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The Deguello Report

19 Feb 2007 

The Deguello Report (below, click here to jump to it) is a 40 page booklet that supposedly was printed in 1976.

Paper copies were mailed to people to warn them about the infiltration of the "Patriot movement" by Jews and homosexuals.

I have no idea who wrote the report, but it certainly explains a lot of what we see today with the liars in the "9/11 movement", most of which seem to be Jewish or homosexual, just as described in this warning from 1976! For example:

Ben Freedman

The Deguello Report also provides an explanation for why Ben Freedman never went all the way in his exposé of Zionism. Specifically, Freedman was not truly interested in stopping Zionism.

Important note about Freedman

All Jewish "truth seekers" are like Freedman. Specifically, they criticize Zionism, but they never go all the way. However, the Rabbis against Zionism and Ben Freedman are the best way to introduce people to the issue of Zionism because it's impossible to dismiss them as "anti-Semites".
If one of us Goyim were to give the same speech that Ben Freedman gave, or if a group of Goyim were to routinely burn the Israeli flag during demonstrations, as the Rabbis do, we would be condemned as anti-Semites.

So continue using Freedman and the Rabbis to expose Zionism.
Freedman's speech is here.


The John Birch Society

The Deguello Report claims the John Birch Society was infiltrated by Jews. This explains why the John Birch Society is defending 9/11 and other Zionist crimes. Furthermore, it explains why Alex Jones promotes the John Birch Society:

If you visit the forum NOLAJBS, you should look at its connection to the John Birch Society: NOLAJBS-info.html

The American Free Press / Barnes Review

The Deguello Report also supports my accusation that these publications are Zionist organizations, and that they are dominated by homosexuals and Zionist Jews.

Willis Carto is married, but is he really heterosexual? And is he really interested in helping America? Christopher Bollyn says that he heard from one of the former employees of that newspaper that Mike Piper is homosexual and David Duke is bisexual, and that the two of them had sex together when Duke visited the American Free Press office, and they also ate one another's poop.

Difficult to believe? Sure! Those rumors didn't mean much to any of us until the American Free Press began showing signs that they are trying to protect Israel and hurt both Bollyn and myself. The American Free Press is protecting Israel either because they want to, or because they're blackmailed, and David Duke is also protecting Israel.

A person cannot be blackmailed over something insignificant. It has to be either illegal, or extremely embarrassing (such as eating poop). We ought to wonder why David Duke, Mike Piper, and the others in the "patriot" and "white supremacist" movements are protecting Israel. Are they Jews? Or are they blackmail victims?

The patriot movement is a farce. I have more information here:

Have you seen our evidence yet that the American Free Press is a Zionist organization? For example:

Joe Fields

Joe Fields, of the Nationalist Forum, is condemning us, and Mike Piper, WingTV, and others are promoting Fields:

Who is Joe Fields? Is he really a Goyim who is fighting for other Goyim? If so, we don't need his assistance. In fact, if this accusation is true:

"Fields was convicted of sexual improprieties with minors,..."

If that accusation is true, Fields may be another blackmailed pedophile; another Zionist "Useful Idiot". The same is true of Scott Ritter:

This would explain why these "White Supremacists" never accomplish anything, and why they never do a good job of exposing Zionists:
Photo of Joe Fields (left) and Alex Hassinger (right) at the AFP/TBR conference during September 1-3, 2006

Joe Fields wrote a report about the conference, but his name has since been deleted, and so has his photo. Everybody is now trying to avoid Fields.

Here is the new version with the photo removed:
Original report of Joe Fields

The photo above has been deleted from the web page, but it is still on their web site here

We have enough evidence that Zionists are the main problem the human race is suffering from:

Watch out for the attempts to deceive and intimidate you.

The Deguello Report

Available as text or scanned images

Also, check out the related report by Rick Cooper:: History-of-White-Nationalism


Somebody converted the scanned images of the document into text so you don't have to suffer with images.

The text is below.

An RTF text file of the report is here, if you want to print it.


The orginal 40 images of the 40 pages are here

The Deguello Report

(written by unknown person(s), supposedly in 1976)

You have been identified as a person whose integrity is highly regarded among patriotic Nationalists of the United States. For this reason we are sending you this material free of charge and without obligation on your part.

We do not make any requests or recommendations as to how you may use this material. This is something we leave to your good judgment and discretion. You may keep it to yourself or share it with others as you see fit.


This may be our only communication with you or we may see fit to communicate with you again in the future. In any case, we will identify ourselves only as Deguello.

We can describe ourselves to you only to this extent: all members of Deguello are either present or past employees of government intelligence Services from a number of different nations in the so-called free world. As such, we have access to the intelligence sources of several different Western governments.

Our group is composed of a comparative few members within these intelligence organizations each having in common an extraordinary deep appreciation for our own nation. Working together, and in strictest secrecy, we pool our efforts and resources in a purely personal effort to fight back against those forces that would destroy all free nations of the world, supplanting them with a one-world government.


Freedom loving peoples throughout the entire world look to the United States in their hope for salvation. What a feeble hope that is!

Even with many great advantages of wealth and comparative freedom, the Nationalist movement of the United States is pathetically inadequate, ineffective and misinformed.

Even most of those individual Nationalists who have studied the so-called communist conspiracy for decades, we find practically none that have a realistic conception of their enemy. Very few understand the nature of the anti-Nationalist conspiracy or its organizational structure.

There are practically no individual citizens within the United States whom we have been able to find that have a deep understanding as to the forces that motivate their enemies in their tireless and unceasing drive to destroy the freedom of all nations.

It may be said also that of all Nationalist movements to be found within the major nations of the Western world, the Nationalist movement within the United States is the most heavily infiltrated by those whom they seek to defend themselves against.


We can say it this way: communism has three faces. These three faces are socialism, Judaism and homosexualism.

Each of these faces represents a vast and semi-independent conspiratorial apparatus. So vast is each one of these three separate conspiracies that none of them is completely controlled at the top by any one person or small council of persons.

Within each of these three separate conspiracies we find numerous leaders and groups of leaders existing throughout different parts of the world, having various aspects and different degrees of power, each engaged in both cooperation and friendly competition.

Although basically independent of each other, these three vast conspiracies are interlocked and intertwined in such a manner as to move their energies forward along roughly the same paths and toward approximately the same destination.

Among these many millions of individuals, most will belong to only one of these three conspiracies. Some will belong to two conspiracies simultaneously and a comparative few will belong to all three.

To be more definite, the fact that a person is a Jew does not necessarily make him either a socialist or a homosexual. On the other hand, he may be either or both.

The fact that a person is a homosexual does not necessarily make him a socialist and obviously, it does not necessarily mean that he must be a Jew. There are many socialists that are neither Jews nor homosexuals although many socialists may be one or the other or they may be all three: a socialist, Jew and homosexual.

The exchange of information between members of these three conspiracies is not always planned or exact. The sense of obligation between members of one conspiracy and members of a different conspiracy may be great or small depending on the individuals involved.

For the most part the exchange of both information and assistance occurs through those individuals that simultaneously participate in two or more of the various conspiracies.

The relative strength of these conspiracies is a matter of debate. In general, it may be said that the socialist conspiracy is the most direct, forceful and aggressive. The Jewish conspiracy is perhaps most persistent, clever and conniving. The homosexual conspiracy is most apt to have surprising, subtle and unexpected effects.

Taken together, the three faces of communism maintain a continuous and unrelenting attack on national states of the world and against the individual freedom of all peoples everywhere.

We must now investigate the nature of these three conspiracies separately and in turn.


The theories of Karl Marx were anticipated by twenty-five centuries in the writings of the philosopher Plato. Between the lives of these two men there were hundreds of other authors and contributors to the generalized theory of communism. This history is well documented and we presume, well-known to all who will read this communication.

The communist manifesto, written by Karl Marx in 1848, became the focal point at which theory was transformed into practice. The history of socialism since the manifesto is known equally well and fully documented.

The anti-communist organizations of most Western nations are fully acquainted with this history and are guided accordingly. Within the United States however, we find that most Nationalists and Nationalist organizations have been strangely diverted from the facts.

The thinking of many United States Nationalists has been misdirected against persons and organizations of comparatively small importance and away from those facts and organizational activities that constitute the real and immediate threat to the freedom of the United States.

For this reason we will briefly review the nature of the socialist conspiracy and point out some errors of fact and judgment commonly circulated among United States Nationalists.

Almost at once, after writing the communist manifesto, a division of opinion occurred, not as to the ultimate objectives, but regarding the best means to obtain those objectives. One group favored violent revolution whereas the other favored a gradual drive for control through infiltration and subversion.

Marx first attempted to implement his plan for world wide socialist revolution on September 24th, 1864 by organizing the International Working Man's Association which became known as the First Socialist International.

In 1868 a socialist party was formed in New York which met with some early success. In 1872 the headquarters of the first Socialist International was moved from London to New York where it combined with the Socialist party there. Still the division between the two groups prevented any unity of action and the original Socialist party was dissolved at a meeting in Philadelphia on Feb. 15, 1876.

A second International was founded in Paris on July 14, 1889 but succumbed to the same division of opinion.

After the death of Karl Marx, the two groups split apart entirely. Those favoring violent revolution organized in 1903 as the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party.

Their first meeting was convened in Brussels but soon moved to London after conflict with Belgian authorities. This party included Nikolai Lenin and Leon Trotsky with fifteen faithful followers. From this central core developed the bolshevik segment of the Marxist party.

In November, 1917, the bolsheviks overthrew the Kerensky government and seized control of Russia. Lenin assumed power as dictator of Russia and leader of the Third Socialist International (also known as the Comintern).

The Third International has continued through the years under control of the Communist party of the Soviet Union as the primary instrument for obtaining a one-world communist dictatorship by means of violent conquest and revolution.

When the Comintern nations (USSR, Red China and their respective satellites) use non-violent means of espionage and infiltration, they do so more in a military manner. Their respective spy systems are organized along military lines and all agents are under strict control and discipline.

