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Scam after scam...
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What should we do with the USA?

last edited 15 Jan 2004

America is based on the belief that the majority of people are capable of taking care of their economy, selecting government officials, and providing their government officials with sensible policies. However, the endless crimes that occur in both business and government should be considered as proof that the majority of people refuse to be responsible citizens

A few of us try to explain that our government is corrupt, but most people dismiss our "conspiracy theories" without even looking into the issues. A nation cannot improve when it is under the control of people who refuse to listen to other opinions. 

This problem affects of all nations, not just America. The primary enemy of every nation is its own people. The people create and support crummy governments, allow those crummy governments to exploit and manipulate them, and ridicule people who try to help them understand that their government is manipulating them. Rather than face the possibility that their nation's problems are their own fault, most people prefer to blame foreign nations or some minority of people within their nation. 

Stop Blaming Individuals;
The Majority of People are the Enemy

All throughout history, societies, races, and religions have been blaming one another for their problems. Most people refuse to look critically at themselves and their friends. The end result is that most people insist that the world's problems are the result of a few evil people, or some mysterious force. A few examples are: 

  • Alcohol and other Drugs 
  • Millions of Americans have trouble controlling their use of alcohol and other drugs. However, rather than take responsibility for their problems, most Americans blame their parents, or South American drug dealers, or "society". 

    Americans spend millions of dollars each year trying to stop drug abuse by spraying poisons on the South American farms, smuggling weapons into their nations, and assisting with assassinations and civil wars. But no matter how many South Americans we kill, the American people continue to abuse drugs. We are supposed to believe that those South American drug dealers have magic powers over the American people. The majority of Americans simply refuse to face the possibility that each of us is responsible for our use of alcohol and other drugs.

    Drug Dealer In Control of USA

  • America's Corrupt Government 
  • Most American voters insist that they are educated and intelligent, so how do we explain the crummy American government? How could such wonderful voters create such a lousy government?

    Most American blame our crummy government on a few mysterious monsters with magic powers, such as "Special Interests", or "Rich People". Some voters blame the Republicans for our lousy government, while other voters blame the Democrats. Most voters simply refuse to face the possibility that they created a crummy government because they are incompetent as voters. 

    Some Americans complain that Jews are dominating many executive positions in the media and government, and that those few Jews are manipulating a nation of 280 million non-Jews. Those few Jews supposedly have magic powers over America.

    Jewish Princess In Control of USA

    Most Americans simply refuse to face the possibility that Jews, the "Special Interests", and the "Rich People" can manipulate a nation only if the citizens are such jerks that they allow the manipulation

    Magic Jews

    In regards to Israel, there are lots of Christians in the USA who want to drive the Arabs out of Palestine. Many Americans (some of them Jewish!) believe the support of Israel and hatred of Arabs is due to a few Magic Jews, but millions of Americans would support Israel even if Christians were the only people living there! The support of Israel has very little, if anything, to do with Jews. Driving the Moslems out of Palestine has been a Christian dream for centuries. (Or did this desire come from the Jews?)

    Israel is a part of the Christian religion because it is the birthplace of Jesus. Also, Jesus and his followers were Jews. Israel, Bethlehem, and Palestine are in the songs that Christians sing at Christmas.

    The Zionists are not the reason Christians have a strong, emotional attachment to Israel; the Zionists are not making Christians dislike Moslems; and the Zionists are not making Christians take trips to Bethlehem to visit the birthplace of Jesus. Rather, the Zionists merely take advantage of the situation.

    Even if somebody has evidence that the Crusades of the Middle Ages were the idea of Jews, how could a few Jews manipulate so many Christians and church officials for so many centuries? Can't Christians think for themselves? When will Christians take responsibility for their actions? When will Christians stop accusing other people of controlling them?

    Magic Arabs

    Millions of Americans believe Mohammed Atta was successful with the 9-11 attack because he and his friends have magic powers that allowed them to outsmart the Americans in the Air Traffic Control system, the CIA, the FBI, and the US Military. 

    Hani Hanjour Flying Into Pentagon
    However, the only way Mohammed Atta could get away with the 9-11 attack is if the American government assisted with (or conducted) the attack.

