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CAD/CAM and Engraving Software

The CAD system is free. Try the CAM features before buying!

Download the MillWrite demo program
The demo is a free CAD system, but it is limited in regards to its production of CNC programs. It can also be used for basic image editing, browsing files on your hard disk, or to play or convert audio files. It also reads and creates webP images.
Last update: 1 Dec 2021, version 8.0377

Download this setup file to install the MillWrite demo:

Setup_MillWrite_8_demo  20 mbytes, at Google Cloud
    If the Google Cloud gives you trouble, and try this: Setup_MillWrite_8_demo.exe
    If you use metric units rather than imperial, download Setup_MillWrite_8_Metric_Demo instead.

If you want the help files, there are at this page.

• A special version is available for laser or plasma CNC machines.

• MillWrite version 8 requires Windows 7, 8, or 10.

• The new versions of Windows have a lot of confusing and excessive security options that might prevent you from downloading or running the MillWrite setup program. If you have trouble and need help, call or send an email.

Call Eric at 805-968-5351 or send email to
(The email address is the letter M, for MillWrite, followed by my phone number 805-968-5351.)

Endpoint Software
7338 Greensboro Street
Goleta   CA   93117       USA
Watch the MillWrite videos
(more videos at the update page)

Unusual features of MillWrite

Introduction to G-code

• How to engrave

How to draw using the keyboard

How to move a group of nodes

How to make a gear with spokes
One way to decorate the spokes

Import a DXF file

• How to Edit polylines
  - Part 1: Move and flex
  - Part 2: Slide, parallel, extrude
  - Part 3: Tangent and loose nodes; splines
• How rotate items
   - Rotate and move items
   - Rotate to align with another item

How to make rulers, gauges, etc.

(More videos will be created)

Note: I no longer use the phone number 805-968-5123 or have a fax machine.