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Lesson #1
Aliens and Religion
The fine line between Beliefs and Deception

It is acceptable to have religious beliefs, but if you use religion to deceive people, then you are committing a crime. This is what Jim Bakker was sent to jail for.

Likewise, it is acceptable to believe in aliens from other planets, but if you are promoting a belief in aliens in order to cover up crimes or make money, you are a criminal, a con artist, a swindler.

In this document I explain:

  • The belief in aliens has striking similarities to conventional religions. 

  • Just as people of different religions look down on one another for having a false religion, many people who believe in aliens look down on religious people. 

  • People should climb down from their pedestal, stop ridiculing people with different beliefs, and start looking for evidence for their own beliefs.

    Space aliens
    Religion for the science fiction enthusiast

    The universe is full of mysteries. There is nothing wrong with discussing the mysteries, but it is foolish to believe you have the answers.

    For example, it is acceptable to discuss the issue of life on other planets; the existence of a god or gods; and if there is a god, where god came from. However, only a fool, or a disinformation agent, will claim to have the answers to these mysteries.

    Many people criticize religion, such as this article by George Carlin. Carlin also insults religions in some of his comedy routines, such as this one.

    The ironic aspect of this issue is that some of the people who ridicule religion are firm believers in space aliens, such as Jeff Rense. Their complaints about religion apply to their belief in aliens. In fact, we could describe their belief in aliens as a different, but more idiotic, religion! The similarities between conventional religions and the space aliens is striking. Consider these:

    1) If God is intelligent and loving...

    God is incredibly powerful, loving, and wise, but our world is full of disease, birth defects, loneliness, mental illness, crime, corruption, and torture.

    Why didn't God make all people healthy and happy? Why has there been so much suffering all over the planet, all throughout history?

    If Aliens are intelligent...

    If aliens are so intelligent and technically advanced, why do they behave in stupid manners, such as creating geometric shapes in crops? Any why are the crop circles usually in Britain? Is it a coincidence that a British company, Circlemakers, creates crop circles for a fee?

    And why did the aliens rape Whitley Strieber? Did they really travel all the way from another solar system for anal sex with male humans?

    And why do aliens fly around at high speed, and then suddenly make 90 turns? Why don't their navigation computers ensure the spacecraft make smooth, gentle turns?

    2) Is there evidence of God?
    George Carlin makes jokes about how religions have convinced people that there is an invisible God in the sky who watches us, despite any actual evidence for his existence.

    Is there evidence of Aliens?

    The people who believe in aliens are trying to convince us that there are aliens flying around in the sky and watching us. Where is the evidence for these aliens? How are these people any more sensible than the ones George Carlin makes jokes about?

    3) Some people have seen God
    Some people claim that they have talked to God, and that God has talked to them. Other people claim they have not directly seen or talked with God, but they have seen evidence of His existence, such as witnessing some miracles.

    Some people have seen Aliens

    Some people claim that they have been abducted by aliens. Other people claim they have not directly seen or talked with aliens, but they have seen evidence of their existence, such as crop circles or mysterious lights from unidentified flying objects.

    4) Will Jesus save us?
    Many people hope that Jesus Christ, or some God, will soon appear, and he will stop all of the suffering in the world.

    Will Aliens save us?

    Many people who believe in aliens are hoping that the aliens will come out of hiding, and that they will end all the suffering of the world. These people claim that the aliens love us, and they will give us their advanced technology.


    Aliens: a science fiction religion

    Many of the people who promote the space aliens will insult religious people for following stupid, unprovable beliefs, but their beliefs in space aliens could be described as just another religion, but one that is more idiotic than conventional religions.

    It makes more sense to believe that a God created the universe than to believe aliens from another solar system traveled all the way to the Earth to rape Whitley Strieber and make crop circles on British farms. By the way, the Mormons also believe in these aliens:

    Before the UFO believers criticize religious people, they should take a serious look at their own beliefs.

    Do not "think beyond the box"

    Jeff Rense, of, often uses the expression "think beyond the box" during his radio show in order to encourage people to believe in space aliens. This is just an attempt to manipulate us. Rense has no intelligent evidence to justify the theory that space aliens exist, so he is trying to use emotional manipulation to make us feel as if we are "narrow minded" for not believing in the aliens.

    We don't need people to "think beyond boxes". We need people to find supporting evidence for their opinions. If you don't have supporting evidence, you don't have anything worth talking about.

    There is no supporting evidence for space aliens or alien spacecraft, nor is there any evidence that any human has been raped or abducted by an alien.

    There is no evidence that crop circles were made by aliens, either. The evidence suggests that this British company makes the complex crop circles:

    Why not investigate those people at circlemakers instead of investigating the crop circles? The people who are creating the "alien" crop circles should be arrested as con artists.

    What race was Jesus?