    Millions of people blame President Bush for allowing the 9-11 attack, but how could Bush be responsible? That attack required lots of people.

    Furthermore, covering up the US Government's involvment in the 9-11 attack requires lots of scientists, university professors, and news reporters to lie about it.

    The 9-11 attack was possible because the American voters have given the USA a corrupt government, a corrupt media, and a corrupt educational system. Also, there are millions of American citizens willing to take part in crimes. 

  • Obesity 
  • I thought I was making a joke years ago when I suggested we blame a foreign nation for making Americans fat. Today we find Americans blaming businesses that produce food.

    Supposedly, a small number of businessmen have magic powers that allow them to force the American people to purchase and eat their industrial food products in excessive quantities.

    Candy Man In Control of USA
    Americans have become so irresponsible that it is impossible to distinguish between sarcasm and news.

    We also find some Americans complaining that Wal-Mart is taking over the retail business, as if Wal-Mart is a disease that we have no control over. Only a few Americans can understand that our economy is whatever the American people make it. For some examples: 

  • Wal-Mart is growing because millions of Americans prefer to shop there.
  • The entertainment and drug business is incredibly large because millions of Americans spend tremendous amounts of money on entertainment and drugs.
  • American bookstores are dominated by fiction, and the non-fiction books are written at a 12-year old intellectual level because that is the type of books that Americans purchase.
  • American television shows are dominated by sexual titillation, sarcasm, and violence because those are the shows that the American people prefer.

  • A free enterprise economy is whatever the consumers make it. The American economy is not controlled by Wal-Mart, "Special Interests", corporate executives, Jews, or "Rich People".

    Unfortunately, only a small number of Americans can understand (and/or accept) this concept. Most Americans imagine that they are helpless victims of evil monsters rather that take responsibility for their actions. 

  • Slaves 
  • Nearly one-third of the American population is former African slaves or Mexican servants. Mexicans may be coming into this nation at a rate of more than a million per year. Many of the Mexicans are uneducated and illiterate, and many cannot speak English, and some can barely read and write Spanish, but it does not matter because they can easily find jobs. This attracts even more Mexicans. 

    At the same time Americans are providing jobs to the Mexicans who arrive illegally, they complain about the Mexicans who come into the nation illegally! Supposedly, the Mexicans -- including the Mexicans who are uneducated, illiterate, and cannot speak English -- have magic powers that allow them to force the American people to provide them with jobs -- and at the expense of American citizens who want those jobs! 

    Illegal Alien In Control Of USA
    Most Americans simply refuse to take responsibility for bringing slaves and servants into this nation. 

    Also, I have personally heard many Americans (including some of my own relatives!) insist that slavery was necessary because only Africans were capable of dealing with the heat of the Southern plantations. But while Americans insist that slavery was necessary for our ancestors, they condemn the slavery of other nations. 


    Most people want to be King (or Queen)

    If most people could have their dreams come true, they would be like George Bush. Specifically, they would inherit lots of money (or win lots of money from gambling) and they would spend their lives drinking alcohol, playing games, and authorizing wars, while hordes of servants pamper them, provide them with food, and repair their fleet of automobiles. 

    The majority of people want to play like children, while somebody else grows the food, learns the technical skills, fixes the plumbing, and cleans up the garbage. Only a small number of people will learn useful skills and do useful work without being forced into it. 

    Also, most people refuse to accept responsibility for problems. According to most Americans, a small number of Magic Mexicans, Magic Jews, Magic Arabs, Magic Drug Dealers, Magic Corporate Executives, and various other Magic and Evil Creatures are destroying America. 

    When will the human race face the reality that the majority of people in every nation are ignorant, irresponsible, conceited jerks who are ruining their nation? When will the human race stop blaming a small number of "evil monsters"?

    An example; A Hospital

    Imagine a hospital in which the doctors are selected by the voters of the city. Also, imagine that their are no standards for either the voters or the candidates to meet. People such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush, and Bill Clinton are allowed to run for the position of "doctor".

