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Interesting topics regarding the Fritzl case

10 May 2008

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 1) Who is responsible for your bad behavior?
 2) Most people ignore problems
 3) The police claim naivety
 4) Did Fritzl act alone?
 5) Was Fritzl crazy from the environment or genetics?
 6) Jail didn't cure Fritzl
 7) Prostitution is legal in Austria
 8) Lots of organizations try to stop pedophilia
 9) Is Fritzl Jewish?
10) How many people are in dungeons?


1) Who is responsible for your bad behavior?

Josef Fritzl:

"The Nazis made me do it"
More of his explanation here

When most people do something impressive, they try to take all the credit for it, but when they make mistakes or behave in a disgusting manner, they try to blame somebody else. I have several articles on my philosophy page that mention these and related issues.

It's hard to believe that it's been more than four years since I wrote two of them:

Year after year is passing by, but the majority of "talking animals" refuse to become responsible humans who face the corruption, discuss the problems of the world, and help us find a way to a better world. 


2) Most people ignore problems
Many people knew at least some of what Fritzl was doing, but they chose to ignore it. Some of his previous rape victims remained silent, also, until now.

All of us who have tried to expose the 9/11 attack as an Israeli false flag operation have discovered that the majority of people are refusing to face reality. They expect us to feel sorry for them when they get hurt, but they won't do anything when other people are hurt, other than useless, symbolic gestures, such as donating a few dollars to the Red Cross.

There must be millions of people around the world who know that the official story of the Holocaust is a lie, or that the Apollo moon landing was staged here on the earth, but they do nothing and say nothing.


3) The police claim naivety

Austrian police:

"We're f'ing idiots!"

Police all over the world are silent about the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust hoax, and the accusations that Congressman Barney Frank and other government officials routinely rape young boys and girls.

The police claim to be ignorant, and while it's certainly possible that some policemen haven't been paying attention to world affairs, it's not possible that every policeman in the world is as ignorant as he claims to be.

Some of the police are either part of the crime network, or they are afraid to be honest because they are surrounded by dishonest policemen. How can we possibly deal with crime when our police and courts are so corrupt? It makes you wonder... what percentage of the human race can truly be described as "respectable"?


4) Did Fritzl act alone?
Wolfgang Schwartz, an Austrian Olympic ice skater, was arrested for human trafficking. He didn't act alone, but the police never bothered dealing with the people he worked with.

On the day of the 9/11 attack, the media and government officials told us who attacked us and how the World Trade Center buildings collapsed. They didn't bother with any investigation. They knew the answers immediately.

The Austrian police also knew immediately that Fritzl was acting alone. They didn't need to investigate. The police also insisted that they had no no prior knowledge of his strange behavior.

A year earlier the Austrian police tried to prevent an investigation of a similar case on the grounds that it would create a political scandal. How can a crime by an individual citizen create a political scandal? Government and police officials should be proud that they are exposing and stopping crime.

The only sensible answer is that government or police officials were involved in the crime, and they didn't want their involvement to be exposed.

The people who personally knew or who were friends with Josef Fritzl also claim that he was operating his sex dungeon on his own. However, Fritzl went on sex trips to Thailand, so we should consider that he was part of a group of pedophiles who had police protection.

His dungeon was almost airtight, so there was barely enough fresh air to keep the children alive. Did he leave the children alone in the basement when he was away on trips to Thailand? Or were people dropping by to check up on the children?


5) Was Fritzl crazy from the environment or from genetics?

A psychiatrist suggests that Fritzl suffers from a "power complex" due to an abusive mother.

Children always resemble their parents. It has been noticed for centuries that children of abusive parents tend to be abusive also, and the children of alcoholic parents tend to be alcoholics. How much of this is due to the environment, and how much is due to the passing on of genetic traits?

What type of mental qualities did Fritzl's children inherit? Would you like to adopt one or marry one and find out?

Many people assume that Fritzl's children are wonderful creatures, but what are the chances that a psychotic man and woman will produce mentally heathy children?


6) Jail didn't cure Fritzl
Fritzl was put in jail during the 1960's for rape, but jail didn't cure him of his bad behavior.

As I discuss in articles on my philosophy page, threats, punishments, and jail are not preventing crime or curing bad behavior, so when do we try other policies? How can we expect society to improve when we refuse to experiment with new policies?


7) Prostitution is legal in Austria

Making something illegal does not stop people from doing it. There are laws in Austria against rape, torture, and kidnapping, but Fritzl didn't care.

Furthermore, Fritzl could have gone to a prostitute because prostitution is legal in Austria (here is info about it for tourists visiting Salzburg).

Consider the situation with alcohol. From 1920 to 1933, alcohol was illegal in America. Those laws did nothing to stop alcohol use. One lesson to learn from prohibition is that most of the people who want alcohol are going to drink it regardless of whether it is legal. Laws cannot control human behavior.

The people who want more money than they can make an honest manner are going to be look for ways to acquire more money regardless of the laws, and men who want to rape children are going to look for ways to do that.

We have to face the fact that we cannot control humans with laws. Laws are like a philosophy; they are like guidelines. We follow them only if we want to. There are policemen who don't even follow the laws.

We cannot control humans, animals, or plants with laws, punishments, or threats.
Gardeners understand this simple concept; gardeners don't try to control plants by putting the plants in jail or beating them with a wet bamboo rod. Rather, they remove the plants that they don't like.

Gardeners all over the world are making beautiful parks, but policemen, military forces, and government officials are allowing the human world to degrade into an insane asylum of fear, crime, wars, loneliness, abuse, and misery.


8) Lots of organizations try to stop pedophilia

None of the organizations or television shows that expose pedophilia show an interest in investigating the Boystown orphanage, Senator Barney Frank, or other officials who seem to be involved with the raping of children. Instead – just like the FBI and MI5 – these organizations expose only insignificant crimes.

I advise you to consider the possibility that these organizations are controlled by criminals, and they use the organizations to hide their crimes and identify witnesses who have information about their crimes. (I mention this in my Feb_11 audio file and in this article)

So I told the sucker, “Pedophiles should be taken to a ditch and shot in the head!”, and now he trusts me!
The best place for criminals to hide and identify their potential enemies is in law enforcement, government, and the media. And the 9/11 and "patriot" movements are a good way for Jewish criminals to control information about 9/11, the Holocaust hoax, and other Jewish crimes.

Are there enough respectable people in this world to clean this planet up? Or is this the best the human race can do?


9) Is Fritzl Jewish?

Some people (Jews, probably) in the media are trying to blame all of Austria for Fritzl's behavior. While it's true that Austria has had many bizarre crimes in its history, so has every other nation. So why would the media blame Austria for the actions of one man?
Photographs of Fritzl's torture dungeon show three Jewish stars on the wall; are they merely for decoration? Or is there some religious significance?
Perhaps I'm seeing Jews everywhere because I'm more aware of the international Jewish crime network, but it seems as if Jews are the primary group involved with sex slavery, human trafficking, pedophilia, beastiality, coprophilia, drug dealing, gambling, and every other type of unpleasant, weird, or disgusting activity.

Did you watch the video of Vicki Polin or look at the other information about the Jews and their murder rituals? Did you know that Jews dominate the pornography industry? 


10) How many people are in dungeons?
What are the chances that the only sex and torture dungeons were the ones found in the British island of Jersey and in the home of Josef Fritzl?

What are the chances that only Johnny Gosch and a few other boys have been sold as sex slaves?

Most people ignore pedophilia and sex slaves on the grounds that the victims tend to be orphans and other unwanted children, but there is a lot of evidence that the pedophilia network is enormous, and that the pedophiles are helping to get one another into governments, police departments, military leadership, and school administrations.

Pedophiles are easily controlled through blackmail, and they work together to protect one another. Pedophilia seems to be common among people in leadership positions. Some of it may be for initiation ceremonies into the "elite", but many officials seem to be involved with pedophilia simply because they enjoy it.

The freaks are getting control of every society because the majority of people, military personnel, and policemen are ignoring or assisting the crimes.

A lot of people have mysteriously vanished during the past few years. When was the last time somebody actually saw Jimmy Walter, Carol Valentine, or Peter Kawaja? And where is Christopher Bollyn and his family?

And have you looked at the complaints from American veterans of Korea and Vietnam? Many of them believe that the Americans were set up to be captured and shipped to Russia for experiments and who knows what else. (I mentioned this in my 7 January 2008 file -- at this location in the document.)

However, don't blame the Russians; have you seen the evidence that the Russian mafia is actually a Jewish mafia? A PDF file exposing this is at my page on the firebombing of Dresden.