    Some people who criticize Christianity point out that Christians cannot agree on the details of Jesus, such as when he was born, or what race he was. Supposedly this is evidence that Christians are fools.

    Jesus Christ lived among humans only 2000 years ago, and many people saw him, ate dinner with him, talked to him, and crucified him. But despite all the contact with people, nobody can agree on what his race was.

    Some artists draw him as an African with straight hair.
    Others show him as an African with curly hair.
    European artists usually draw him with light skin (sunburned skin would be more accurate).
    The BBC produced a documentary that shows him resembling Saddam Hussein.
    For all we know, this African Jesus with braided hair is the most accurate.

    I have some other images and information about Jesus here: DarylBradfordSmith-Hufschmid-10Dec2006.html

    What do Aliens look like?

    Jesus had extensive contact with people, but nobody has any idea what he looked like, and we cannot even agree on what race he belongs to!

    Aliens have not had extensive contact with people. Would you be surprised to learn that there is virtually no agreement on what aliens look like?

    Anybody who ridicules Christians for not being able to agree on what Jesus looked like should ridicule the Alien Religion by a factor of 1000 for not even coming close to agreeing on what the aliens look like. For some examples:
    Greg Szymanski has an article in which the aliens are 8 feet tall, can run 40 mph, and live for 800 years.

    These aliens are referred to as the "Tall Whites".

    There are so many variations of aliens at this site that I cannot figure out if the site is serious or satire. (That site was removed after I wrote this article, but the Internet archive still has it)
    Whitley Strieber claims that an insect-like alien raped him.
    A PBS documentary -- actually, a PBS propaganda program -- shows the "official" alien with large eyes, a tiny mouth, and naked.
    Only a few people describe aliens as wearing clothing. Doesn't the nudity seem strange? Do you sense a fetish for alien sex? And their clothing is so bland. For such an advanced species, they certainly have drab clothing styles and decorations.
    Some aliens are anorexic. This one is nude, as usual.
    Only a few aliens are fat. Fortunately, the fat aliens wear clothes.



    There is a large UFO movement in the USA and UK. Many of the people who promote aliens are criticizing conventional religions, but their belief in space aliens could be described as one of the stupidest religions ever created. And their belief that the aliens will soon appear and save us from our problems is even stupider than the belief that Jesus will soon return and save us.

    Why should we care if some people want to practice a religion of space aliens?

    The primary problem with the Alien Religion is that these people are giving the phrase "conspiracy theory" a bad image. They are interfering with our attempt to expose corruption. When some of us try to explain that 9/11 was a false flag operation, we often have to listen to such insults as,

    "Oh really? And I suppose you're also going to tell us that Martians are abducting farmers in Kansas!"
    If you truly believe in the space aliens, you should take a serious look at it. There is no evidence that aliens exist on the Earth, or anywhere else in the universe. The evidence suggests that the UFO stories are a deliberate lie.

    If you believe in aliens, stop complaining about us, and get help

    Virtually all "intelligent" people ignore the Alien Religion, and many Alien believers respond with angry remarks, such as:

  • "Think beyond the box, idiot!"
  • "You people have closed minds!"
  • "The government is hiding evidence of aliens!"
  • "There is a conspiracy to cover up the aliens!"
  • For those of you who believe in aliens from another planet, most people are ignoring your Alien Religion because you have zero evidence for your beliefs, not because we are "thinking inside boxes" or suppressing evidence.

    People who truly believe in these aliens should look at the evidence that the aliens are a hoax. Stop clinging to the fantasy that these aliens love you, and that they will fix your migraine headaches, your bad eyesight, and your defective digestive system. If there are aliens on this planet, they are likely to regard humans as "primitive creatures", or "dangerous animals", not as "friends".

    Promote aliens; be considered an agent

    Those of you who promote the Alien Religion will be considered as disinformation agents who are promoting this nonsense in order to sabotage our efforts to expose corruption.

    Don't try faking aliens

    The people who are promoting the aliens seem to be the same people who are trying to cover up the 9/11 attack, and other serious crimes; namely, the Zionist Jews.

    Aside from giving conspiracy theories a bad image, they might be hoping to someday have the technology to fake an alien spacecraft. Perhaps they hope that they can convince the world to lay down their weapons and let the aliens (ie, the Jews) take control of the Earth.

    More of these flying saucer photos are here.

    Or perhaps the Zionists plan on dropping nuclear bombs on us, and telling us that the aliens are attacking us.

    Whatever they plan on doing, it is not likely to succeed. Sure, millions of Americans will believe in the aliens, but what about the rest of the world?

    The Alien Religion is popular in America, but it is not popular in other nations. Faking an alien invasion will create a lot of chaos and misery, but it will fail because only America has enough mentally defective people to fall for the trick. (Well, maybe Canada and Australia have enough defective people, also.)