    Do you think that you, your friends, your family, and your neighbors would take the election of doctors seriously? Would you be willing to go to a doctor that your friends and neighbors voted for?

    I think that allowing "The People" to vote for doctors would result in a hospital that appears to belong in a Hollywood horror movie. Specifically, many of the doctors would be incompetent and corrupt.

    Now let's imagine that the voters elect George Bush to be a doctor. After a few of his patients die or suffer from inappropriate treatments, many voters would complain that Doctor Bush is an incompetent doctor. They would become angry at Doctor Bush, and some would demonstrate in the streets to have him removed. Some people would demand Doctor Bush be arrested and put in jail for all the patients who suffered under his care. But Doctor Bush is not the problem; the problem is the jerks who voted to make George Bush a doctor. Unfortunately, the voters will never blame themselves, their friends, or their neighbors.

    To make the analogy more complete, imagine that Haliburton and Enron executives decide to take advantage of the situation by cheating the hospital. And imagine that Zionists convince the hospital personnel to donate 15% of their profits and supplies to Israel on a yearly basis. Who is really to blame for the corruption and abuse at such a hospital?

    How many innocent Americans died in 9-11?

    Continuing with the hospital analogy, imagine I wrote a book that provided evidence that the doctors at the hospital were so incompetent and corrupt that nobody should go the hospital under any circumstance. Next imagine that a few people read my book and try to discuss the information with their friends and relatives. However, their friends and relatives -- who I will refer to as "Patriots" -- dismiss me as a conspiracy nut. Instead of discussing the corruption at the hospital, these Patriots change the conversation to the Academy Awards or Harry Potter.

    By refusing to discuss the problems of the hospital, the Patriots prevent their friends and family from learning about the dangers of going to the hospital. The Patriots inadvertently suppress information about the corruption.

    Now imagine that you break a bone in your leg and naively go to the hospital to get a cast. Doctor George Bush gives you the bad news that you must have your leg amputated. In reality he chose to amputate your leg simply because he makes more profit from an amputation. Later, as you recover from the operation, one of the hospital staff rapes you. Months later you discover my book, and you realize that if you knew about the information in my book, you never would have gone to the hospital.

    Would you blame Dr. Bush and the hospital staff for your amputation and rape? Or would you blame your Patriotic friends and neighbors for electing the incompetent hospital staff, and for suppressing information about the corruption? Who is truly guilty of criminal behavior in this scenario? 

    a) The incompetent doctors. 
    b) The Patriotic voters who selected the incompetent doctors, and who suppressed valuable information that the "conspiracy nuts" were providing.
    What if 20% of the hospital's patients died while under the care of Doctor Bush? Would those dead patients be "innocent victims" of a corrupt and incompetent hospital? Or would those dead patients be victims of the "irresponsible Patriots" who selected the incompetent doctors and who suppressed the valuable information provided by the "conspiracy nuts"?

    How absurd would the situation have to be before you blamed the voters for the problems at the hospital? For example, what if the voters elected Jeff Dahmer as Doctor, and what if Doctor Dahmer was eating many of his patients? Would that be absurd enough for you to agree with me that the voters are incompentent? Or would the voters have to elect a dog or a cartoon character before you agreed with me? What if the voters elected Mickey Mouse as Doctor?

    Now consider how this hospital analogy applies to America. The American voters always select incompetent and corrupt government officials. When a few of us provide evidence that our government is conducting scams, most people ridicule us as Conspiracy Nuts. Instead of discussing our problems, most Americans discuss the Academy Awards, Harry Potter, and football games. As a result, almost everybody is aware of the Harry Potter books, but information about our nation's problems is suppressed.

    If you had died in the 9-11 attack, who should be blamed for your death? Would you blame President Bush? Or would you blame the voters for electing incompetent government officials and for ridiculing the "conspiracy nuts" who expose the corruption? How many of the 3000 Americans who died during the 9-11 attack were "innocent victims"? And how many should instead be classified as "irresponsible jerks who became victims of their own inability to create a respectable government, and who deserve what they got"?