After the death of Marx 1883, that group which favored infiltration as the sole means of conquest immediately organized the Fabian Society which shortly came under the leadership of George Bernard Shaw along with Sidney and Beatrice Webb.

The Fabians did not differ with the bolsheviks in their ultimate objectives, a socialist one-world dictatorship, but only in the means by which it could be best obtained.

George Bernard Shaw did not disapprove of violent revolution on principle. He completely agreed with Marx that any tactic leading toward a total collective state were justified. He and the Webbs simply concluded that in the more advanced Western nations, the tactics of violence and revolution would be less effective than those of infiltration and political conversion.

Whereas the bolsheviks worked mostly among the working classes, the Fabians sought out young intellectuals whose egotism could be exploited in the building of a "planned society".

The Fabian Society rejected all suggestions to form an independent political party. Their members preferred to infiltrate the colleges, the news media, religious groups, labor unions, business organizations and other political parties. In England they were immediately successful.

By 1888 they had two of their members on the London school board and by 1892 two Fabian Socialists had been elected to Parliament. A magazine called Fabian Essays began publication in 1889 and soon afterwards, the Fabians founded the London School of Economics which became world renowned as an open vehicle for the teaching of socialism and socialist economic theories.

The importance of the United States was quickly recognized by the Fabian Socialists and in 1888, Sidney Webb made an extensive lecture tour through the United States. His book "Socialism in England" was soon circulated through leading American Universities as the Fabians made an extensive recruiting effort among liberal minded American educators.

The Rand School of Social Science was formed in 1905 in New York City as the Fabian's equivalent to the London School of Economics. In 1907 the United States Fabians organized the Intercollegiate Socialist Society with chapters in many of the leading Universities of that country.

Among the early converts to Fabian socialism in the United States were Felix Frankfurter who became a Justice of the Supreme Court, Walter Lippman whose career as a political columnist spanned four decades, as well as persons like John Dewey, the father of "progressive education" at Columbia University.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president, he opened the doors of government to socialist planners of all shades. During the following forty-five years, the Fabians achieved immense power and influence throughout almost every segment of the social structure of the United States.

Always they have maintained a position of both secret cooperation and friendly competition with bolshevik agents as well as with the Jewish and homosexualist elements of the anti-Nationalist conspiracy.

A big majority of the bolsheviks that came to power in Russia were Jews. The Fabian socialist movement included several prominent Jews among their early members. Thus the interlock between the Jewish conspiracy and the socialist conspiracy was early established and is continued to this day.

In the United States the Fabians have dominated the universities and the teacher's unions. In the news media, control has been jointly held by the Fabians and Jews.

Here the Fabians have dominated the editorial and journalistic aspects while the Jews concentrated on extending the business and financial power of their respective newspaper chains, magazine publishing firms, radio and television networks.

This symbiotic cooperation between the Jewish and Fabian conspiracies within the news media has resulted in almost total control over the source of information upon which citizens of the United States must base their judgments and reach their political conclusions.

This control is in part responsible for the confusion that exists within the thinking of United States Nationalist organizations but infiltration by Fabian, Jewish, and especially homosexual agents has been a more important cause for this confusion as will be demonstrated in a later section of this communication.

This confusion, of which we speak, includes a failure to understand the three faces of communism and the association between them. As a result of this failure, many United States Nationalist groups and organizations make many accusations against groups that are merely used by the conspiracies rather than being part of the conspiracies.

Much of this confusion seems to have originated through the unwitting action of a man named Dan Smoot, an ex-FBI agent whose sincerity cannot be doubted. Many years ago, Mr. Smoot wrote a book called, "The Invisible Government" in which he identified the Council on Foreign Relations as the dominant controlling influence within the communist conspiracy of the United States.

Apparently, Smoot was led to this conclusion through his failure to identify individual members of the Fabian Society as they worked within the Council on Foreign Relations to influence other members and manipulate their influence upon the business and political communities.

As a result of this misunderstanding, many important persons have been wrongly stigmatized by accusations of CFR membership. Naturally, these false claims made repeatedly, tend to alienate otherwise patriotic persons, causing them in this way to become hostile toward Nationalist organizations and making them susceptible to friendly overtures from the Fabians who work subtly among their ranks.

The Bilderbergers is another favorite target of United States Nationalist groups and propaganda. Prince Philip of Netherlands is a Fabian Socialist as are a few other prominent participants in the Bilderberger meetings.

But here again, Nationalists of the United States fail to understand that the Bilderberger's meetings are simply held by the Fabian Socialists as a means of influencing other important people who are not Fabians.

This propaganda by United States Nationalist organizations simply confuses their own people as to the true nature of the enemy and the true identity of the most imporant Fabian manipulators within their own country.

The real and actual infiltrators into United States Nationalist organizations are always helped by an even greater number of profiteers and charlatans who will do anything to make money or boost their own ego, even at the expense of their nation's freedom.

Some of these profiteers act in very effective and seemingly honorable ways to collect and waste large amounts of money that might otherwise be put to good use.

Some of these charlatans give reasonable stories and others tell tales so ridiculous as to be pathetic. It is a poor testimonial regarding the gullibility of United States Nationalists that they fall so easily for these things.

One such charlatan is a phoney "Polish General" who pretends to have been responsible for identifying several communist spy networks. As part of his ever continuing campaign to establish his own false identity, this charlatan has made claims to the effect that Henry Kissinger was an agent for the KGB.

Since Henry Kissinger acts in ways continually favorable to the communists, this claim did not seem as being absurd. Even such a usually accurate reporter as Frank (Jew) Capell used this false story in writing a book claiming Henry Kissinger to be a KGB agent.

Although this claim may seem reasonable to supposedly knowledgeable United States Nationalists, it sounds completely ridiculous to the average citizen of the United States. Thus, this false information often serves to convince ordinary citizens that the American Nationalists are fools.

The truth is of course that Henry Kissinger is a prominent leader in the Fabian Society. As such he works diligently in behalf of the socialist conspiracy but without any connection to the bolshevik controlled KGB.

If United States Nationalists understood the extent and nature of the Fabian Socialist movement and if they could clearly identify Henry Kissinger's actual role in this conspiracy both they and their fellow citizens would find this much more believable and good would be done rather than harm.

One of the Fabians' early political efforts in the United States was the organization of the Socialist Party long identified with Norman Thomas but always controlled by the Fabian Society. A splinter group of the Socialist Party was reorganized as the Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) which is also under Fabian control.

The Fabian Society's first front group in the United States was the Intercollegiate Socialists Society which later became the League for Industrial Democracy. The ADA and the LID have interlocking directors and membership which comprises the control of both groups by the Fabian society.

Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, was for many years a member of the League for Industrial Democracy and is, to this day, a member of the Fabian Society.

The John Birch Society receives much money from the sale of books and publications to United States Nationalists and some money as contributions from sincere members. Much of their considerable financial strength comes through secret transfer of money from Jewish individuals and/or organizations in the amount of $300,000 to $800,000 yearly. In this way the John Birch Society has become a major instrument for the confusion of American Nationalists.

This is done by hiding the true nature of the Jewish, homosexual and socialist phases of the anti-Nationalist conspiracy while reporting exaggerated claims regarding the almost mythical "order of the Illuminati". [1]

[1] The enmity for the staunchly anti-communist John Birch Society may be traced back to 1963 when Robert Welch responded to a number of voices within the organization who were demanding that the organization adopt an anti-Semitic posture under the theory that communism was and is a facet of a wider Jewish conspiracy.

Welch demurred, responding with The Neutralizers, a book that explicitly decried anti-Semitism as both divisive and a distraction from the larger goal of battling the communist conspiracy.

Many radical right-wing figures, men such as Revillo P. Oliver, Jack Mohr, and Tom Metzger to name a few, passed through Birch Society ranks only to leave or be expelled for their expressions of blatant anti-Semitism. See Robert Welch, The Neutralizers (Belmont, MA: The John Birch Society, 1963).

Going back to the bolsheviks in Russia. As noted previously, most of the original bolsheviks were Jews. One however was not a Jew, and he was Joseph Stalin. Stalin had a great lust for personal power, and to obtain this power it was necessary for him to eliminate most competitors within the original bolshevik movement.

He did this through a long series of purges and public trials culminating with the Moscow Treason trials of 1938. With these trials Stalin rid himself of all the old bolsheviks and in doing so largely destroyed Jewish control over the communist party of the Soviet Union.

With Stalin's death, a new battle for control developed between Jewish and non-Jewish elements in the communist party of the Soviet Union. Nikita Khrushchev, who was half Jewish, helped establish partial Jewish control through his denunciations of Stalin. Still, to this day, the Jews do not have control of the communist party in the Soviet Union.

Within the Soviet Union today, many Jews are accepted and influential within government positions. Many others have been expelled or executed. During the past five years, an enormous number of Jews have immigrated from the Soviet Union to the United States, Israel or other nations.

Some of these Jewish immigrants were actually dedicated communist spies. Most of them have simply been Jewish dissidents of which the Soviet government was glad to be rid of. You may say, why do they not simply shoot these Jews if they wish to be rid of them? The reason lies in a new policy by the Soviet Government of demanding ransom from those persons wishing to immigrate who have relatives in foreign countries.

The average ransom paid for permission to immigrate from the communist bloc to the Western World is $15,000 per family. In some cases of Jews having wealthy relatives in the United States, as much as $250,000 has been asked and has been paid. Another reason is that by not shooting dissident Jews they retain the loyalty of other communist Jews.

In addition to the Fabian Socialist movement within the United States, the Bolsheviks have also set up numerous organizations, usually under the control of the Communist party of the Soviet Union.

The conflict that has been discussed between Jewish and non-Jew segments of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union has led to considerable splintering among the Bolshevik organizations within the United States.

An early leader of the Bolshevik movement was Leon Trotsky, who would have been heir to Lenin's power except for the seizure of this power by Joseph Stalin. Trotsky escaped from the Soviet Union and lived in Mexico until he was finally assassinated.

