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NOTE: I made this page for Daryl Smith. He wanted to make fun of the propaganda that comes from Wayne Madsen, Greg Szymanski, and other Zionist agents.

Smith likes "fart jokes", so he came up with the "Bovine Gas Theory". He told me about his jokes over the telephone, and I put this page together for him.

Daryl Bradford Smith presents
The Bovine Gas Theory

The most complete explanation of 9-11

New and improved!
This theory passes the smell test!

11 March 2006

Smith updates his ground shaking Bovine Gas theory after a careful review of the Blue Screen Theory

The World Trade Center Towers and Building 7 were imploded by a powerful mixture of bovine gas from thousands of cows at the ZIM Shipping Company in New Jersey that were fed Navy Beans by Al Qaeda (notice the military connection here).

The gas was piped under the Hudson River and combined with gas from the fermenting brains of Jimmy Walter and Morgan Reynolds.

Wayne Madsen is also suffering from a fermented brain, which is why he promotes the theory that the Arabs were responsible for the September 11 attack. However, Al Qaeda has not yet tapped his head for gas, which is why the pressure is causing his face to expand.

The mixture of bovine gas and fermented brain gas explains everything about 9-11:

• Holographic / Blue Screen Airplanes
From Stefan Grossmann:

Gerard Holmgren:

Jimmy Walter:

Morgan Reynolds:

Morgan Reynolds, Jimmy Walter, Gerard Holmgren, Dr. Stefan Grossmann, and Dave of believe the airplanes that hit the towers were holograms or Blue Screen illusions. Wrong!

Blue Screen technology was used, but Al Qaeda used it only to create images of the 5 dancing Israelis and the 120 Israeli art students in order to fool the world into thinking Israel was involved in 9-11.

When Al Qaeda turned off the Blue Screen illusion, the Israelis vanished, and everybody was fooled into thinking they went back to Israel. A clever trick, but not too clever for Daryl Bradford Smith.

• The Strange Collapse of the Spire
Mr. Jeff King (aka, plaguepuppy), believes "The Spire" was due to "electrostatic forces" or "black technologies".

Wrong! It was due to a Bovine/Fermented Brain Gas Bomb. Also known as "Brown Technologies".

• Nuclear Glow
Ms. Grable (aka, webfairy) and Mr. King believe there was a nuclear glow during the collapse of the towers.

Wrong! The glow was the refraction of sunlight from the high concentrations of nitrous oxide from the Bovine Gas Bombs.

The Blue Screen Theory comes from such brilliant investigators as...

Professor emeritus Morgan Reynolds, who held the prestigious position of chief economist for the US Department of Labor...
Millionaire (through inheritance, not his own abilities) Jimmy Walter...
and Australian musician Gerard Holmgren.

Dick 'the Wad' Cheney, their mentor and spiritual advisor, has inspired the intrepid researchers, aka The Lumpy Pants Boys, to go forward with Blue Screen Research.

You can identify Lumpy Pants supporters by the way they giggle their change. (Smith says, “Keep an eye out for them, and report them immediately.”)

These researchers have discovered that the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center were illusions that were inserted into the video by the television news crews.

According to the Blue Screen Theory, the television news crews edited the video and inserted airplanes into it.

Those dastardly people also secretly edited everybody's still photos, such as the one to the right.

It is truly amazing that nobody noticed their photos were edited, isn't it? Well, thanks to Morgan Reynolds, Jimmy Walter, and others, the secret is out! Thanks, Jimmy and Morgan!

Nitwits, victims, or criminals?

Although neither Walter nor Reynolds has ever displayed any engineering, scientific, or research abilities, they have been convinced of the Blue Screen Theory by people with absolutely zero scientific abilities and who have demonstrated repeated attempts to deceive us, such as Gerard Holmgren and Rosalee Grable (aka, the webfairy).

This is a classic example of how nitwits and criminals can put their minds together and spread misinformation that is so stupid that anybody who is deceived by it should be sterilized, given a lobotomy, and put into a mental hospital.

However, we should consider the possibility that Jimmy Walter and Morgan Reynolds are victims, not nitwits. Specifically, they may be blackmailed or threatened into behaving like idiots.

Have you listened to what Kay Griggs has to say about the use of blackmail and threats to control men in important positions? Please listen to Kay Griggs if this is new to you (links at the bottom of our Einstein article)

Or perhaps Walter and Reynolds were part of this criminal network all along.

It is not easy to determine which idiot is as mentally incompetent as he appears, and which of them is just pretending to be a idiot.