    Nothing will improve with America until we deal with the true cause of this nation's problems. America is not a victim of George Bush, or the Magic Arabs, the Magic Jews, the Magic Corporate Executives, etc; rather, America is a victim of my mother, my sister, my brother,...  and most of your family members, friends, and neighbors. Most people should not vote!

    The majority of voters are ignorant, conceited people who are easily manipulated, and who consistently elect crummy government officials. And then they become angry at the government officials rather than either quit voting or make an attempt to become a better voter. Also, they ignore or become angry at people such as myself when we try to help them understand these issues. Their ridiculing of us as "conspiracy nuts" is suppressing discussions of our problems.

    When a person suppresses information about a burglary or bank robbery, he can be charged with a crime. The Americans who ridicule the "Conspiracy Nuts" about 9-11 are helping to suppress valuable information about it. Therefore, why not consider those particular Americans to be accessories to the 9-11 crime since they help suppress valuable information about it? Why not arrest millions of those "Patriots"?

    Blame the losers, not the winners

    The USA was created by murdering, lieing, and supposedly even giving blankets infected with smallpox to the native Americans. The native Americans also killed one other. The Incas and Mayans, for example, conquered many of their neighbors.

    All nations have this same violent history. If one nation is wrong for conquering its neighbors, why aren't all nations wrong? Conversely, if the USA is righteous for taking land away from the native Americans and the Hawaiians, other people are just as righteous for taking land away from us. 

    If smallpox is released on the American population, how is that any more wrong than when the "American Pioneers" did the same to the native Americans? If the CIA, Mossad, China, Britain, or Russia were to conquer America, why not refer to them as "Pioneers"?

    If the USA is destroyed, it will be because the American people allowed it to happen. Life has always been a competitive struggle for both animals and humans. The weaker societies always fall victim to their stronger neighbors. If the USA is destroyed, it will be because the American people failed to take care of their nation. Don't blame the victorious group; rather, blame the losers -- blame the American people.

    Jefferson, Washington, and others created a nation for the American people, and if the USA is destroyed, it is because the American people could not maintain it.

    School's Over; Time To Play!

    Only a small number of people will continue to learn once they leave school. As soon as school is over, most people never again read serious material. Instead, they spend their time and money on Harry Potter, Newsweek, and similar entertainment material that is at the intellectual level of a 12 year-old child. Most Americans pay more attention to the Academy Awards then they do to the elections of government officials, our foreign policy, and our economy. 

    Most Americans refuse to learn about or discuss our foreign policies. The end result is that most Americans do not know that the USA helped Saddam get control of Iraq, gave him weapons, and encouraged him to fight a war with Iran. Saddam and Osama were two of many CIA policies that backfired. Yet the ignorant Americans believe they are entitled to authorize bombings of Iraq in order to free the world from Saddam and Osama! 

    The fact that other nations tolerate the brutal, selfish, and idiotic American policies is a sign that their citizens are also ignorant, irresponsible, and incompetent. How can the world improve when every nation is dominated by irresponsible people?

    Why do Americans resist the metric system?

    Some people in other nations learn more than one language; by comparison, most Americans refuse to learn something as simple as the metric system. However, Americans frequently boast of being a nation of with a strong "work ethic". So why do Americans resist switching? 

    We waste time and money by having both systems. Furthermore, the metric system can be phased in over several generations, so most adults don't have to learn it. So why are most Americans resisting the metric system? 

    The majority of Americans are simply terrifed at the thought of learning something new. America has never had a "work ethic"; rather, this nation has always had a "slave and servant ethic". The majority of Americans want to retire, not work. The majority of Americans want servants, not skills. The majority of Americans want to spend all their time on entertainment while their slaves and servants pamper them. Most Americans want to play like children all day, every day; they do not want to help make a better nation.

    The resistance to the metric system is coming from the majority of Americans, and it is simply due to the fear of learning something new. Aside from using military force, the only way to get Americans to switch to the metric system would be to offer them a lot of money to learn it.

    Manipulation is as Old as Prostitution

    All throughout history a small number of people have been manipulating the majority of people. For example, a few decades ago some Catholic Churches were putting emotional pressure on people who resisted attending their services, such as putting their names on a list of people who misbehaved. 