Under Trotsky's direction a Fourth International was organized. From this Fourth International, a number of different organizations have grown, including the Socialist Workers Party, Young Socialists Alliance, National Peace Action Coalition, National Student Conference Against Racism, International Socialists, International Workers Party and the Spartacist League. For the most part, the leaders of all these organizations have been Jewish followers of Leon Trotsky, who was also a Jew.

The Communist Party USA was led for a long time by William Z. Foster, who was not a Jew, but is now led by John Hall, who is a Jew. From the Communist Party USA has developed the Young Workers Liberation League, Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice, National Alliance against Racism and Political Repression, the National Lawyers Guild, the Puerto Rican Socialist Party and many other communist fronts.

At the time of the split between Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, a portion of the Communist Party USA broke away and accepted leadership from Red China. Thus was formed the Progressive Labor Party, which attempted in 1969 to take over the Students for Democratic Society.

The SDS was destroyed during these inter-organizational battles and from their membership evolved the United States Labor Party, National Caucus of Labor Committees, The New Solidarity Group and the Weather Underground.

A publication called "The Guardian" has long promoted the socialists' propaganda line and has accepted financing from the Communist Party USA as well as solicited financial support from the wealthy Fabian Socialists.

At the time of the split between Stalin and Mao Tse Tung, The Guardian became largely subservient to the Red Chinese. From this activity has developed the Revolutionary Communist Party as well as the Revolutionary Student Brigade, Unemployed Workers Organizing Committee, and the Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

The Venceremos Brigade evolved as a cooperative action between the Communist Party USA and the Revolutionary Communist Party.

In many cases we see Jewish and non-Jewish cooperation between the Socialist Workers Party and the Communist Party USA. Examples of these cooperative efforts include the November Mobilization Committee, the National Mobilization Committee, Coalition to Stop Funding the War, and the Fifth Estate with its publication "Counter spy".

As the original "weathermen" faction of the SDS took in many radical feminists, the name changed to Weather Underground.

A major project of the Weather Underground is the front group called Prairie Fire Organizing Committee (PFOC) which in turn organized a "Hard Times Conference" to help unify youth groups among the Maoist, Trotskyite and Workers World parties.

The October League (OL) is a Maoist controlled communist group now organizing secret cells of "professional revolutionaries". Their stated purpose is to form a party of insurrection which will go underground to foment violent revolution within the United States.

Another front group of the October League is called the National Fight Back Organization to take advantage of the fact that many large cities are forced to cut down on their expenditures for welfare and unnecessarily large number of city employees. The "Fight Back" mean to fight back against city cuts in welfare checks and similar expenditures.

The National Fight Back Organization works in close cooperation with the Communist Youth Organization and the Southern Conference Educational Fund.

To defend their nation against communism, the Nationalists of the United States must have a clear understanding of these various factions within the socialist conspiracy.

Also essential is a clear understanding of the interaction between the socialist conspiracy as described in this section and the Jewish conspiracy and the homosexual conspiracy as described in the next two sections of this communication.


No other subject has caused so much debate and division among United States Nationalists as have questions regarding the nature of the Jewish Conspiracy or in fact, if such a conspiracy even exists.

The answers to these questions are not difficult and would be obvious except for the fact that the Jews themselves disseminate a great deal of misinformation regarding these matters.

This is a fact which seems to have escaped most Nationalists within the United States. Another important fact, equally obscured to United States Nationalists, is the fact that many anti-Jewish organizations are actually organized and supported financially by the Jews themselves.

The reasons for the Jews' actions, in doing these things, is also obvious to those who are not misled by the Jewish propaganda.

Although the Jewish people vary greatly from one geographical area to another, all Jews have certain things in common. Nearly all Jews tend to be clannish among themselves. They are, almost without exception, suspicious of non-Jews.

Those Jews who have never once in their lives experienced prejudice or discrimination from non-Jews, nevertheless always seem to be expecting that they will run into such prejudice. At any time they feel some other Jew has been subjected to prejudice, they will immediately come to his defense.

Almost always, in any difference of opinion between a Jew and a non-Jew, all Jews will assume that their fellow Jew is in the right, regardless of what the facts may show. These tendencies work to the advantage of all Jews and of special advantage to those that are active within the actual Jewish conspiracy.

It is for this reason that Jews themselves help organize and finance anti-Jewish organizations, and it is for these same reasons that they disseminate both false and true information about themselves so long as the combination tends to obscure the facts regarding the Jewish conspiracy.

The first and foremost objective of all Jewish propaganda is to convince their own people that non-Jews are always against them and thus insure cohesiveness within their own community. To help do this they have set up anti-Jewish organizations and printed much anti-Jewish propaganda.

Although the exact origin of the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" is in doubt, there is proof that Jewish conspirators have revived the popularity of this book and have financed the distribution of hundreds of thousands of copies because it serves these purposes for them.

A classic example of anti-Jewish propaganda which was financed by the Jews is a newspaper now out of print but long popular with American Nationalists and called "Common Sense".

This paper was edited by a sincere Nationalist of strong anti-Jew convictions named Conde McGinley. He put out a paper that was well done and was usually factual in most of the articles printed.

McGinley was, however, completely duped by a Jew named Benjamin Freedman, who pretended to have turned against his own people and who pretended a desire to help finance truthful information regarding the Jewish Conspiracy.

Conde McGinley had a number of very sincere assistants who assumed that the publication was financed by subscription rates and donations from non-Jews.

When Conde McGinley died, they made a great effort to continue the publication but were unable to do so without the secret financial help of Benjamin Freedman, so their operation soon went bankrupt, and the "Common Sense" ceased publication.

To understand the Jewish conspiracy as it really is, we must look deeply into the nature of the Jewish people and the organization of Judaism itself.

Although, through most of the last two thousand years, the Jews have not had any territory to call their own, it is still proper to speak of the Jews as a "nation".

Here we use the word in the sense of a people having many common ties of culture, religion, language, with relatives and friends living in close association, and everything else (except in this case territory) that makes up a nation. Thus, Judaism is a nation that for its most part exists in the geographical territory of other nations.

To prevent their nation from being intermingled and absorbed by the peoples of other geographical nations in which they exist, has long been the first and most important objective of Jewish leaders.

Thus it is that vast numbers of Jews immigrate from one country to another, not with any intent of becoming true citizens of the country in which they reside, but as the would-be secret conquerors and masters of such countries.

In the past, many Jews, to avoid exposure and exile, have pretended to convert to other religions while actually maintaining their own religious beliefs and practice in secret. In some cases, these secret Jews have existed in this manner for generations and comprise a secret subversive force within the countries where they reside.

This process continues even in the present days, especially in countries such as the United States, where Jews find it advantageous to hide their racial and religious origins or where they need to strengthen their fifth column within the Christian community.

The Jewish religion is an aggressive and imperialist religion, filled with hatred for other religions and with a burning desire to enslave all mankind. This religion is unique to the Jewish people, and this is the reason they are not interested in converting others to Judaism.

The Jews believe that their religion resulted from Abraham's agreement with God and that, as such, it is the obligation of the Lord's chosen people to dominate the world. They look upon other human beings as mere animals, lacking any right to be considered a part of mankind except to act as either real or economic slaves to the future aristocracy on supposed command of God.

The only time that Jews sincerely seek to convert a Christian or Moslem to Judaism is when that person is actually a person of the Jewish race whose parents or grandparents lost interest in Judaism for some reason.

The conversion of such a Christian or Moslem is intended to recover the lost blood. The Jewish religion is one to which Gentiles will never be admitted. They may be enrolled in a special religion made for them which will have the outward appearance of Judaism but which is actually different from the ancient organization of spiritual Jews and is designed to make the supposed converts into more willing tools of the true Jewish conspiracy.

Since the time of the Inquisition, it has been considered the utmost duty, both of public and secret Jews, to recover the lost blood, and they cannot rest until they have secretly initiated the renegade's children and brought them back to Judaism once again.

Judaism, in addition to being a people and nation spread out through the world with its own religion, is also a sect or a secret society, because most Jews consider the country in which they live to be a colony of Israel.

This applies even to the political state of Israel as it now exists. They are organized into secret ceremonies of initiation at the age of 13, holding political-religious meetings and rendering oaths of secrecy and absolute obedience to the leaders.

All this is done as in secret societies and participating in ceremonies in which the rituals of freemasonry are a weak imitation. It is this complex society, conspiring as a people, religion, and sect of the Israelite nation, that has been called Judaism.

The family is the basic unit of Judaism and is patriarchal in most countries. The father is a kind of high priest in the family where he leads the family's religious activities which are practiced by means of daily prayers and very secret ceremonies.

These are solemn rituals whose purpose is to impress on Jews from childhood the idea that they are God's chosen people. They are taught through all their family activities that it is their right and goal to take over the world's riches, forging an imperialist ideology that converts them into fanatical instruments of Jewish imperialism.

Among the family ceremonies of secret Jews can be mentioned the Passover with its solemn ceremonial and secret banquets and the Saturday family celebration which starts on Friday at sunset when the parents join with those children over 13 years old and also their grandchildren over the age of 13 and the wives of those children who are already married.

The house is locked and no one is allowed to enter the room where ceremonies are held. This secret ceremony is followed by a ritual banquet in which prayers and speeches are delivered, and it lasts until midnight unless the adults have to attend some public function to keep up their pretext of Christianity.

Children younger than 13 are excluded from this and other ceremonies in order to keep secret the fact that the family is Jewish, and to hide from the younger children all activities of secret Judaism.

At the age of 13 and after extensive preparation, only those children who have proven their ability to keep secrets are very cautiously initiated into the family's clandestine Judaism.

Those who fail to pass the tests of discretion will only be initiated into secret Judaism when they prove their ability to keep such secrets.

Those who cannot pass the test of secrecy and loyalty or who are mentally unreliable are left outside of this underground Judaism, but both the family and the clandestine Jewish community will do the best they can to win back the children of such racial Jews if they are later considered capable and worthy of membership into the secret Jewish order.

