money is going to Iraq.
Jones-Rivero-bridge-collapse-7Aug2007.mp3  180 k bytes

He and Jones imply that the bridge fell down because Bush is spending our money on war rather than fixing the nation. If the 9/11 attack were to occur today, Rivero and Jones would tell us that the buildings disintegrated because Bush is spending our money on war rather than on maintaining our office buildings.

If these liars are allowed to dominate the "truth movement", that means the criminals will be in control of the investigation of their crime!

The "Nazi" sites tell us the bridge collapsed because of Mexicans, blacks, and other races:

Sorcha Faal claims it was due to "massive ULF blast":

Why would Zionists want to demolish this bridge?

Prior to the 9/11 attack, the New York City government asked how much it would cost to remove the World Trade Center towers, and when they discovered it was going to be very expensive, they canceled their plans for demolishing the buildings. What a coincidence that the towers disintegrated from a terrorist attack.
A lot of people complain about a mysterious and elusive "New World Order" building a NAFTA superhighway from Mexico to Canada. The NASCO web site has such statistics about the superhighway, such as:
• 16% of interstate miles are in poor condition; 21% of bridges are obsolete 
• 65% of I-35 will require major upgrades and maintenance in the next 20 years 
• $80 billion is lost in congestion costs, nearly quadruple the impact of congestion in 1982
After the bridge mysteriously collapsed, some nearby property was immediately condemned.

Shouldn't we consider the possibility that the "New World Order" wanted to replace this bridge, and that they were tired of fighting with city officials and property owners?

Why aren't the "truth seekers" wondering about this bridge?

Alex Jones complains about a New World Order trying to force a NAFTA superhighway through the country, so why doesn't he take this opportunity to consider that the New World Order destroyed this bridge?

Stranger yet, why is suggesting that the bridge came down because we are spending lots of our money on Iraq rather than on maintaining our nation? This is the type of nonsense we would expect from Jerome Corsi!

As time goes on, it is becoming obvious that there is something wrong with Did you notice that they don't seem to care about the disappearance of Christopher Bollyn? Who are they? What is their real purpose?

One of our listeners suggested that they might be a group of Jews who don't support Israel, but who support the Rothschilds, or some other group. This would explain why they're willing to criticize Israel, but they are not completely honest in many other areas. has some amazing information on Zionist crimes, but that doesn't mean we can trust them. Take their information, but be suspicious of them.
Remember, when 9/11 and other crimes start coming out in the open, demand that we investigate everybody. No exceptions!


“So I told the fools, 'Bush is spending all our money on war, so more bridges will fall down!' Now the idiots are inspecting all their bridges!”
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