    A few centuries earlier the Catholic Church was even worse; they were supporting wars, extracting lots of money and services from the people, and getting people angry at witches and non-Catholics. It is possible that the Bush administration is treating the public with more decency than the Catholic Church was a few centuries ago. Galelio might tell us that the Bush administration is an improvement over what he experienced. 

    Manipulating the public is not a new concept developed by the Bush administration; manipulating the public may be as old as prostitution. Advertising agencies even make a living from it. 

    How Do We Improve Our Situation?

    I doubt that we can help the majority of people understand that they are their worst enemy. People can easily be motivated to hate and fight, but not to learn, think, or become more responsible. 

    One lesson the world should learn from the 9-11 scam is that a nation must set higher standards for government officials and voters. An unskilled, alcoholic prince (eg, George Bush) should not even quality for a high level position in government. Who among us would have hired that guy for anything other than unskilled labor? Yet many of my relatives and neighbors, along with millions of other Americans, consider George Bush to be an intelligent, educated, hard working man who can lead this nation into prosperity and happiness. 

    People in foreign nations often insult George Bush, but how are their government officials any better than George Bush? Foreigners can easily find problems with America, but they cannot see that their own governments are just as crummy. 

    We have to face the fact that there is a reason scams occur in every nation year after year, decade after decade. The reason is that most people refuse to think, learn, face unpleasant issues, or risk criticism. 

    Ignore the Majority

    All progress comes from a tiny group of people. The only way to make the world better is to find that small minority that has the ability to do something; discuss what to do; and then do it -- even if the majority of people complain. The majority of people are ignorant, arrogant, irresponsible, and hypocritical. Also, most people refuse to learn or think. We should not care what the majority of people want, nor should we ask them for their opinions on how to make the world a better place. 

    Thomas Jefferson didn't ask the majority of people if they wanted to break away from England, and if so, what they wanted the new nation to be. IBM scientists don't ask the majority of people what sort of experiments to conduct. Airplane pilots don't ask the passengers how to fly the airplane. 

    When the founders of the USA got together to discuss independence from England, they did not conduct polls to find out what "The People" wanted, nor did they invite the "The People" to their meetings. Instead, they created the Constitution by themselves.

    The founders of the USA could be described as "an elite group of intellectuals" who felt superior to the common citizen. Those "elitists" designed a new government without asking the common people for their opinions. Then George Washington formed a military to bring the new government into existence. Most of the colonists were just sheep who didn't know about -- or care about -- what has happening. If the British had defeated Washington, the founders would have been considered "criminals" who were trying to "take control of the colonies". 

    Every nation has a few people like Thomas Jefferson; specifically, people who are capable of discussing the creation of a better society. These few people should begin discussing what to do with America and the world. We should ignore the majority of people as we make decisions on how to improve the world. 

    The USA needs an updated Constitution that is better suited for our era. For example, Jefferson never considered the effect TV has on people, so he never bothered to deal with issue of a small group of people controlling all TV news. And Jefferson never knew that the process of running for government office would become expensive and ridiculous by the 20th century.

    After an improved Constitution is developed, we need a group of military people to take the role of George Washington and fight our current government. They would have to conquer America without any concern with what the Sheeple have to say about it.

    An interesting aspect of creating a nation is that all nations are created by small groups of people, but if the small group fails, they are considered to be a group of "thugs" or "elitists" or "terrorists" who were trying to "take over the nation against the wishes of the people". 

    Ignoring the majority of people may seem to put us in the same category as Stalin, Hitler, and Bush, but it depends on who "we" are. If "we" are a group of respectable people, we would be like respectable fathers and mothers who ignore what their young children want. 

    What Kind of Freaks are in Control?

    If we do nothing to help the world, we are simply allowing other people to manipulate the public. This would be acceptable to me if those other groups were making a better world, but are they? 

    For example, is the Bush family, the Rockefeller family, and other rich families trying to make a better nation for us? Or are they trying to bring back the Middle Ages in which a few wealthy families control the nation and the majority of us are their servants? 