Most Jewish parents are exemplary in their conduct of family affairs and are extraordinarily good parents. Unfortunately, all these good virtues are directed to the perverted goals of political and religious order imposed by their hatred of other peoples, which hatred is also taught to Jewish children from infancy in the very heart of their family affairs.

Such a situation seems incomprehensible to those who are unaware of the dimensions of this problem and who do not realize that both secret and open Jews will use all means available to destroy the unity of Gentile families.

To maintain the Jewish conspiracy, it is precisely their purpose to weaken the families of other people and to degrade their morality and loyalty to each other. They know that a nation with strong family ties will be better able to resist their advances than a nation whose families have been unhinged by immorality and disunity.

For these reasons, many Jews deliberately spread ideas which are aimed at dissolving the Gentiles' faith in marriage and the loyalty of children to their parents and to each other.

In every state and large city, Jews compose a secret organization called a community which includes the Israelite families of that area whose patriarchs are represented in the Kelilah or Supreme Council of that Jewish community.

Jews are also organized in fraternities and similar organizations where their goal is to take control of those associations and institutions important to all political and economic affairs.

These fraternities were previously called synagogues because "synagogue" means assembly. It is necessary to distinguish between the assembly-synagogue as different from the building in which that assembly meets, which is also called a synagogue. Judaism as a whole is sometimes referred to as the world synagogue.

World-wide Judaism is divided into different rites which have generally a common cultural background. The Sephardite rite includes all Jews dispersed from Spain in the 15th Century and from Portugal during the times of King Manual as well as the crypto-Jewish Christians that were expelled from Spain and Portugal in the times of Philip IV in the 17th Century.

The Ashkenazi rite includes the Jews of German descent who are also dispersed throughout the world. The Bene-Israel rite includes the Jews that about 18 centuries ago arrived in India and infiltrated into many Indian castes and have since immigrated to various countries in Africa, Asia and even to England.

In India, many people believe them to be Hindus, but in fact they are clandestine Jews. The present control of the congress and the Indian government is firmly held by such secret Jews.

Since the time of the Jewish prime minister of Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, in the last century, the British government has been largely an instrument of Jewish imperialism.

Through the combined efforts of Jewish leaders in the British Islands and secret Jews in the Church of England was formed the British Israelite Movement, which teaches that the English are descendants of the lost tribes of Israel and are thus the true "chosen people" but in actuality are constantly promoting the desired policies of Judaism.

A Jew named Herbert W. Armstrong made a modest start in promoting the British Israelite movement in the United States, promptly received generous financing from wealthy Jews, and has become fantastically wealthy himself.

He and his son, Garner Ted Armstrong, now have churches throughout the United States which prohibit their members from taking any part in political activities, which thus neutralizes hundreds of thousands of citizens who would be otherwise more than generally inclined to take part in Nationalist activities.

Their various publications including THE PLAIN TRUTH and THE WORLD TOMORROW are circulated by millions with a very clever one-world, anti-Nationalist theme woven into their varied and often interesting articles.

A competitive group, comprised of California attorney Bertrand Comparet and his followers, preach a modified version which they call the "Identity" message but these people strongly advocate pro-Nationalist activities, even going so far as to store arms and military supplies for future violent resistance to the forces of anti-Nationalism.

Unfortunately, this group has been deeply infiltrated, as will be dealt with in a future section.

Jewish imperialism, even in the Soviet Union, is still partially maintained through the secret cells or Jewish committees of control that operate very secretly behind the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

When we see disputes among Jews, it may be that they have different opinions as to how to achieve the same end, or they may differ in their religious beliefs or in the degree of loyalty to the Jewish religion.

Even Jews who have lost all belief in God and fallen into atheism are kept as members of the Jewish nation, while other Jews respect their atheistic beliefs so long as they submit to the political and economic resolution of the highest authorities of the Jewish nation. Nevertheless, it is a fact that the more religious Jews are most fanatical in the imperialistic activities of the Jewish nation.

During the past three decades, especially in the United States, there has been a falling away of Jews from the Jewish nation. In the United States, the Jews have disseminated great amounts of propaganda advocating racial equality, world brotherhood, etc.

Many young and idealistic Jews have come to believe their own propaganda. Large numbers have left the Jewish community and have married Christians. Not a few have married negroes.

This trend has been greatly resisted by the leaders of the Jewish conspiracy, and that is one reason they have made such an effort during this time to give an appearance of anti-Jewish prejudice through the support of false anti-Jew organizations and dissemination of planted anti-Jew propaganda.

If some who are racially Jews become sincerely identified with the territorial nation in which they live and loyal to that government, such as Admiral Hyman Rickover and General Curtis Lemay have done, the Jewish conspiracy uses even these events to its own purpose. The existence of United States Nationalists of Jewish racial extraction, is used to further confuse the issue and hide the basic nature of the Jewish conspiracy.


It may safely be presumed that being a homosexual does not directly determine a person's political beliefs. On the other hand, homosexuals do have strong feelings of comradeship toward others of their own kind.

Their lives are frequently shrouded in secrecy and often take on a somewhat conspiratorial aspect. Many homosexuals feel themselves to be ostracized by normal society and are therefore easily recruited into anti-social organizations.

Within the United States especially, most patriotic, Nationalist and conservative organizations have strong religious overtones and are made up of people naturally repelled by homosexual behavior; such organizations have never openly recruited homosexuals into their ranks.

The communists and their various left-wing front groups, recognizing the value of homosexuals and their conspiratorial associations with one another, have made a special effort to recruit such people.

It is frequently observed that one homosexual will have greater loyalty to another homosexual than to any divergent political feelings they may hold separately.

This has enabled left-wing homosexuals to use other homosexuals almost as they please, either as tools of various anti-Nationalist organizations or as infiltrators and agents provocateur within various anti-communist organizations.

Like the socialist and Jewish parts of the anti-Nationalist conspiracy, the homosexual conspiracy is as old as history. The priests of ancient Egypt lived in homosexual relationships, never perpetuating their own blood but constantly recruiting the nation's most attractive young men into their ranks.

In addition, they made a practice to castrate very young boys who were then raised and trained to be homosexual concubines to the priests.

The homosexual cult religions of Egypt penetrated deeply into the social life of ancient Greece and contributed significantly to the decline of both Greek democracy and Greek culture. Some of the young boys who were then raised and trained by the more satanic-acting Emperors of Rome were known homosexuals.

The extent of homosexuality within the royal families of Europe and England is too well documented to bother repeating here. But it was among these homosexuals of royal blood that the International Brotherhood as we know it today first originated.

The founding fathers of the United States were not entirely free from this influence. Benjamin Franklin, well known for his wit and his wisdom, was both a homosexual and a member of the International Brotherhood, which is often confused with the Illuminati.

Incidentally, contrary to popular belief among United States Nationalists, the Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt no longer exists as a significant part of the International Communist Conspiracy.

Only three small remnants have deteriorated into pseudo-science societies that milk the gullible out of their money in return for supposed secrets of the ancients that are, in truth, little more than mythology and superstition.

George Bernard Shaw was a member of the International Brotherhood as well as an early member of the Fabian Socialist Society. He used his many contacts among wealthy and influential homosexuals throughout Europe and the United States to advance the cause of socialism and extend the influence of the Fabian Socialist Society.

This is typical of the manner of interlock between the socialists and homosexuals. Of all homosexuals who actively aid the anti-Nationalist apparatus, it is probable that less than one in four does so knowingly and for political reasons.

For the most part, these willing tools are influenced on a person-to-person basis by politicized homosexuals who are either active communists or are of Jewish extraction.

In spite of the Jewish emphasis on strong family units within their own race, Jews have always had a high propensity toward homosexuality.

This, in fact, accounts for the low birth rate among Jewish intellectuals who may be married for the sake of appearances and perhaps to obtain heirs for their family businesses, but nevertheless depend on homosexual activities for a major part of their sexual gratification.

These intellectual Jewish homosexual socialists are the extreme center core of the world-wide communist conspiracy. Locked as they are into all three major conspiratorial networks: the international socialist apparatus, the nation of Judaism and the International Brotherhood, they envision themselves as the super elite, the direct descendants of an all-powerful ancient priesthood and as the rightful supreme rulers of a one-world socialist oligarchy.

Although there exists an organized International Brotherhood, it would be a mistake to believe that any sizeable percentage of the world's homosexuals are actually members of this central conspiracy.

For the most part, they act as continually floating pieces of driftwood on a restless sea, moving this way and that in response to their own emotions and the emotions of other homosexuals that they may encounter by chance or by design. Thus, the homosexual influence is both extremely important and at the same time extremely difficult to define.

Within the United States, the "Lavender and Red Union", which publishes its paper "Come out Fighting" from Hollywood, California, is an unwelcome tip of the socialist-homosexual iceberg so far as the International Brotherhood is concerned, as they prefer not to have their secrecy scratched in such a manner.

Individual homosexuals may be communists or Jews, or they may be neither or both. Without doubt, a very high percentage of all homosexuals are loyal citizens of the nation in which they live. In their general, overall effect however, homosexuals exert a continuous subtle influence that is destructive to that foundation upon which each new generation must build in their attempts to improve both their society and their species.


The membership of Robert Welch in the Fabian Society has already been mentioned. The fact that this organization was set up under the auspices of the League for Industrial Democracy and heavily subsidized by Jewish money, along with the fact that it has been constantly publicized by the Fabian-Jewish controlled news media within the United States, has caused this organization to rapidly become the dominant anti-communist and supposedly Nationalist organization in that country.

At the same time, many truly Nationalist organizations have been killed off by the constant drain on their membership and the draining away of contributions from sincere Nationalists who have been duped into joining and supporting the John Birch Society.

Perhaps it is because of their great success with this one organization that the socialists have not found it necessary to infiltrate most other Nationalist organizations within the United States directly.

Or, possibly, it was their consistent failure to penetrate into other organizations that caused them to take the course of setting up the John Birch Society as an alternative.

