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Ernst Zundel

Sentenced to jail for five years
for a difference of opinion on historical events!

17 Feb 2007

Update 1 March 2010:

Zundel was released from jail today.

Now, if he is not another blackmailed puppet, he will correct his website to remove the links to Zionist propaganda sites, such as Michael Hoffman, the Institute for Historical Review, the Holocaust Historiography Project.

Or, he will include a warning to be careful trusting and contacting people at those sites.

However, he may be Jewish, as this article in 2005 suggested.

Why are Mike Rivero, Curt Maynard, Michael A. Hoffman, and other people so willing to defend Ernst Zundel, who is described as a "Holocaust Denier"?

Is Zundel a victim of a Zionist plot to supress criticism of Zionism? Did his wife, Ingrid Rimland, set him up for jail or blackmail?

Or is he part of a Zionist deception to frighten us into remaining quiet about the Holocaust?

Mike Rivero invited David Duke on his radio show 17 February 2007 to talk about such issues as the jailing of Ernst Zundel.

An audio excerpt is here:
Rivero-and-Duke-17Feb2007.mp3  only 760 kb

Rivero points out that the German courts don't care whether a Holocaust investigator has supporting evidence for his remarks about the Holocaust. 

This is equivalent to President Bush passing a law to arrest people as "9/11 Deniers", and a judge telling a defendant:

"It doesn't matter if you can prove that explosives were used. You violated the law by disagreeing with the official story that fire brought the World Trade Center buildings down."

By the way, don't expect the Zionists to consider us to be intelligent humans when we allow our court systems to behave like this. As long as we behave like stupid animals, they will treat us as stupid animals!

Getting back to the Rivero radio interview, David Duke then provides a disclaimer that he doesn't know much about the Holocaust, so he has no idea whether the official story is correct. He says:  

"By the way, I can't tell you whether the Holocaust happened exactly as the Holocaust historians say, or as the critics say.

But I can say this. I think there are many good questions. And that's what Zundel says; there are many good questions."

Duke then explains that the Red Cross routinely inspected all of the Nazi prison camps during the war, and that the Red Cross was asked specifically to investigate the rumors that there were exterminations at the prison camps. However, the Red Cross said there was no abuse at the camps, or executions.

The Red Cross inspections conflict with the official Holocaust story. Obviously there is something seriously wrong with the Red Cross reports, or the official Holocaust story is a deliberate lie.

David Duke pretends to be unable to put the pieces together and figure out whether the official Holocaust story is a lie. Instead, he tells us that there are some "good questions".  

I'm stupid and ignorant, but I have good questions.

Buy my books and videos!"

As with David Duke, Mike Piper also insists that he never did much research on the Holocaust. So why were both of them invited to Iran to speak at a Holocaust conference?

Their explanation of this paradox is that they are defenders of free speech, not Holocaust investigators.

This should make us wonder... if Iran held a conference on free speech, would they invite Holocaust investigators who claim ignorance on the issue of free speech?

Can you sense that something is wrong with this situation?
If you have not seen the evidence that Mike Piper and the American Free Press are Zionist agents, take a look:


Update: Zundel's wife, Ingrid Rimland, and everybody else in the "Historical Revisionist" movement should be considered as Zionist agents, as I explain in this article about Zion's Little Helpers:
Zion's Little Helpers, part 2
Did they destroy the Holocaust "truth movement"? Do they have a team of "Zionist whores" to set us up for blackmail, jail, or death? Do they offer free newsletters to identify their critics?

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Michael Hoffman wrote about Zundel

Michael Rivero of promoted an article by Michael Hoffman. Rivero extracted the following paragraph from Hoffman's article as a description of it:

Zündel verdict: 5 years in a German dungeon 
The most disgusting aspect of the verdict against Zündel, aside from his incarceration, is the effect it will have on the Muslim world, which is sanctimoniously hectored by the West to permit more freedom of expression and to be less defensive about blasphemy of Muhammad. But the imperial West has deigned to create an exception for its own tutelary idols, about which no blasphemy may be countenanced, on penalty of five years imprisonment. The verdict against Zündel represents a resurgence of the Dark Ages and that fact will not be lost on Muslims.

Posted Feb 16, 2007 10:16 AM PST

Hoffman's articles are difficult to understand because he produces propaganda; ie, his articles are designed to confuse and manipulate. Also, as with other "academics" and "intellectuals", he uses unusual words in an attempt to intimidate us with his education and intelligence.

After we decipher Hoffman's message, what do we find? We find that Hoffman is trying to fool us into believing that the worst aspect of Zundel's imprisonment is that it will cause Muslims to condemn us.

Why does Hoffman focus on Muslims? Why doesn't he wonder what effect the trial will have on the Chinese? Or Germans? Or Indians?