    And what is the goal of the CIA or FBI? It seems that the CIA are dominated by people who are mentally ill. For example, they seem to have the attitude that they will solve the world's problems with assassinations, weapons, LSD, and war. These are policies I would expect from an angry, 10-year old boy. 

    The CIA has failed over and over to make the world a better place with their killings, but they never notice. For example, how did the killing of President Kennedy help America, or the world? Sure, the killers got away with the murder because they fooled the majority of people into thinking Oswald did it. But it seems to me that the killing of President Kennedy reduced morale in America, reduced respect for the US government, and encouraged even more corruption. 

    How many times does the CIA, FBI, and others have to fail before they consider the possibility that their policies are causing more harm than good? (Or are these agencies trying to destroy the USA in order to make it easier for them to grab control of the nation? If so, then they are far.) 

    And how has the MI6 helped Britain? How has the KGB helped Russia? Has any secret agency really done something to help their nation? It is possible that these agencies are dominated by unemployable, mentally ill people; social misfits who would be in jail if it were not for these secret agencies. 

    America was not created by a secret agency that conducted secret assassinations. While there may have been some secret killings, the creation of America came mainly from people such as Thomas Jefferson when they openly discussed the issue of creating a better nation. We should do the same as Thomas Jefferson. Specifically, we should begin discussing how to make better nations. We don't need secrecy for this; rather, we should be doing this in front of the world. Also, we don't need weapons for this, nor do we need to conduct secret assassinations. 

    The USA and South Africa; Cravings for Slaves

    I think the USA is hopeless. The biggest problem we face today is the same that South Africa faced; namely, Americans have a tremendous desire for slaves (or servants, or whatever you want to call them). Eventually racial fights will break out between the white Americans and their Mexican, African, and other servants. Already some Mexicans are talking of getting back "their" land. This attitude will become more common during the next decade. 

    A government of Mexicans is acceptable to me, but I see two problems with a racial war: 

  • I doubt if other nations will ignore a civil war in the USA. We have too much valuable land and resources, and lots of dangerous weapons. The economy of America has a large effect on the economy of other nations, so a civil war in America will affect the rest of the world in a bad way. I think other nations will get involved in our civil war, but for their benefit, not ours. Russia may grab Alaska, for example. And once the USA is gone, how long will Canada remain independent?

  • The government(s) that replace the dead USA will certainly be just as crummy as -- or worse than! -- the Bush administration since our slaves and servants are no better at voting than their masters. Replacing George Bush with a Mexican version of the same jerk is hardly an improvement.


    Why Wait for the Ship to Sink?

    How can the USA survive much longer when it is dominated by people who refuse to take responsibility for themselves? How can this nation avoid self-destruction when most Americans believe the solution to all self-inflicted problems is to blame somebody else, and then kill them? 

    Why wait for the USA to become completely devastated? Why not face the fact that the USA is a hopeless, dying nation? Why not start discussing the creation a new nation before the ship sinks? Why wait for a civil war to break out? Why not discuss the mistakes of the past, take the good aspects of the Constitution, and start the process of making an improved government? 

    When Do We Stop Investigating the JFK Scam?

    Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people have been trying to expose the killing of President Kennedy as a scam, but what have they accomplished after 40 years? Our history books and encyclopedias continue to teach children that Oswald killed Kennedy by himself. 

    Just as the CIA fails time after time with their killings, the Kennedy researchers fail year after year to correct the lies in our history books. And just as the CIA never notices that they fail repeatedly, the Kennedy researchers never notice that they are failing. Instead, the Kennedy researchers continue to study the issue and interview witnesses on the false assumption that they will come across the magic evidence that will prove the killing was a scam. They believe this magic evidence will cause Americans to correct their history books and fix their government. 

    As I tried to explain in Chapters 11 and 12 of Painful Questions, An Analysis Of The September 11th Attack, the killing of JFK is such an obvious scam that a person only has to read a small portion of the Warren Report to realize it. We don't need any more evidence. Rather, we need to face the fact that the majority of people do not want to learn, think, risk criticism, or deal with problems. 

