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True Stories of
Holocaust Denial Survivors

18 Jan 2007

The laws in Europe against Holocaust Denial are giving rise to inspiring stories of Holocaust Denial Survival.

If you don't know about the Final Solution to Holocaust Denial:

The Diary of Eric Hufschmid
Now on DVD!

As crazed Zionists searched Europe for Holocaust Deniers, one family went into hiding.

Now a major motion picture, The Diary of Eric Hufschmid, shows the true story of how this innocent family of Holocaust Deniers survived the Zionist extermination program by hiding in an attic.


Suzzette's List

From the depths of human depravity comes an inspiring story of bravery, courage, and decency.

Suzzette's List is the true story of a woman who saved hundreds of innocent Holocaust Deniers from the gas chambers of the Zionist death camps.


Survivors of the Holocaust Denial Holocaust demand reparations

Are you a survivor of the Holocaust Denial Holocaust? If so, join the millions of other survivors of the Holocaust Denial Holocaust and demand payment from the evil Zionist regime.


Lampshades, Soaps, and Gas Chambers

The Zionist Fascists at the Holocaust Denial death camps made lampshades from the skin of Holocaust Deniers, and they made soap from their fat.

The Zionists exterminated 6 million Holocaust Deniers in gigantic gas chambers, and then burned their bodies in gigantic ovens.

The lampshade above was made from the skin of an innocent, eight-year-old Holocaust Denier who was selected by the Zionist murderers because of his light skin color.

Then the tears of 750 Holocaust Deniers were crystallized and hung on the lampshade as decorative beads.

Note: Questioning the Holocaust Denial Holocaust is against the law in Europe, and will result in an immediate 10 year prison term, and a $5 million fine. No time will be wasted on a trial.