Hoffman tells us that the most significant aspect of the trial is the effect on Muslims, but we could claim that the most significant effect will be on the Chinese citizens. For example, we could change Hoffman's paragraph to this:

The most disgusting aspect of the verdict against Zundel is the effect it will have on the Chinese citizens who have been struggling to bring free speech to their nation.

Instead of inspiring them to continue their struggle, they watch in horror as European nations put citizens in jail for harmless disagreements of historical events.

How can the Chinese look forward to free speech when they must watch Western governments slowly clamp down on free speech?

Hoffman is not demanding that the Europeans stop the arrests of Holocaust investigators, nor is he demanding the European governments release all records about World War II and settle this Holocaust issue once and for all.

Obviously, Hoffman is not interested in uncovering the truth about the Holocaust! Rather, he is exploiting Zundel's jail sentence to create the fear that Muslims will... what? Criticize us? Despise us? Start attacking us?  

Hoffman implies that he is an honest, decent person who wants to expose corruption, but his articles are proof that he is nothing more than Alex Jones with a college diploma. This should not surprise you when you discover that he refers to himself as a "true Jew."

These dishonest Jews are trying to fool us into trusting them. If we fall for their trick, then we will listen to their opinion on which Jews are guilty and which are innocent, and of course, their particular friends will be innocent.

The Goyim should decide which Jews are guilty, not the Jews.

Hoffman has written many articles about Zundel during the past few years, supposedly because he is a concerned citizen. So, what did he write about the arrest of Christopher Bollyn?
The arrest of Bollyn is here, if you are unaware of it:

According to the Google search function, Hoffman has never mentioned Bollyn by name in all his years of writing.
Try searching his two sites yourself and see if you get any results. Click here and here.

The typical response to this accusation will be, "Well, maybe Hoffman doesn't know about Bollyn yet, or maybe he doesn't consider Bollyn's arrest to be as important as Zundel's arrest."

"I'm an idiot, but follow me anyway!"

David Duke, Mike Piper, Alex Jones, Michael Hoffman, and most other "truth seekers" use this particular trick all the time.

Specifically, they claim to be knowledgeable, intelligent experts on corruption, but they claim to know little or nothing about the issues that are extremely damaging to the Zionist movement.

They are experts on the Globalists, the New World Order, the Luciferian Controllers, and George Bush. But they know little or nothing about Israel's role in 9/11, General Eisenhower's death camps, the bombing of Dresden, the Apollo moon landing, or the Zionist involvement in the Nazi movement.

Can you understand what is going on? 

The Zionists are promoting their agents as "truth seekers". These phony truth seekers provide us with information, but never the entire story, and they mix in deception.
If these Zionist agents remain in control of the truth movement, we will continue to remain losers and suckers.

All of the Zionist agents should be arrested.

Have you looked closely at David Irving? Does he seem to be a real Holocaust investigator? Or is he a Useful Idiot that is used to frighten us into remaining quiet?

Have you looked at our short video about the attempt by Ernst Zundel's wife and Mike Rivero to protect Israel? It is at the top of this page:

Bush, Bush, and more Bush

Did you notice that Mike Rivero ended his radio show by reminding us about the lies regarding Iraq's weapons of mass distraction:

"All I know is that considering how badly we were lied to about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, everything we've ever been taught has to be re-examined and is now suspect."

A more honest ending would be:

All I know is that considering how badly the Zionists have lied to us about 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, the world wars, NASA, and Eisenhower's death camps, everything we've ever been taught has to be re-examined and is now suspect.

Mike Rivero and other "truth seekers" are trying to focus attention on George Bush and keep us away from Israel and Zionism.  

The master of the universe:

President George W. Bush

Henry Makow is another ignorant expert

Henry Makow pretends to be an honest Jew who exposes Zionist crimes, but take a close look at his articles. Here is a good example:

The Macabre Holocaust Numbers Game
By Henry Makow Ph.D. 
April 15, 2006
He concludes the article with:
"As long as the elite exploits the Jewish holocaust for political gain, opponents will minimize it."

Think carefully about that sentence. He implies that there is a mysterious group of "elite" who are exploiting the Jewish Holocaust, and the mysterious anti-Semites minimize the Jewish Holocaust.

But if the reports from the Red Cross are accurate, there was no Jewish Holocaust!

Shouldn't Henry Makow look into those Red Cross reports and do more investigations before pretending to be an expert on the Holocaust?

And who are the "elite"? How much research into the Holocaust or the "elite" has Henry Makow or Michael Hoffman done? Chances are very good that they know more about the Holocaust and the elite than any of us, and their job is to deceive us about them.

Alex Jones certifies David Duke

On his radio show for 16 February 2007, Alex Jones spent time explaining that the "Feds" are manipulating the Nazi movement in America.