    We must ignore the majority of people, not waste our lives trying to provide them with even more evidence that the JFK killing was a scam. Further research into the JFK killing is useful only to understand the masterminds of the killing and their motives. 

    The same situation is occurring with the September 11th attack. Specifically, hundreds of people are searching for the magic evidence that proves that the attack was a scam. However, no matter how much evidence we provide, the majority of people will refuse to look at it or deal with it. If the combination of my book (Painful Questions) and my video (Painful Deceptions) is not enough evidence for a person, why should we bother trying to provide him with more evidence? 

    I say we already have enough evidence to prove the attack was a scam. I think the people who cannot see the scam after reading my book and watching my video are simply refusing to face reality. Why should we waste our time with such people? 

    We should provide people with the evidence that the 9-11 attack was a scam, but ignore the majority of people who refuse to look at the evidence. We should spend our time on useful activities, not on trying to educate the people who refuse to think. For example, we could spend some time on the following issues: 

  • How do we create a government in which the majority of people are told to keep their mouths shut, without that government turning into a selfish dictatorship, such as Russia under Joseph Stalin?

  • We need higher standards for government officials, but what should the standards be? And how do we prevent a group of people from manipulating the system in such a manner that they and their friends get control of government?

  • We need higher standards for voters, but what should the standards be? And how do we prevent a group the people from manipulating the system so that they and their friends are allowed to vote, but not you or I?

  •   If we can create respectable governments in every nation, the entire world would become a wonderful place. But how can we give ourselves respectable governments if we waste our lives trying to convince the majority of people that the JFK killing or the 9-11 attack was a scam? We must change the world by ourselves; we must ignore the majority of people. 

    How Do We Begin To Improve The World?

    We need to get attention and spread this information. I would start by exposing a simple scam. Specifically, from what I have seen, not many intelligent people in foreign nations believe Apollo astronauts landed on the moon. So why not start with that scam? I created a 2-page PDF file in the form of a Science Challenge about whether Apollo astronauts landed on the moon. This Science Challenge is great for people who think they know science, especially science professors and students. Ask people to explain that Science Challenge. 

    The Science Challenge is in html format or as a 150 kb PDF file

    You may wonder, "What good does it do to get people talking about the Apollo scam?" The answer is that it proves that the American government, news reporters, universities, and businesses have deceived the world on a very large scale, and for decades. It would also show that American history books contain lies. 

    Most people will not question history books, encyclopedias, or television news reporters. Exposing the Apollo scam can be visualized as grabbing Peter Jennings by his hair, pulling off a rubber mask, and exposing a devil. 

    In other words, exposing the Apollo scam would prepare people to accept the possibility that the September 11th attack was a scam. From what I have personally seen, the September 11th attack was a scam on such a large scale that many people simply cannot believe it is a scam. 

    One reason some Americans insist that Apollo really did land on the moon is that they assume that other nations, especially Russia, would have exposed the scam -- if it had been faked. The silence from other nations is proof to these people that Apollo astronauts actually did land on the moon. Therefore, by proving the Apollo moon landing is a fake, it would show that other nations are so corrupt that they do not expose the scams of America for fear that America will retaliate and expose their scams. 

    Some people believe Apollo landed on the moon simply because it seems too stupid to fake a moon landing. These people ask: "Why would the government fake a moon landing?" Or, "Why would the government spend billions of tax dollars to a fake moon landing?" 

    Although many people distrust governments, they assume that governments behave in a reasonably sensible manner. Once people realize that NASA, universities, businesses, and other government officials have already spent billions of dollars on the idiotic faking of a moon landing, it should become easier to discuss the September 11th attack. 

    Eventually we could discuss the more important topics, such as the need to set much higher standards for government officials and voters rather than continue the policy of allowing anybody to be a government official and a voter. 

    I think the September 11th attack should be used as evidence that the majority of people are incompetent voters and irresponsible citizens who are easily manipulated. The 9-11 attack shows that when a nation allows everybody to vote, they end up with a nation that is so corrupt that buildings can be blown up in front of their faces, and that moon landings can be faked. 

    Will Al-Queda attack us again? Try this: Upcoming Al-Queda Attacks.