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The world has a very
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15 February 2007

We got involved with 9/11 in order to fight the corruption and make the world better.

We have already proven that 9/11 is a Zionist job. We have to start discussing how to get rid of the Zionist movement, and how we can fix our world.

When will the forums and "truth seekers" start promoting Bollyn and Hufschmid? We are the only people who seem interested in actually doing something to get rid of this Zionist movement and make changes to the world.

Is it a coincidence that we are interested in doing something, and almost everybody ignores or insults us?


Help us improve the world! 

We are not involved in 9/11 for fun, fame, or money. In fact, it is an extreme irritation to waste our time and money trying to explain what should be obvious, and to fight the organized crime gangs that our government is supposed to fight.

Unfortunately, most "truth seekers" are  discussing issues of no significance.

The Scholars For 9/11 Truth, for example, are encouraging discussions about whether the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were destroyed by "space beam" weapons, hydrogen bombs, or thermite.

They also suggest the that the airplanes that crashed into the towers were illusions created by television news crews.

Alex Jones and Aaron Russo are frightening people into thinking the mysterious and elusive "New World Order" will put computer chips under their skin.

How are we going to stop the organized crime when people are wasting their time on idiotic discussions or trembling in fear of having chips under their skin?

Help us stop the corruption...
...or get out of our way!

Which forums and "truth groups" are useful?

A forum or a 9/11 group would be useful if it provided information and serious discussions. Some examples of issues that should be discussed are:

1) How can a nation protect its media?

A small handful of Zionists are buying our media companies. This Zionist gang is using the media to cover up horrendous crimes, such as 9/11 and the world wars. We should be discussing:
How do we get the Zionists out of our media?
If we get rid of the Zionists, how do we prevent some other gang from getting control of the media?

 2) What good are secret agencies?

Most people believe that secret agencies, such as the CIA, KGB, Mossad, and MI6, are necessary for the security of a nation.
"Wait... they're listening to my shoe.

We need the Cone of Silence."

The attitude of these secret agencies is that life is a James Bond movie, and that the way to improve the world is to assassinate foreign leaders, smuggle weapons, and install puppet governments in other nations.

The secret agencies have failed to help us time after time after time! America, Britain, and Russia have been deteriorating despite having wasted a lot of money and resources on their secret agencies.

"What?" "I said, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!"
Why don't we stop the James Bond nonsense and put our resources into making our nation so wonderful that other people are inspired by us?

Wouldn't it be better if other nations were in awe of America's cities, economy, social life, trains, farms, and school system?

Wouldn't it be better to earn the respect of other nations rather than frighten them with threats of bombings?


3) How do we design a better system for selecting government officials? 

The Americans and Europeans have a method of selecting government officials that is easily influenced by money from businesses, organized crime gangs, and other nations.
It is also easy to cheat our system.

In order to make the world better, we have to develop a better system of selecting government officials.

How are we going to devise a better system when this "truth movement" is encouraging people to waste their time on irrelevant discussions?

What good does it do to promote Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, or the Scholars for 9/11 Truth when they have no interest in doing anything constructive?

4) How do we make a better school system?
Our school system has been so thoroughly dominated by Zionists that most Americans are graduating from college without an understanding of Zionism, which is the most significant movement of the 20th century!

Our schools don't teach useful skills, either. This is most obvious to businesses that try to hire carpenters, machinists, technicians, mechanics, and engineers.

Our schools are merely providing diplomas. Our schools create arrogant, ignorant fools who boast about their education, and who boast about America.

Our schools are moneymaking ventures and Zionist propaganda centers.


Help us or get out of our way!

If a person was incompetent in dentistry, would you let him work on your teeth simply because he was a "nice person"?

Of course not. You would tell him to find some other job.

We must have the same attitude towards people in this so-called "truth movement". If they cannot help us, don't show them any pity. They should get out of our way.