In any event, it is safe to say that the direct socialist infiltration into other major Nationalist organizations such as The Foundation for Economic Education, Libery Lobby, The Citizens Councils, American Security Council, The United Klans of America, the various tax strike organizations, the Minutemen, Posse Comitatus, etc. has been very limited.

In competition with the heavily financed John Birch Society, all of these organizations, however, have declined proportionately.

An unusual example of socialist-homosexual coordination may be seen in the person of Hans J. Schneider. This individual lives in Oregon but travels extensively throughout the United States by private plane, always in the company of one or two teenage boys that he sometimes introduces as his son or step-sons.

He uses these young boys to establish homosexual relationships with various right-wing persons that he suspects of having such tendencies. He then uses this to blackmail them and control their further activities within the Nationalist movement. Schneider is an immigrant from East Germany.


As previously noted, the John Birch Society in the United States has been deeply and systematically infiltrated by Jews. This tactic was hardly necessary inasmuch as the Belmont Headquarters is largely financed with Jewish money, and its founder, Robert Welch (although not a Jew), is a member of the Fabian Society.

The JBS not only accepts Jewish members but solicits them and, furthermore, gives preference to Jews in the hiring of their paid coordinators.

For the most part, Jewish infiltrators into the United States Nationalist movement have preferred to set themselves up as leaders in their own organizations or as publishers of some supposedly anti-communist periodical.

By these maneuvers, they damage the Nationalist movement in two ways:

(1) by drawing off money needed by other truly Nationalistic organizations, and

(2) spreading subtle confusion within apparently bonafide anti-communist material.

One of the first prominent Jewish infiltrators into the American Nationalist movement was ex-FBI agent and former Salt Lake City police chief, W. Cleon Skousen.

This Jew (also a member of the Mormon church) established himself as an "authority" on communism by writing a book called "The Naked Communist".

This book reads fairly well to the average American conservative, but when passed on to a novice, the inexperienced reader receives a picture of communism so awesome and powerful as to cause him to think, "what is the use in resisting this?"

A similar but far more successful tactic has been used by Dr. Fred Schwartz, an Australian Jew who came to the United States to organize the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade. During the late 1950's and early 1960's, Schwartz held large and frequent rallies and training seminars in "anti-communism".

He still conducts such activity but to a lesser extent. Schwartz is best known for his "You Can Trust the Communists". This book, like the one written by Skousen, pictures the communists as extremely clever, totally dedicated, well-financed and overwhelmingly powerful.

Although it seems authoritative when read by most American conservatives, the average citizen finds the picture so terrifying that he tends to say, "why waste my time fighting this. I had better spend the few years we have left with the enjoyment of life." Thus, another prospective worker for the Nationalist movement is turned away.

Although Fabian Society member Carrol Quigley is not a Jew, this might be an appropriate place to mention his 1400 page book "Tragedy and Hope".

This book really convinces the American citizen that all of their most prominent business leaders, educators, politicians, military officers, etc., are already working hand in hand with the communists, and therefore there is nothing the poor average citizen can do to combat such an all-powerful conspiracy.

The Naked Capitalist, by Leon Skousen, is a popularized and shortened version of Quigley's book.

A more recent entry into the fold is the Java-born Dutch Jew Jack Greenways, who puts out a small magazine titled "Last Call". Greenways' specialty is to build up peripheral issues so as to cause United States Nationalists to devote large amounts of time to projects that are of secondary importance.

Greenways is a strong supporter of Col. Arch Roberts and of Dr. Peter Deter, a fellow Jew that specializes in the invention of plausible but purely imaginary stories that are fed out as fact to gullible American conservatives.

The Last Call editor's daughter, Joyce Greenways, was one of the first volunteers to go cut cane (and study urban guerilla warfare) in Communist Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade.

J. B. Stoner, leader of the National States Rights Party, has been an especially destructive Jew infiltrator into the US Nationalists movement.

His specialty is running for political office so as to gain public exposure where he spews forth a stream of such venomous hatred toward the negro race as to convince most fair minded citizens that the typical leader of an American Nationalist organization must be totally insane. Stoner is also a homosexual, and more will be said of him in a separate section.

There is no better example than that of Marvin Liebman with which to illustrate the interlock between the socialist and Jewish infiltration into the United States Nationalist movement.

While still a high school junior in Brooklyn, New York, Marvin Liebman was recruited by his civics teacher into the American Students Union.

His hard work and enthusiasm soon resulted in an invitation to join the Young Communist League, and after a short probationary period, Liebman was accepted into full membership and came under the direct discipline of the Communist Party USA.

After high school and part of a semester at New York University, Marvin Liebman rented an apartment in Greenwich Village and began writing short stories for various left-wing magazines.

This activity was soon cut short when Liebman found himself to be one of those very few unlucky Jews to be drafted into the Army as a buck private. While in the service, Liebman was a typical Jewish gold brick. Whenever assigned to an unpleasant work detail, he promptly broke his glasses.

As soon as he was assigned KP, he sliced his fingers open with a knife. On the drill field, he continually stumbled over his own feet, and every time the sun came out from behind a cloud, he keeled over in a pretended sunstroke. Marvin Liebman must rank as truly unique. He is without doubt the only soldier ever given a medical discharge for sunstroke.

Back in his Greenwich Village apartment once again, Liebman became editor of the Spotlight, a publication of American Youth for Democracy, one of the most active communist fronts of that time. The Spotlight was a slick publication, strong on ideology but with a distinctly artistic flavor.

In 1946, the Communist Party USA switched its line (from the WWII line that anyone fighting the fascists was good) to accommodate the new cold war atmosphere.

Liebman left the Communist Party USA to work with the Trotskyites for a period of time, again exercising his literary political skills.

It seems that in 1947, Marvin Liebman began to yearn for the military action he had so carefully avoided while in the U.S. Army. He signed up with an Israeli terrorist outfit known as the Irgun which was dedicated to breaking the British blockade of Palestine. Liebman had his fun, racing back and forth between Marseilles, Haifa, Cyprus and other ports of the Mediterranean.

During this time, Liebman obviously saw himself as a dashing soldier of leftist fortune. In time, he found that Irgun was too right-wing for him, and he joined the communist "forces of liberation" in Northern Greece. When the bullets started coming too close, however, Liebman played it true to form.

He quickly returned to the U.S.A. to become a fund raiser for the United Jewish Appeal. While with the UJA, he attended one of their organizational fund raising schools.

Moving on to a fund raising job for pre-communist Henry Wallace in his 1948 campaign, he picked up further expertise from Hollywood leftists and then moved back to New York and joined a public relations firm headed by pro-communist Harold Oram.

Together, Liebman and Oram sent out mailings, formed committees, raised funds and lobbied energetically for causes of the far left.

In time, Liebman decided that it was easier and more profitable raising money from conservatives. Since most of the money raised was wasted in the process of getting it, he could actually help the left more by working for the right.

After the communists had taken over mainland China, they began agitating for membership in the United Nations.

This seemed like a good cause, so Liebman joined up with several other pseudo-patriots (including Representative Walter Judd, former New Jersey governor Charles Edison, and former Ambassador Joseph Grew and his old boss Oram) to form the Committee of One Million (against the admission of Red China to the United Nations).

Using conservative mailing lists purchased from naive United States Nationalist organizations and many conservative political candidates, they began soliciting funds for their new committee. It was a spectacular financial success.

In 1955, Marvin Liebman teamed up with two energetic young anti-communists, one a recently graduated attorney named Brent Bozel, and the other, a promising young writer named William Buckley.

Marvin Liebman Associates became keeper of the mailing lists for a long series of organizations founded by Bozel, Buckley and other supposed conservatives.

These included: The Committee Against The Treaty of Moscow, Young Americans for Freedom, American Afro-Asian Educational Exchange, Public Action, Conservative Party of New York, Draft Goldwater, Miller for Vice-President, Buckley for Mayor, American Conservative Union, African-American Affairs Assoc., and the International Youth Crusade.

On five different occasions, he filled Madison Square Garden with huge YAF rallies. He has sponsored National Review testimonial dinners for Alfred Kohlberg, George Sokolsky, and Charles Edison.

One of Liebman's current major projects is the "American Chilean Council". The supposed purpose of this organization is to give public relations support for the new anti-communist government of Chile.

The real purpose is to raise funds for Marvin Liebman from companies having property there and to draw off additional funds from the legitimate Nationalist movement in the United States.

At least five officers in the American-Chilean Council (Dr. Lev E. Dobriansky, Prof. Joseph Dunner, ex-Congressman Walter H. Judd, David A. Keene and Prof. Stefan T. Possony) are all false Nationalists and are also all directors or officers in the American Council for World Freedom.

Although the A.C.W.F. published strongly worded anti-communist literature, it was organized almost specifically to provide a legitimate seeming background from which its members could infiltrate into genuine Nationalist organizations.

In this they were able to trick Fred Schlafly, husband of Phyllis Schlafly, by obtaining him to serve as president of this pseudo anti-communist organization.

One of Marvin Liebman's most enthusiastic pupils is an interesting young Fabian Society member named Richard Viguerie. Viguerie got his start in Harris County, Texas with a list of Republican party contributors. This list landed him a job with Liebman whose techniques and politics Viguerie found completely to his liking.

Following in Marvin Liebman's footsteps, Viguerie has built himself a tremendous mailing list of conservative Republicans as well as conservative Democrats and is now launching his own conservative "third party" movement.

Along the way, he has used his mailing lists to milk unsuspecting patriots out of their money in support of a series of seemingly good but actually hollow shell organizations.

The National Association to Keep and Bear Arms was formed in Oregon as one of many fronts for the Minutemen, but while the Minutemen organization's national leader was in prison, NAKBA was taken over by a light haired, blue eyed secret Jew, Charles Adams, and a suspected Jew, Rod Rose.

In 1975, the headquarters was moved to Missouri and both Adams and Rose expelled from membership.

Adams is now working with the Council to Restore the Constitution, of Col. Arch Roberts, as is Robert Preston, a confidence man who previously swindled United States Nationalists of $3,000,000.00 on silver they paid for but he never delivered.