Here is an excerpt:
Jones-on-Duke-16Feb2007.mp3  only 700 kb

He refers to this news article from the Orlando Sentinel in which an FBI informant was caught staging a Nazi rally.

By the way, the FBI denied they had anything to do with the Nazi rally, but we have to expect conflicting news reports when the subject is corruption and infiltration:

Alex Jones implies that the FBI is behind these Nazi rallies, but he insists that David Duke is a real Nazi, not an FBI agent.

David Duke can now boast that he has been certified a real Nazi by Alex Jones!

Wow! What an honor that must be!

Why would Alex Jones want to convince us that David Duke is a real Nazi?

Probably because he was told that David Duke's credibility has been ruined by such articles as:

Alex Jones was probably told to help fool people into believing that David Duke is a real Nazi, not an agent who has infiltrated the Nazi movement.

The fact that Alex Jones would try to bring credibility to David Duke is a sign that all of these people are working together for the same Zionist network.

By the way, when Alex Jones talks about the FBI infiltrating the Nazi movement, he always fails to mention that the FBI and our Homeland Security is under the control of Zionists -- mostly Jewish Zionists, such as Michael Chertoff.  

According to Alex Jones, the Rabbis who visit the White House are ordinary tourists.

Getting back to the radio show, Alex Jones and his friend Aaron then discussed how obvious it is that the British government agents are responsible for the terrorism in Britain:
Jones-on-Feds-16Feb2007.mp3   only 350 kb

According to Alex Jones, the Zionists play absolutely no role in any terrorist attacks. Rather, the Israelis are victims of the New World Order, the Bush family, and the Luciferians.

Curt Maynard and

Take a look at this article by Curt Maynard:
Why I Admire Ernst Zundel By Curt Maynard

Rense posted it also:
So did Al-Jazeerah here

And look at this one posted at
Why I admire Ernst Zundel By Chris Womak

Mike Rivero of also promoted that article on 16 Feb 2007

Those two articles are identical, word for word, except for a few sentences.

While that is strange, the most interesting aspect of the article is that it starts by pointing out the Ernst Zundel "publicly admits admiration for Adolf Hitler".

What is there about Adolf Hitler that somebody would admire?

Although we may never have an accurate description on Hitler, he appears to have been a loser; a misfit; an outcast.

There are reports that he could not even make a living for himself, and ended up sleeping on a park bench for a while. When winter began, he moved into a homeless shelter that was run by a Jew. 

Some people say it is ironic that a Jew saved Hitler from dying as a homeless bum. However, there is evidence that Hitler was selected and financed by Zionists to be one of their puppets.

For all we know, that homeless shelter was being used to locate Useful Idiots for the Zionist movement.

Ernst Zundel, the neo-Nazis, and the American Free Press newspaper share this attitude that Hitler was an admirable person.

For example, when Christopher Bollyn was working for the American Free Press, he made a critical remark about Hitler in one of his articles, and the editor at the newspaper removed it. Why don't they allow critical remarks about Hitler in their newspaper?

The Zionists seem to be trying to create the impression that anybody who doubts the Holocaust is a lunatic with a Hitler fetish.

Shifting the blame away from Israel

Almost everybody in this truth movement is protecting Israel. How about this article from Michel Chossudovsky with the title:

Is the Bush Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust?
Will the US launch "Mini-nukes" against Iran in Retaliation for Tehran's "Non-compliance"?
Chossudovsky never bothers to specify who in the Bush administration wants to attack Iran with nuclear bombs.

The criminals are identifying themselves

When an organized crime gang tries to cover up their crimes, they release clues about themselves and their organization.

The people who are shifting the blame for 9/11 onto George Bush, the Vatican, the Globalists, and the New World Order are giving themselves away as Zionist agents.

How much better could our situation be?

The truth movement has divided into two, very distinct groups. There is the very large and wealthy group that consists of such people as Alex Jones, Mike Rivero,, Kurt Nimmo,, and Webster Tarpley.

Many of those Zionist agents disagree with each other, and there seem to be fights between them, but all of us Goyim are nothing more than stupid animals from the point of view of the Zionists. Don't be fooled into thinking that a fight between these groups is a sign that one of the groups is on our side.

Follow the rats to their nest

To identify the criminals, just take a look at who they promote and link to. We can identify thousands of Zionist agents in this manner.

For example here are some of the links and descriptions that come from just one site; Mark Farrell's site honestmediatoday:

Romanian National Vanguard: 

Flemish nationalists: 

WING (World Independent News Group) TV:

Current Issues TV:


National Vanguard:

National Alliance:

National Alliance News: 

JR's Books Online - rare and/or controversial online books:

Vanguard News Network - politically incorrect news:

John the Birdman's intellectually stimulating web page:

Overthrow - controversial news: