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28 August 2008
updated 6 September 2008 with info about Tom Dine. Click here to jump to it

Logo for Radio Free Europe
Some people tell me that the flame found in the logos of Zionist groups has some significance to them.

The Olympics uses a flame, also.

Logo for the Scholars For 9/11 Truth

Radio Free Europe is a program started in 1949 by the US Congress. It broadcasts "uncensored news and information" in foreign languages via radio and the Internet to people in foreign nations. The goal is to provide foreigners with the "truth".

Would you be surprised to discover that Radio Free Europe is actually broadcasting Zionist propaganda? And that we pay for it with our tax money?

Would you be surprised to discover that some foreign nations have their own version of Radio Free Europe, and that they are broadcasting "uncensored news and information" in English in order to provide you and me with the "truth"?

Alex Jones appears on Russia Today

Russia Today is one of those mysterious Russian media companies that broadcasts in English. Jones was a "featured guest" on their television show for August 27, 2008:

If you have trouble with the video, here is the audio as an mp3 file:
Jones-on-Russia-Today-27-Aug-2008.mp3  1.1 mb

The quote that Russia Today promotes:

“I’m ashamed as an American. My country has been taken over by a private international military industrial complex, and they launched a sneaky attack on the Russian enclaves,”
The Russian media companies and websites that produce reports in English are not providing the information for the Russians. Rather, it is propaganda for us from Russian Jews. Those mysterious Russians would never invite somebody like me on their show. They promote only the Zionist agents who shift the blame away from Israel and Zionism and onto Goyim.

If you're not yet familiar with this trick, I have a page on Jones and this technique:

Radio Free Europe is the same as Russia Today. Both groups give publicity only to Zionist agents. Even though we Americans subsidize Radio Free Europe, they would never give publicity to an American such as me on their "uncensored" shows.

The same applies to Arabic and Pakistani media companies that produce reports in English, such as Al Jazeera and Dawn. They're not producing reports for the Arabs or Pakistanis.

In fact, several years ago a naive Arab who worked for Al Jazeera in London contacted me because he wanted to produce a report about my 9/11 information. A week or so later somebody else in his office called me for more information because they were getting ready to start the report, but I never heard from any of them after that, and as far as I know, they never produced any report.

Smith has a radio show! 

Did you know that Daryl Smith now has a real radio show with the South African company Cii Broadcasting? This company describes themselves as:
"Today Cii is known to be a pioneer in Islamic satellite audio broadcasting ..."

 The fact that Cii Broadcasting would consider Smith to be a reputable radio host should be considered as evidence that this is a group of South African Jews who are trying to deceive and manipulate the Muslims.

Unlike Jones, who shifts the blame to the Americans and British, Smith admits that Jews are primary group involved in 9/11 and other crimes, but he insists that it's only a tiny percentage of the Jews, not the majority.

If you don't know who Smith is, you should at least listen to his last phone call to me:

As you can see, Smith, Jones, and other people are inadvertently exposing their crime network. All we have to do is notice who they promote, and who promotes them.

Jeffrey Gedmin

Gedmin is the president of Radio Free Europe. In an interview about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, he claims to be a Catholic who is mistaken for a Jew:  

“As a Catholic I was struck by the amount of virulently anti-Semitic hate letters and email I received."
Since Gedmin protects Jewish crimes, he should expect people to assume that he is actually a Jew. However, it makes no difference if he's a Jew, a Catholic, or a Hindu. He is protecting Zionist crimes, and so he is just as guilty as the Jewish criminals.

Once you find a Zionist rat, you can follow him to other rats. For example, Gedmin is director of the Aspen Institute Berlin. That Institute -- and every group of people they promote -- should be investigated.

Decades ago it was very difficult to see the connections between people, but with the Internet, a quick search will show us who associates with whom, and who promotes whom. So, take advantage of this technology to identify members of the Zionist crime network.

Example: Tom Dine
Dine was the longest serving director of Radio Free Europe. If that's all you knew about him, you wouldn't think anything of it, but a quick check on the Internet will show you what he has been doing during his life.

Tom Dine has held such positions as executive director of AIPAC, the Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, and Senior Analyst for the US Senate.
You'll also discover that his brother is the "artist" Jim Dine. As I mentioned in my audio file for 27_Jan_2008, we can determine what is and is not art, and I would say his art is trash.

Tom and Jim Dine have a lot of influence over the world. We've provided them with lots of food, electricity, and other resources, but what have they given to us in return?

Example: Cindy Sheehan

Notice that she is promoted by Alex Jones, 911blogger, radiodujour, and other people who lie about 9/11, Zionism, the HoloHoax, and other crimes. And notice how they describe her:

Alex Jones talks with antiwar activist Cindy Sheehan, who is running as an independent against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in November in an attempt to end the strangle hold that the military industrial racket has over our government which keeps us fighting endless wars around the globe.

Can you see that it's another attempt to protect the Jews and shift the blame to the mysterious and elusive "military industrial complex"? Once you learn this trick, you will be able to identify thousands of Zionist criminals.  

Sheehan is using her dead son as bait to lure you over to her and away from people like me who provide you with honest information and encourage you to do something useful with your time and money.
It's difficult to believe that a mother would use her child as bait to deceive us, but watch the video of Vicki Polin of Chicago who claims that her Jewish relatives would sometimes have babies for use in bizarre Jewish rituals:

And consider what Josef Fritzl did with his children, and consider the possibility that he had police protection:

Furthermore, look at the evidence that Jesse Jackson is a puppet of the Jews because he helped in their assassination of Martin Luther King:
Jesse Jackson is not a leader of the "black community". Rather, he's a puppet who gets on his hands and knees whenever his masters tell him to do so.


The scum has risen to the top

Our societies are full of think tanks, charities, political groups, organized religions, educational groups, truth groups, antiwar groups, environmental groups, and other mysterious organizations that are dominated by unskilled, parasitic, dishonest freaks who are taking our tax money, begging for donations, and cheating us.

Many of these people are psychotic, alcoholic, violent, and mentally ill.

We have to raise standards for people in leadership positions. Don't be intimidated by aggressive men, and don't be fooled by praise or compliments, and don't be impressed by college degrees or Nobel prizes. Instead, look at each leader in a critical manner and ask such questions as:

• We provided this person with food, electricity, and other items... what exactly has he done for us in return?

• If he had never been born, how would the world be worse than what it is right now?

We don't have to tolerate organized crime or psychotic leaders. We could have leaders that we respect and trust, and who help us learn about life and become better people. We could have leaders who help us to improve our economy, cities, and educational systems.

We don't have to allow the freaks to get control of society. All we need is enough respectable people to reach the conclusion that we've had enough of the abuse and it's time to change the course of the human race.
Help us drown
the criminal rats!