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How do we improve our world? It doesn't help to complain; we have to do something in order to make our situation better. But what do we do?
    Part 1: Introduction to "Human Software"
    Part 2: How do we select better leaders?
    Part 3: Designing better nations and cities
    Part 4: We must be like gears in a machine
    Part 5: History: the science of human culture
    Part 6: A melting pot or a garden of human flowers?
    Part 7: Leisure activities and Cooperation
    Part 8: Exercises and Games
    Part 9: Sports
    Part 10: The new phase of human evolution
    Part 11: Food and Society
         • August 2011 update, Databases and Capsaicin 
         • October 2011 update, my health and food issues
         • February 2012 update, on my health

Creating a better society
My specific suggestions:

    Part 1: Is it really possible to create a better society?
    Part 2: Eliminating the "peasant class"
    Part 3: Making culture more sensible
    Part 4: Tourism, travel, and adventure
    Part 5: Copyrights
    Part 6: Population Quality Control
    Part 7: Concepts for a New Society
    Part 8: How would a government manage society?
    Part 9: A better society requires more self-control
    Part 10: The City and World Governments
    Part 11: No pain, no gain
    Part 12: A city is a “human terrarium”
    Part 13: Male-female relationships
    Part 14: Leadership for the economy
    Part 15: Freedom and leadership

Creating a better government
     Part 1: Language and the Second Amendment
     Part 2: Laws are to organize us, not control us
     Part 3: A government can be modeled after a business
     Part 4: The denial of genetics
     Part 5: The illusion of happiness
     Part 6: Our inheritance from animals
     Part 7: Let's do something!

A Constitution for the New City of Kastron
    Part 1: Culture needs a realistic foundation
    Part 2: Problems to deal with
    Part 3: High standards conflict with democracies
    Part 4: What is a Constitution?
    Part 5: Censorship and organized religions
    Part 6: Virtuous Monkeys
    Part 7: We should remove our safety net
    Part 8: Discover your talents and join us!

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