Among other secret Jews that have drained money from the United States Nationalist movement for decades can be named Harry Everingham of "We The People" (first in Chicago, now in Phoenix) and also Willis Stone, who has recently turned the leadership of the Liberty Amendment Committee over to another secret Jew, Cleon Skousen.

Willis Stone was one of the speakers at a July 4, 1976 meeting of Liberty Lobby, as was also Dan Pills, another obnoxious Jew silver peddler.

Another socialist Jew who has falsely pretended to change sides is Phillip Abbot Luce. After many years of dedicated service to the left, Luce now publishes a newsletter called the Pink Sheet of the Left.

In this, he pretends to expose secrets of the various communist organizations for the information and as assistance to United States Nationalists. The truth is that he prints nothing except what the socialists print in their own publications or what they want him to print in his which serves their own purposes.


Within the United States, the Nationlist movement has been infiltrated by homosexuals to an extent that is almost incredible. The following account will trace only the broad and general outlines of this infiltration.

We can begin with the now aging homosexual James Madole who has, for about thirty years, led a small neo-Nazi organization called the National Renaissance Party.

Located in New York City, Madole has been always financed by wealthy Jews. What Madole's true political beliefs may be is hard to ascertain. He may sincerely subscribe to the Nationalist Socialist policies that he advocates.

Be this as it may, his primary purpose in maintaining the National Renaissance Party has been to keep himself surrounded by a never-ending supply of young homosexual converts.

The purpose which Madole serves for his financial angels is to help keep alive the threat of "Nazism" in the public mind. He also helps the communists and Jewish leaders maintain the pretext that the Jews are continually threatened by new waves of persecution and thus helps maintain solidarity within their ranks.

An early member of the NRP was George Lincoln Rockwell, who had been a Commander in the United States Navy during World War II.

While stationed in Iceland, he met the daughter of the head of the Iceland Communist Party, and later she became his wife. When Rockwell was discharged from the Navy, his wife returned to the United States with him, and they lived together for several years.

It was during the time that George Lincoln Rockwell was openly friendly with James Madole that his wife finally divorced him and returned to Iceland. Rockwell broke with Madole to form his own organization, the American Nazi Party, with headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

In his national headquarters, George Lincoln Rockwell was constantly surrounded by a group of "storm troopers" that included a few good men but consisted mostly of social misfits, a surprising number of Jews, and a high percentage of homosexuals.

Among the homosexuals that served in the Nazi Party headquarters, at one time or another, were John Patler (who was later convicted of having murdered Rockwell), Roy Frankhouser, Dan Burros, James K. Warner, William Pierce and many others.

Roy Frankhouser left the American Nazi Party to serve as Grand Dragon for the Ku Klux Klan in Pennsylvania and later became a Band Leader in the Minutemen organization before finally being exposed as a paid informant for the FBI and the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Tax Division of the Treasury Department, who received his reward money through the Jewish Community Center in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Dan Burros, who had an intermittent homosexual affair with Roy Frankhouser, was later murdered in Frankhouser's apartment (probably by Frankhouser himself) after it was proven that Burros was really a Jew whose true name was Daniel Sonnstein.

Burros also carried on an intermittent homosexual affair at the Nazi Headquarters with James Warner, who at the time considered himself an Odinist and therefore anti-Christian. Apparently, Warner knew that Burros was a Jew long before the other members of the American Nazi Party learned this fact.

It is said that Warner and Burros spent their time discussing hideous ways to torture and kill Christians and one day setting up a phoney organization to blackmail Christians and get their money before exterminating them.

Among Roy Frankhouser's other queer friends are the two Gerhardt brothers who operate a post office tripe organization out of Columbus, Ohio, which they call the American White Nationalist Party.

These two perverts limit their homosexual activities mostly between themselves, although they enjoy occasional visits with their so-called Iowa organizer, another half demented pervert named Mike Papich.

Among those who know them well, the Gerhardt boys are referred to as the "dingaling brothers". Without meaning to do so, they carry on a continuous Bud Abbott and Lou Costello routine, continually bumping into each other and falling over each other's feet and doing all that they can (quite unintentionally) to convince any chance observer that United States Nationalists must all be insane.

Another of the Gerhardt brothers' pals is paid government informant Lou Card (better known by his alias Joe Chance), who is part Jewish and in spite of being married to a very attractive wife, is homosexual also.

Both the Gerhardts and Lou Card are friendly with paid ADL informant William Sickles, who has been instrumental in organizing a group known as the White Confederacy. This confederacy includes a weird mixture of different organizations, both good and bad. Among these are:

Adamic Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, (mostly good people).

American Revolutionary Army. This is the address of the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. The American Revolutionary Army consisted of exactly one man named A. H. Williams who was convicted of kidnapping newspaper editor Reg Murphy. Williams has been diagnosed by prison psychiatrists as schizophrenic. Even Williams' own defense attorney called him "crazy as a bedbug".

American White Nationalist Party, organized and operated by the Gerhardt brothers referred to above.

Christian Vikings of America, (strictly a front group).

Marion County Sheriffs Posse Comitatus.

Minutemen of Indiana. This organization is operated by the paid agent of the ATFD, Lou Card which has been referred to above. This group is not to be confused with the National Minutemen Organization operating from Norborne, Missouri, a bonafide anti-communist group.

Western Guard Party. This is a small group composed of real Canadian Nationalists.

National Socialist Liberation Front. A splinter group of the old Nazi party commanded by 50 per cent Jew David Rust, who is at least friendly with some of the homosexual Nazis, friendly to homosexual William Morrison, publisher of the "Gay Nazi" publication National Socialist Mobilizer.

National Socialist Party of America. Although somewhat confused ideologically, members of this group are generally high caliber individuals.

National Socialist White People's Party of Ohio.

NSDAP. Generally a group of weird characters.

Social Credit Association of Ontario, Inc. Higher type economic-political.

United White Peoples Party. Very few members, but generally good.

A separate organization calling themselves "Alpha Circle" operates out of Portland, OR.

They recommend the following organizations: American White Nationalist Party of Columbus, OH; Knights of the Ku Klux Klan of Metairie, LA; National Alliance of Washington, D. C.; National Socialist White People's Party of Arlington, VA; National States Rights Party of Marietta, GA; and Western Guard Party of Canada.

Of all these organizations, Western Guard is the only one not having a homosexual among their top leadership.

Another Jew that served briefly with George Lincoln Rockwell and the American Nazi Party was a chiropractor known as Dr. Edward R. Fields. Fields left the ANP to join the National States Rights Party in Alabama which was headed by a sincere but slightly senile old man named Ned Dupes.

It did not take long for Fields to acquire operating leadership of the NSRP and complete control of its publication, The Thunderbolt.

In 1960, James Warner decided to leave the American Nazi Party. He told Rockwell that his mother was dying in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and needed to visit her immediately. Rockwell gave Warner some money, loaned him his car, and even helped him pack the car. 

Among the things that Warner took with him was a copy of Rockwell's mailing list. [2] Rockwell first learned that Warner had stolen a copy of his mailing list when everyone on that list received an expose regarding the communist affiliations of Rockwell's wife as well as the fact that Rockwell was receiving funds from the same people that were still financing James Madole.

[2] Leaders of the racialist right wing hold tightly to their mailing lists. For most of these men, the mailing list is their sole economic lifeline, and without it most simply could not operate.

For these leaders, the option of a "nine to five" job is both unappealing and unlikely.

Unappealing because of the time and energy a real-world job would require that could otherwise be spent on the movement.

Unlikely because, for well-known leaders, the possibility that an employer would offer a job is remote.

Moreover, even in the case of lesser lights, should local watchdog organizations get wind of the situation, it is safe to assume that pressure would soon be brought to bear to fire the racialist leader. 

This state of affairs has in some cases inhibited defections from the movement, but at the same time, has made the mailing list "a pearl beyond price."

The suspicion that an activist might have once absconded with such a list is thus, in movement circles, far more serious than involvement in the putative communist, Jewish and/or homosexual conspiracies.

In the spring of 1961 The Thunderbolt denounced Warner as a profiteer but strangely enough, James K. Warner soon showed up as an employee in the NSRP headquarters.

Dan Burros had confided to his "girlfriend" James Warner that like himself, Ed Fields was a Jew. Actually, Fields is the "poor relative" of two very wealthy Chicago Jewish families.

On his father's side he is related to the Jewish Fields dry goods family and on his mother's side to the Jewish Morrell meat packing family. Warner was able to use this information to blackmail Fields into dropping his expose and into actually taking him into his own headquarters.

It was only a few months later that Warner talked one of Fields' secretaries into thinking that he planned to marry her.

The two disappeared from the NSRP headquarters (along with a copy of Fields' mailing list) and the next thing Fields heard about it was a phone call from his secretary saying that Warner had left her stranded and asking for bus fare home.

After Warner left the NSRP, leadership of the Party was taken over by J.B. Stoner, a homosexual Jew who formerly worked as an ADL investigator out of the Miami, Florida office of the B'nai B'rith.

Warner formed an organization called "Sons of Liberty" using the various mailing lists he had stolen from the American Nazi Party, the National States Rights Party, etc.

Warner's organization called Sons of Liberty should not be confused with at least two other organizations of the same name, directed by sincere Nationalists of good reputation.

This was only marginally profitable so he then went into partnership with Willis Carto and Roger Pearson in the publication of "Western Destiny". For unknown reasons, this combination soon broke up.

Carto continued to find considerable success with his publication '"Washington Observer", his organization "Liberty Lobby" and many other organizational activities. Pearson began printing the "New Patriot", but after this folded, Pearson claimed that Warner had stolen his mailing list also.

Going back to 1961, in the state of Missouri a genuinely anti-communist organization called the Minutemen had been formed and was now getting considerable national publicity.

A photographer for "Life" magazine, assigned to do a story on the Minutemen, happened to be a homosexual, and he devised his own rather cute scheme to personally discredit the Minutemen organization.