Seriously, ladies and gentlemen...
what would you think if hundreds of web sites were promoting The Bovine Gas Theory?

Well, hundreds of web sites are promoting Blue Screen illusions, Nuclear Glow, Holographic Airplanes, Mysterious Spires, comic-book level Black-Op Technologies, and numerous other idiotic ideas.

You might ask, "Why should I care if the Internet is full of nonsense?"

The answer is that when you tell somebody about 9-11, and if they look on the Internet for additional information, these idiotic sites are likely to appear in their search for information because there are so many of them. This will turn some people away from the issue, and give conspiracy theories a bad image.

"Go on, Dave! Prove it!"

Dave, of, was upset that I criticized the hologram idea. In one of his e-mails to me he wrote:

"If you can prove that no holograms were used in the 9/11 attacks, I'll pay you $500."

Well, Dave, you really got me there. I don't know how to prove that holograms were not used. But I have a challenge for you. Prove to me that Al Qaeda did not use Bovine Gas Bombs, and I will give you $200. Go on, Dave; prove it. 

But, wait, Dave. Before you prove it, if you can also prove that Martians did not crash spaceships into the World Trade Center towers, I'll include a free set of steak knives.

We need Freedom of Speech,
not Freedom to Deceive

Can you distinguish between freedom of speech and deception?

Freedom of speech is when people discuss what happened on September 11. There is nothing wrong with bringing up the issue of holograms, but unless there is evidence to back up the hologram possibility, it cannot be considered a "theory". Without evidence, it is nothing more than a "stupid thought".

Dave of is not discussing 9-11. Nor is Dave providing any evidence that any company has developed the technology to project holographic airplanes in the air.

Dave, Karl Schwarz, Jon Carlson, Stew Webb, Tom Flocco, Mike Ruppert, Jeff King, and hundreds of other truth seekers are pushing stupid, unsupported nonsense on us. Sure, these people mix some truth into their nonsense, but that doesn't make it truthful.

If a restaurant served soup that was 80% soup and 20% dog crap, would you accept it? Would you proudly announce, "But the soup tastes good! All you have to do is pick out the dog crap."?

Many people use this excuse for people like Mike Ruppert and Karl Schwarz:

"But some of what Ruppert says is true! Just ignore the nonsense."

"So what if Karl Schwarz exaggerates his wealth and his company? Why should I care about his morality or personality? Some of what he says about 9-11 is true."

Please, ladies and gentlemen, some of what George Bush says is true, but that doesn't mean we should look to him for leadership.

Your life and future is at stake

We can continue to let these liars and criminals set up terrorist attacks, rape boys at orphanages, start wars, install puppets in government, and steal our tax money. 

Or we can clamp down on these freaks and make this world a better place.

However, improving this world requires standing up to the criminals and pushing them out of our government, schools, and other organizations. If we let them get away with their lies and crimes, they will continue to behave as they are right now.

When we complain about idiots and liars we are not dividing the 9-11 movement. Rather, we are getting rid of the jerks; we are making the world better.

Web sites, radio shows, newspapers, and people who promote the unsupported ideas or the people behind them should be considered part of the criminal network. Don't make excuses for them.

Watch out for deception

Try not to be deceived by people who tell you that is OK to discuss the "possibility" of holographic airplanes or black-op technology. If they don't have evidence for their theory, they don't have a theory. To understand this, what would you think if somebody asked you:

"I recently read an article about The Bovine Gas Theory. I'm not sure if I believe it. Here is a link to it. What do you think?" 

This is a technique to give The Bovine Gas Theory some publicity while allowing the person to fake innocence in case we hold a 9-11 Nuremberg trial. The person can announce at the trial:

"But I never supported The Bovine Gas Theory! I merely asked for opinions about it! What is wrong with discussing all sides of an issue? It is Freedom of Speech!

"Please believe me, I am not a member of the criminal network! I was not trying to cover up the 9-11 crime. I was simply browsing the Internet and noticed that theory."

Ladies and gentlemen, please join the effort to crush this criminal network of jerks, pedophiles, and freaks. Tell your friends to visit The French Connection and learn about 9-11, disinformation, and deception.

Even the Deception Dollar is deceptive. It creates the impression that all of our problems are due to Bush, Cheney, and a few oil company executives. This dollar appeals to people who are angry at Bush, but it does not educate people. Have you seen my analysis of the Deception Dollar?

There are different versions of the dollar, but most of the web sites are deceptive because they provide only a portion of the truth. Try not to be fooled by these criminals. Look for people who are honest about everything. Don't eat soup that is 20% dog crap!