Most Internet message boards that discuss 9/11 or the Holocaust are dominatd by fights, Jewish propaganda, insults, and useless discussions. Some have good information, but only to lure to you their site, not to educate you. Be careful trusting the people who post messages on those forums, and be careful trusting their information. Many of the people who control the forum refuse to identify themselves, and don't assume it is because they are afraid to be known to the government. The government could identify them; it is you and I that they are hiding from. Some examples of suspicious forum are NOLAJBS, wakeupfromyourslumber, and freerepublic.

Notice that some of these sites will promote Mike Piper, or his associates, and it has been virtually proven that Mike Piper, the American Free Press, The Barnes Review, and all their associates are a Zionist group.

Have you seen the evidence that the American Free Press is a Zionist group? For example:

Be careful of people who promote Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened, because he has also been shown to be a liar. Plus, he admits to being Jewish.

In fact, on 14 February 2007, Rivero once again desperately struggled to defend his opinion that Flight 77 really did crash into the Pentagon. He wrote this at his web site:

The Pod People And The Plane That Crashed Into the Pentagon
Posted Feb 14, 2007 08:59 PM PST
Category: 911

My comment below about "Loose Change" triggered a flood of emails demanding to know why I think a 757 actually hit the Pentagon.

This is my answer. 

An explosion of disbelief - fresh doubts over 9/11
Posted Feb 14, 2007 07:22 PM PST
Category: 911

I am concerned that the focus is on "Loose Change", a film which still perpetuates the "No Plane at the Pentagon" hoax. 

How obvious do Rivero's lies have to do be before people put him and the people he promotes on a list of suspects?

When a person promotes Mike Piper, Mike Rivero, or other liars, we have to wonder if they are truly naive or stupid, or if they are also part of the Zionist operation to take over the truth movement.

Daryl Smith is also a liar !
Why I no longer trust Smith:
English  Français 

Listen to his final phone call to me:
English  Français 

Did I delete Smith's audio files?
Click here.


Zionists frequently pretend to be their enemy

When a person goes to the NOLAJBS or any other forum on 9/11 or corruption, they should find intelligent discussions that are going to help the human race.

When a forum provides fights, and links to Mike Piper and Mike Rivero, we should be wondering who controls this forum?

One of the tactics that has worked successfully for the Zionists for many decades is to pretend to be their enemy.

It is a simple concept; specifically, the Zionists attract a large crowd of Goyim by providing some very useful information, and then after they have everybody's trust, they start slipping in deception.

So I told the Gullible Goy,

"Juba the Sniper is an Israeli, not an Iraqi!"

Now he trusts me so much that he gave me $500 and promotes my website! He will never figure out that one of the Israeli snipers is my cousin Moshe!


Don't be a sucker for the deception

One reason the Zionists have been impossible to stop is that they have been able to deceive so many gullible, stupid, and naive people.

Here is a list of some of the deceptive remarks we have seen the Zionists use to deceive people (these are not their exact words):  

Don't mention 9/11 in public. The public is not ready for it. Just wait a while. We may have to wait a long time, so prepare yourself. The truth may not come out during our lifetime.

Note: Watch a person try to bring up 9/11 at a meeting of United for Peace and Justice. Notice the "peace" group tell him it is not time for 9/11:

Don't talk to the police or military about 9/11. They want to put us into FEMA camps. They know about 9/11 because they helped do it.

The police are stupid, violent thugs. They hate us. They are the enemy.

America is becoming a police state. The police are evil scum.

Buy the DVD 'Police State 2000' from Alex Jones and learn how horrible the police are, and then frighten everybody you know by showing them that DVD.

Don't advocate fighting the Zionists! Are you crazy? The New World Order wants us to rebel so that they can justify putting us into FEMA camps. So help us dampen all attempts to arrest or fight the Zionists.

Instead, join us in calling for the impeachment of George Bush.

Don't ever mention the names or websites of Eric Hufschmid or Christopher Bollyn.