Returning to his home base in California, the Life photographer gathered together a number of his homosexual associates in San Diego and took a number of photos of them. He then turned in a story to his magazine about the California section of the Minutemen organization.

Apparently, the original idea was to have the California "Minutemen" identify themselves as homosexuals thus helping to smear the national Minutemen organization but it didn't work out that way.

Among the San Diego group of homosexuals, one was a rather power hungry individual who saw in the Minutemen concept an easy way to boost his ego, get a little adventure and perhaps earn himself an easy living in the process.

This man, Troy Haughton, telephoned to Robert DePugh, the leader of the National Minutemen Organization, and offered to merge his organization with the national group. DePugh, anxious to see his own organization expand, unsuspectingly welcomed the San Diego homosexuals into his organization.

Haughton was later publicly identified as a homosexual but apparently convinced DePugh that this was part of some "communist frame-up" and DePugh continued to let Haughton serve as his West Coast Coordinator for several years.

Eventually, Haughton disappeared, and it has been rumored that he was assassinated by the Minutemen organization to avoid further embarrassment from his ever more flagrant sexual deviations.

In 1963 or 1964, one of Haughton's homosexual partners was a young man named Dennis Mower, who had formally been a chauffeur for "Identity" preacher Dr. Wesley Swift.

After Haughton's disappearance, Dennis Mower, along with another homosexual ex-Minuteman named Don Sisco (who uses the pen name of Kurt Saxon) joined the Satanic Church of San Francisco, whose high priest was a Jew named Anton LaVey.

Warner began attending the Satanic Church about this time and became acquainted with Dennis Mower. They formed a brief homosexual association during which Mower gave Warner a considerable amount of information about Wesley Swift's church and the very profitable manner in which he preached the "Identity" message.

Warner began reading Swift's material and listening to his tape recorded lectures. Having decided that this was the money making racket he had been looking for, Warner proclaimed himself Director of the New Christian Crusade Church.

From a number of wealthy homosexuals within the Identity movement, Warner obtained an expensive house where he lived with a series of other perverts.

Well-meaning followers of the Identity Church pitched in to buy Warner an expensive printing press upon which he turned out literature for the New Christian Crusade Church and on which he also printed a militantly "gay" publication called Pride.

About this time, James Warner became closely associated with a man named William Morrison (now owner of Angriff Press) who had a long police record as a child molester and homosexual.

On and off for most of two years, Warner and Morrison lived together in a homosexual arrangement, often attending "gay" parties together where they were seen dressed in women's clothing on frequent occasions.

Between 1970 and 1975, both Warner and Morrison received considerable sources of income unexplained by the sale of their literature, contributions, etc.

Morrison has specialized in publishing and selling books that would be of particular interest to militant Nationalists in the United States. This has now become a very profitable business for him as well as an excellent means of obtaining additional names and addresses of United States Nationalists.

Going back to Roy Frankhouser. After being expelled from membership in both the United Klans of America, Inc. and the Minutemen, Frankhouser teamed up with another homosexual named Frank Draeger.

They purchased a printing press in partnership and for a time attempted to earn their living at reprinting plagiarized Minutemen training manuals and similar materials.

This association broke up when Draeger found himself a new boyfriend and stole the printing press, which he subsequently sold to buy a pickup truck and camper.

For about eighteen months after that, Draeger and his new homosexual partner traveled around the country until he was finally arrested in Springfield, Illinois on charges of homosexual conduct, possession of marijuana and possession of illegal firearms.

The ATFD, for whom Draeger had long been an informant, quickly came to his rescue and he was soon released on minimum bond. He was never called back to Springfield to face these charges.

Moving back to New Jersey, Draeger then put out a "call to revolution" and soon succeeded in trapping a number of sincere patriots in that area into a situation where they were arrested for possession of illegal weapons by ATFD agents.

For the sake of appearances, Draeger was arrested along with the others, but whereas they were all held on high bonds, Draeger was again released quickly and on his own recognizance.

Turning now to another part of the country, we can pick up still another line of homosexual infiltration into the United States Nationalist movement. In New Orleans, Ned Touchstone has been known for many years as one of the most dedicated and capable publishers in the right-wing movement.

His newspaper, The Councilor, was long admired for its original material and expose of the communist apparatus. As the right-wing movement changed and The Councilor met increasingly stiff competition from other publications, Ned Touchstone began to neglect his paper and turn his attention to other business affairs.

It would not be fair to say that these other "business affairs" were confidence games, but to a large degree they did entail the sale of essentially valueless gimmicks to the subscribers of his newspaper and to other American Nationalists of his acquaintance.

Yet, we have no reason to believe that Ned Touchstone was not sincere in his patriotic beliefs or that he failed to promote the cause of Nationalism within the limits of his financial and personal capabilities.

Touchstone, like many other patriotic Americans of his generation, had the unhappy experience of sending his son away to college as a good young American patriot but watching him become brainwashed by the ultra-liberal college environment.

Whether or not the young Touchstone was a sexual deviate before entering college or not is unknown. At any rate, within a year he was keeping company with a group of homosexual students and had become active in the Students for Democratic Society.

Needless to say, this was a source of considerable anguish to his father and probably contributed at least in part to the elder Touchstone's loss of efficiency.

One of the SDS members that made young Touchstone's acquaintance was a man named David Duke. Duke was a liberal that overflowed with sympathy for the negro people.

He hated the way that his fellow whites had treated the negroes so badly that he began his own business which he called "Black Products" and which operated out of P.O. Box 1234 Denham Springs, Louisiana.

"Black Products" advertised in Sepia magazine to sell a book on African methods of self-defense which gave instructions in how the blacks could rid themselves of their hostile feelings by disabling whites with their bare hands.

This apparently did not prove too profitable, so David Duke was more than interested in the stories told to him by young Touchstone as to how easy it was to sucker gullible Nationalists out of their money.

Since the Ku Klux Klan was handy, Duke began hanging around their meetings, picking up literature and learning the routine. Once he felt he had his technique perfected, Duke proclaimed himself Director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and began soliciting speaking engagements and television interviews.

Since Duke likes girls as well as boys, he began a convenient affair with a young secretary, capable of running his mail order business while he was away. Ultimately, Duke showed good faith by getting married to this girl, but only after her pregnancy was becoming conspicuous.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, California, James K. Warner had built up a very prosperous business. Using the mailing lists he had stolen from the American Nazi Party, NSRP, Willis Carto and Dr. Wesley Swift, he was able to build up a large subscription to his own publication, The National Vanguard.

With working capital obtained from unknown sources, he was able to maintain a large inventory of books which he sold through his mail order bookshop. With the help of well meaning volunteer workers such as Ruth van Slyke and Barbara Updegraff, Warner was able to operate with a minimum overhead and maximum profit.

He did little work himself, loafing through the day and attending gay parties most nights. Occasionally, he would take time away from Hollywood to attend Nationalist meetings held by other organizations in hopes of making still more contacts.

It was at such a meeting in 1974 that James Warner first met David Duke. Apparently, it was love at first sight because Warner immediately invited Duke to come to California as a speaker before his own group and helped Duke arrange a number of radio and television interviews in the Los Angeles area.

James Warner was soon following David Duke around, holding hands with him in public bars and casting long loving glances his way, such as only a new bride would be expected to cast upon her husband. Within a matter of weeks, Warner announced that he was leaving Hollywood.

He sold his property there, abandoned most of his faithful workers and moved his entire operation to Louisiana, literally turning everything he owned over to David Duke.

Having milked Warner for most of his money and property, David Duke then began to personally orchestrate a smear campaign against Warner. No doubt he will ultimately ask Warner to leave Louisiana "for the good of the movement".

After Jim Warner left California, his old boyfriend William Morrison teamed up with a few local queers and a homosexual ex-Nazi from Ohio to form a new organization known as the "Gay Nazis".

They publish a magazine called National Socialist Mobilizer, which has included photographs of pretty young men, stark naked except for their swastika arm bands. Most issues contain large advertisements for William Morrison's Angriff Press and for Jim Warner's mail order book shop, as well as an occasional ad promoting David Duke.

The most common type of advertising, however, which is carried by this publication, is classified ads placed by Nazi queers wanting to make contact with other Nazi queers. A typical ad reads as follows:

"Subservient young man, dedicated to national Socialism, desires to provide complete oral service for dynamic male holding leadership position within the American Nazi movement".

Now going back to Dennis Mower, Don Sisco and the Satanic Church of Anton LaVey. Warner maintained his homosexual alliance with Dennis Mower only long enough to enlist Mower's help in stealing the mailing list from Wesley Swift.

Don Sisco found it less profitable to publish books and pamphlets on Satanism than to publish such material on survival, demolitions and guerilla warfare. Using the pen name Kurt Saxon, Sisco began his own company which is called Atlan Formularies.

Among the books he has published are "The Poor Man's James Bond", "Explosives Like Grandfather Used to Make", and "Wheels of Rage". The latter book is a somewhat fictionalized account of Sisco's experiences with a Nazi motorcycle gang giving peripheral insights into the more far-out elements of the Minutemen organization and other right-wing groups.

He devotes a couple of pages to snide remarks regarding his old friend and fellow homosexual James Warner as well as Warner's boyfriend, Bill Morrison.

About 1970, Don Sisco was called before a congressional investigating committee on internal violence. He took along all of the names and addresses of those people that had bought books from him and devoted most of his testimony to statements of ridicule about the various patriotic leaders and organizations of his acquaintance.

Still using the name Kurt Saxon, Sisco's latest enterprise is the publication of a monthly tabloid newspaper called "The Survivor".

During the 1950's and early 1960's, a newsletter called Tocsin was published in Berkeley, California by a man named Charles Fox. Although Fox was a flagrant homosexual, we have no other reason to doubt his patriotism or the effectiveness of his work against the communist movement.

Using homosexual contacts in the Berkeley Socialist Society, Fox was able to keep himself informed as to almost all important activities of the various communist organizations and communist fronts throughout the state of California.

Their activities, including the names, addresses and phone numbers of individuals involved, were dutifully reported in his newsletter, Tocsin.

