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Investigate Everybody; No Exceptions!
Organized crime gangs have been infiltrating organizations and bribing, blackmailing, and threatening people for centuries. We're not going to stop this problem until we investigate everybody in leadership positions. We cannot make any exceptions.
Investigate the Truth Seekers



 Are our leaders Infiltrators or Idiots?
The people in leadership positions, whether it be government, anti-war groups, political parties, veterans groups, religions, or scientific organizations, are doing absolutely nothing of value to make the world a better place. Are they truly as incompetent as they appear?

Infiltrators or Idiots?

Sheeple Psychology
Any nation could chose to inspire the world, but instead we put our efforts into military weapons and animal-like behavior. Here is a series of articles about people denying our problems, and hiding from problems rather than dealing with them.

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 Global Warming
Al Gore wins an Oscar! But are they trying to help us? Or fool us into accepting a new tax? The people who promote a tax to stop global warming are dishonest about 9/11, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing, so we would be suckers to allow them to control our world.

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Carbon tax con-artists
You don't need a science education to realize that something is suspicious about the "carbon tax".


Preventative maintenance for Global Warming?
Did Greg Craven, a high school teacher in Oregon, solve the dilemma of whether we should do something about global warming?

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Have we been "dumbed down"?
We are told that school and television is making us dumb. Is this possible?  (index to all 4 here)

1) No, we are deceived:  EnglishFranšais
2) How do we improve our schools?
3) Science and religion
4) Crime and Language

Social Technology
How do we improve our world? It is useless to whine; we have to do something in order to make our situation better. But what do we do?  (index to all here)
Part 1: Introduction to "Human Software"
Part 2: How do we select better leaders?
Part 3: Designing better nations and cities
Part 4: We must be like gears in a machine
Part 5: History: the science of human culture
Part 6: A melting pot or a garden of human flowers?
Part 7: Leisure activities and Cooperation
Part 8: Exercises and Games
Part 9: Sports
Part 10: The new phase of human evolution
Part 11: Food and Society
        • August 2011 update, Databases and Capsaicin 
        • October 2011 update, my health and food issues
        • February 2012 update, on my health

Creating a better society
My specific suggestions.  (index to all here)
Part 1: Is it really possible to create a better society?
Part 2: Eliminating the "peasant class"
Part 3: Making culture more sensible
Part 4: Tourism, travel, and adventure
Part 5: Copyrights
Part 6: Population Quality Control
Part 7: Concepts for a New Society
Part 8: How would a government manage society?
Part 9: A better society requires more self-control
Part 10: The City and World Governments
Part 11: No pain, no gain
Part 12: A city is a “human terrarium”
Part 13: Male-female relationships
Part 14: Leadership for the economy
Part 15: Freedom and leadership


Creating a better government
     Part 1: Language and the Second Amendment
     Part 2: Laws are to organize us, not control us
     Part 3: A government can be modeled after a business
     Part 4: The denial of genetics
     Part 5: The illusion of happiness
     Part 6: Our inheritance from animals
     Part 7: Let's do something!


A Constitution for the New City of Kastron
    Part 1: Culture needs a realistic foundation
    Part 2: Problems to deal with
    Part 3: High standards conflict with democracies
    Part 4: What is a Constitution?
    Part 5: Censorship and organized religions
    Part 6: Virtuous Monkeys
    Part 7: We should remove our safety net
    Part 8: Discover your talents and join us!



Conspiracies and Underdogs
A lot people sarcastically dismiss "conspiracy theories", but everybody believes in some conspiracies, such as the conspiracy that Arabs attacked us on September 11. Which conspiracies are nonsense? Are you being led down the wrong path? Here is a series of articles on the subject:

Which conspiracies are nonsense?



 Bob Parsons and his Go Daddy« company
Businessmen should compete to produce useful products and services, but many of them compete to manipulate us.

My strange dispute with Go Daddy


Josef Fritzl and his sex and torture chambers
His behavior, and that of the police and the Austrian people, bring up a lot of interesting issues that affect all societies


What to do with the USA?
The nation has problems, but we're not in a solve them simply by voting for a new president.

1) Quit hating and pouting
2) Are we doing any good?
3) Know who your friends are?
4) Am I un-patriotic or anti-whatever?

South Park; Comedy or Subversion?
How many comedians are following the Protocols of Zion by promoting certain concepts in order to manipulate people and break down society?

Why don't they joke about the Holocaust, or 9/11? Tell your favorite comedian to joke about these issues:


What is Zionism? Who are we trying to help?
Are we anti-Semitic for complaining about Zionism? What is Zionism? Many of us complain about Zionism, but who are we trying to help? Most of the victims of the Zionists don't appreciate our efforts, so why are we concerned about them?