Those three men give the 9/11 truth movement a bad image. They are anti-Semites. We are trying to expose 9/11, and they are causing people to turn away from us.

Promote the people with good reputations, such as Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, the Scholars For 9/11 Truth, the Pilots For 9/11 Truth, and the Deaf Mutes For 9/11 Truth.

Don't mix 9/11 with the Holocaust, the world wars, the Apollo moon landing, or the Kennedy assassination. It will confuse people.

People can handle only one issue at a time. If you try to point out that 9/11 is related to these other issues, people will flip out.

Did you hear about the astronaut, Lisa Nowak? She drove 900 miles while wearing diapers in order to kidnap or kill a rival astronaut.

Well, what happened is that somebody told her that 9/11 was related to the Kennedy assassination and the Apollo moon landing. That's what happens when you mix issues!

And that shooting at the shopping mall in Utah.... somebody told that man that 9/11 was related to the Federal Reserve.

Now do you understand how dangerous it can be to mix issues?

Don't make remarks about Zionist involvement in 9/11. The public cannot handle that yet. They can only handle the concept that George Bush was the mastermind, or that the Vatican is in total control of the world.

When you are at a shopping mall, for example, don't make remarks to strangers or cashiers, such as, '9/11 was a Zionist job'.

They will upset people. You don't want to upset people, do you? Of course you don't. You're a good person!

If thousands of people around the world were making remarks about Zionism on a regular basis, it would cause emotional turmoil and disrupt society. Let's not cause any trouble.


It should be obvious that most forums are infiltrated

Take a look at the messages at Rumor Mill News. For example, somebody mysterious who calls himself Bob H. posts there frequently. He seems to be speaking in a code. He claims to be one of the "light" who is fighting the "dark".

His messages have a recurring theme. For many years he has been reassuring his lightworkers that their success is just around the corner.

He is constantly talking about a big event that is soon to occur, and this event will finally remove the forces of darkness. What is the event? Is it the next 9/11?

However, his frequent reassurances are a sign that his agents are starting to wonder if they are failing. Take a look at his message for 14 Feb 2007:


He refers to messages that come from Mike Quinsey: Main Frames.htm

Who is Mike Quinsey working for?

And who are the "dark" that he is fighting?

These suspicious people should be investigated.

People with strange symbols also bring attention to themselves

How do Zionists around the world identify one another?

Certain strange symbols are found on sites that routinely deceive us, so perhaps some of them use symbols.

What is the meaning of this weird image that NOLAJBS was showing at their site? is very strange; we have some information about them here:

opposing digits had this eyeball surrounded by three hands as their logo for a long time.

Today they only show that image on their page of "Sacred Symbols".

The Scholars for 9/11 Truth have a hand-held torch with a flame, similar to what we see with the Olympics.

And take a look at how Frank Morales (a Zionist Denier who promotes Alex Jones and other liars) shakes hands with Jason Bermas and Dylan Avery, but he does not shake hands with William Rodriguez. Rather, he puts two fingers on his chest.

Is there a meaning in this?

Does this handshake means something?

Or is this just the latest fad?

Frank Morales
Dylan Avery
Does two fingers on the chest means something?

Does it mean: 

"Here is one of our Useful Idiots"

People like Frank Morales, forums like NOLAJBS, and other people who behave in strange ways, or who encourage fights or idiotic discussions, should expect people to wonder if they are part of a criminal network.

When you behave in suspicious manners, you should expect people to wonder about you.

Are we causing fights by accusing people of being Zionist agents?

Some people complain that we encourage fights by accusing people of being Zionist agents.

However, we are not insulting people. Rather we are providing evidence that most of the people in the "truth movement" cannot be trusted.

We are trying to identify the criminals. This is what criminal investigators are supposed to do.

We are supposed to identify the people who committed the crime, and identify who is trying to cover up the crime.

So, join with us, or expect us to wonder what your real intentions are.