Over a period of two decades, Fox was able to compile an uncomparably complete set of intelligence files regarding individuals on the West Coast that were active in all types of communist organizations.

When Fox died in the early 1960's, the publication of Tocsin was discontinued and all of his intelligence files were inherited by another supposed "right-wing" homosexual named George Bundy. Bundy operates the "The Church League of America" located in Wheaton, Illinois.

The Church League of America published a considerable amount of worthwhile anti-communist literature, and they allow other anti-communist organizations and individuals to have limited access to their intelligence files. All of this is to be expected from an organization that wants to keep the contributions rolling in.

At the same time, much of the material published by the Church League of America is deceptive, evades the real issues and probably does more harm than good.

Other workers at the Church League of America office report that the really hard core intelligence files kept there are never made available to other Nationalist groups.

Over the past ten years we have received numerous reports from persons who began work in George Bundy's offices only to move on after he had made homosexual advances toward them or after they had observed him in homosexual activities with others. Bundy does not limit his homosexual affairs to other American Nationalists.

One of his most feverish romances involved a male Russian ballet dancer that was touring the United States. There may be some who wonder how Church League Director George Bundy would happen to know a homosexual Russian male ballet dancer.

The answer lies in their mutual membership within the International Brotherhood. The International Brotherhood is not comprised of ordinary homosexuals. It includes only homosexuals who are rich, famous or counted among the intellectual elite.

Within Nationalist circles of the United States, perhaps the most influential member of the International Brotherhood was a young (at that time) attorney and author named Francis Parker Yockey of which we will have more to say later on.

Returning again to Berkeley, California. Among those who learned their first lessons in anti-communism from Charles Fox, were two young men, Willis Carto and his roommate, Kent Steffgen.

Kent Steffgen refers to himself as an author. His three books include one called "Bondage of the Free" and two books devoted to successive smears of Governor Ronald Reagan and later Presidential candidate Ronald Reagan.

Later in their careers, both Carto and Steffgen served further apprenticeships as paid workers for the John Birch Society. During most of his life however, Kent Steffgen has earned his money acting as an escort for plump old ladies and has spent most of his money to buy the services of plump young men.

Self-proclaimed genius, Francis Parker Yockey was a Harvard Law School graduate and assistant prosecutor at the Nuremberg trials of WWII Nazi leaders.

Yockey left this job before the trials were over but not before he developed a strong feeling of sympathy for the Nazi ideology and for his fellow homosexual Hermann Goering. Having made contact with Goering through a friendly guard, Yockey provided him with the cyanide capsule which Goering used to avoid his date with the hangman.

For the next few years, Yockey traveled around the world as an unofficial organizer and messenger of the International Brotherhood. As a welcome guest into the homes of many of the world's most famous and wealthy homosexuals, Yockey had time to pursue his further knowledge of Nazism and political philosophy.

Drawing heavily on Spengler's book "Decline of the West", Yockey wrote his own book which he called "Imperium".

Eventually, Yockey was arrested in San Francisco on a passport violation and held under $50,000 bond. While in jail there, he had only one visitor, Willis Carto.

Carto helped repay Yockey's kindness to Goering by slipping him the cyanide capsule with which Yockey himself committed suicide. After his visit to Yockey, Carto's fortunes began to improve rapidly. He quickly left the ranks of poverty stricken right-wing followers to become an eminently successful conservative leader.

Naturally, one of his first projects was to publish the book "Imperium" and form an organization to help promote its ideology, the Francis Parker Yockey Society. During the next few years, Carto launched one of the most expensive and spectacular mailing campaigns ever seen among United States Nationalist organizations.

He quickly built up the circulation of his newsletter "Washington Observer" to about 150,000 subscribers. At a $1.00 per year subscription rate, it is obvious that neither the mailing campaign nor the publication could pay for themselves. Admittedly, Carto lives frugally and works hard.

Frugal living and hard work are not enough, however, to account for the sums of money which this man has spent in promoting his publications and building his "Liberty Lobby" organization. It seems probable that at least part of this money comes from wealthy friends of the late Francis Parker Yockey among the International Brotherhood.

Our investigations do not reveal whether or not Willis Carto is himself a homosexual, but during his early years of political indoctrination, he was a close companion of such known homosexuals as Charles Fox, Kent Steffgen and James Warner.

Carto married rather late in life, and it is said by some that his obtaining a bride was more of a purchase than a marriage. His wife is a blue-eyed blonde German girl that he brought back from a business trip to Germany.

According to one of Carto's very few close friends, his wife was "purchased" not so much as a bed partner but to improve Carto's personal image within the National Socialist Movement.

In more recent years also, Carto has been a close associate of other known homosexuals such as Kurt Saxon, C. B. Baker, Pat Tifer, William Pierce and Oren F. Potito.

Another sometimes associate of Willis Carto was devil-worshipper Ken Duggan, who hanged himself in his jail cell after having been convicted of shooting another homosexual named George Wilke in a gay bar. The homosexual Wilke is, by chance, a grand dragon in homosexual David Duke's Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

An especially revolting example of homosexual activity among American National movements is the case of Billy James Hargis. This vulgar and obscene beast, using the disguise of Christianity, induced Christian Nationalist parents into sending their children to his various church camps and univerity.

Using his prestige and honored position to best advantage for himself, the so-called Rev. Hargis committed homosexual acts upon a long series of young boys and a few young girls. Some of his activities were finally disclosed in a 1976 issue of Time magazine.

Several months before the publication of this article, four boys and one girl, all students at Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade College in Tulsa, Oklahoma, had gone before a group of University officials and had all accused Hargis of committing sodomy on them. Called before these University officials, Hargis admitted that he was guilty of performing these acts.

Because they wished to save their children from public disgrace, the parents of these students have refused to bring criminal charges against Rev. Hargis.

Since Hargis was the principal means of raising funds for the Christian Crusade university, and since these officials' salaries depended on such funds, it took them about a year to admit that they had been present and had witnessed the full confession by Hargis of these homosexual activities.

For about one year, Hargis removed himself from Tulsa and hid out on a farm in Southern Missouri. However, after the publication in Time magazine, Hargis brazenly returned to Tulsa and demanded his position as leader of the Christian Crusade Church.

It is a sad commentary on the hypocrisy of most of the workers and other associates of this supposed Christian organization that they accepted Hargis back rather than to see a reduction in their own financial income.

The Church College did break away from Hargis' domination, and the officers of that church published a full account of the accusation by four boys and one girl that Hargis committed sodomy on them and his open confession to the truth of these accusations.

The number of young persons who have accused Hargis openly is small compared with the actual number involved. Our investigators have located not less than nine boys with whom Hargis had homosexual relations and two additional girls upon which he committed sodomy between the years of 1960 and 1974.

That persons who call themselves Christians continue to send this beast money is almost unbelievable, but, strange to say, the Rev. Billy James Hargis is still taking in millions of dollars per year and living in complete luxury at the expense of the other United States Nationalists.

Almost apologetically, we mention the pathetic case of General Edwin Walker and the not so pathetic case of his former associate, Col. Arch Roberts. Papers available to us relating to the Board of Inquiry which resulted in General Walker's resignation prove the facts of this case.

General Edwin Walker was without doubt a fine military commander and expert military tactician. In addition, he was without doubt a sincere American Nationalist and strong anti-communist.

While serving in the European theater, General Walker prepared and disseminated among his troops an excellent indoctrination against communism which was referred to as the "pro-blue" program. This program was very beneficial and much needed. It should have been made available to all troops of the United States everywhere.

Unfortunately, this excellent work was done by a man who was known to his enemies as being a secret homosexual. To destroy the effectiveness of Walker's pro-blue program, evidence was given to higher military authorities regarding his homosexual relationships with other men in and out of military service.

Arch Roberts, then a Major serving under General Walker, was one of several persons named as being active in these homosexual contacts.

In the face of undeniable evidence, General Walker was forced to resign. After his return to the United States, he began giving lectures in which he stated that he had been removed solely because of the pro-blue program and that he had voluntarily refused to accept any retirement benefits.

These papers, referred to previously, prove that Walker was forced to resign and waive all retirement benefits in return for an agreement by military authorities not to bring criminal charges against him which would have resulted in public disclosure of his homosexual behavior and that of others.

After his return to Dallas, Texas, General Walker decided to run for Governor of that state and became temporarily active in the Nationalist movement in that area. Gradually, he became shunned by other Nationalists who observed his living in obvious homosexual relationship with a young man that he referred to as his "adjutant".

For several weeks, General Walker traveled with Billy James Hargis sharing the speaker's platform and often times sharing his bed as well. During this period and in subsequent years, Walker's mental abilities began to deteriorate and he began wandering aimlessly through the streets and parks of Dallas.

On several occasions, he was arrested as a public nuisance or for soliciting homosexual contacts but released by police officers that did not want to discredit his previously fine reputation. Finally, in 1976, Walker was arrested and stood public trial for making homosexual solicitations to a Dallas park plain clothes security officer.

The "tax-strike movement" is a unique phenomenon found only in the United States involving persons of a generally different type from most Nationalist organizations but having definite Nationalist strengths.

Perhaps it is due to the unique nature of these organizations that they have remained relatively free from all types of infiltration. Two notable exceptions can be mentioned; disbarred attorneys Jerome Daley and William Drexler, who are not only homosexuals but alcoholics and outright thieves as well.


In this communication, we have discussed the nature of the anti-Nationalist conspiracies with special attention to the United States and also a discussion of socialist, Jewish and Homosexual infiltration into Nationalist organizations.

It has not been our intention to give a full assessment of Nationalist organizations within the United States or to discuss their relative merits. Neither has it been our intention to dwell unduly on the bad side of the picture.

There are several active Nationalist organizations that have succeeded fairly well in keeping their ranks free of socialist, Jewish and homosexual infiltrators.

There are many good Nationalist Organizations within the United States and numerous smaller organizations that show promise. Only time will tell which, if any of them, can survive the struggle and ultimately provide the leadership which will be so badly needed in the years ahead.