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How can Zionists
take control of the USA?

23 July 2007
updated 31 January 2008 here and here

The Zionist movement was officially established in 1897, and it has grown into a gigantic, worldwide organization. Most people have been oblivious to this movement, the crimes it has been committing, and its true goals.
Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897:

“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans. .  The anti-semites shall be our best friends”.
-- From Herzl's Diary

The Zionist movement has depended upon secrecy in order to get control of the media, government, military, and police departments. However, during past few years, the Internet, computers, CD ROMs, and DVDs has stripped them of their secrecy. Ordinary citizens with an ordinary computer can now expose Zionism to millions of people around the world.

There is no possible way the Zionist crime network can survive. It doesn't matter how much propaganda they create, and it doesn't matter how many of us they murder. Their cloak of secrecy is gone, and they cannot get it back.

Every day it gets worse for them; it's only a matter of time before they are thoroughly exposed to virtually everybody who can think. Only the hopeless losers will remain oblivious to Zionism.

The more intelligent Zionists will probably abandon their crime network and find some place to live the rest of their life in peace and quiet, but a lot of them appear to be willing to fight to the very end. What will they do in order to save themselves? It looks as if they're trying get more control over the American and European governments, and they may have captured the Bollyn family.

Where is the Bollyn family?

We don't know what has happened to the Bollyns, so it is possible that they are alive but unable to get to a safe place. Perhaps the Zionists are making it difficult for them to get anywhere. Perhaps they will turn up soon in the future.

However, we should consider the possibility that they have been captured by Zionists because the behavior of virtually everybody in this "truth movement" is suggesting that there is a deliberate attempt to convince us to forget about the Bollyn family so that they can murder them. Understanding this technique is very important because once you learn the technique, you can avoid being tricked by it.

Why would Zionists want to murder the Bollyns?

Have you seen his articles? We have many of them here:

His wife has been trying to expose the sinking of the Estonia for many years. It may have been sunk to prevent Zionists from stealing Russian technology:

Christopher Bollyn was the only honest investigative reporter in America who was looking into the 9/11 attacks, and he was uncovering the Zionist connection to it. He was doing a lot of things that would annoy the Zionists, such as calling Michael Chertoff's relatives on the phone and asking if Benjamin Chertoff was a relative.

In May of 2006, the Bollyn family stayed at my house. During that time Christopher wrote three articles for the American Free Press, but the editor of the newspaper did not put them into the newspaper immediately. Christopher is still not certain if one of them was ever published. I created a controversy when I wrote about these suppressed articles in my conclusion of the Sam Danner saga:

On August 15, Christopher was arrested. The reaction to his arrest helped expose WingTV and the American Free Press as Zionist organizations:

They try to break us apart

One of the techniques that the Zionists use to keep control of us is to prevent us from working together. As individuals, we can't do very much, but when we work together, we can do a lot.

For example, consider Until September 8, 2007, when I came to the conclusion that Daryl Bradford Smith is definitely another Zionist agent, I was maintaining that site for Smith, and I created a special page for Bollyn's articles. Bollyn started doing some interviews by himself specifically for our site. He only had a chance to do two interviews, but if not for his arrest, he would have been able to contribute a lot more.

By working together, we can do a lot more than if each of us is operating independently. Bollyn noticed the effect we have, as you can hear from these two excerpts of many interviews in which he praised iamthewitness:
Update #1, 31 Jan 2008: Daryl Smith told me to include some excerpts of Bollyn's praise of Smith in order to help give Smith some credibility. Smith actually listened through all of the old interviews with Bollyn in order to find some interviews in which Bollyn praised Smith, and he told me of the two interviews underneath this "update box".

Then, a few months after I put this article together and included these excerpts, Smith attacked Bollyn and demanded that I also attack Bollyn. Smith has turned out to be an amazing con artist, as I explain in several documents here.

Anyway, that is the reason I added the following two excerpts to this article when I originally wrote it, in case you're wondering why I included excerpts of Bollyn praising Smith in this article.

• excerpt29may2007.mp3
• excerpt17may2007.mp3

The interviews those excerpts came from are here:

Tuesday, 29 May 2007
Bollyn, on his arrest, and why the "truth seekers" are ignoring this.
Note: this is his last audio interview (he did not expect it to be his last). Click here
Thursday, 17 May 2007
Smith, Bollyn, and Hufschmid on Bollyn's trial, Professor Jones, and growing a backbone.  Click here

Because a team can do much more than an individual, whenever two or more of us work together, the Zionists try to break us apart, such as by starting fights between us. They begin by pretending that they are our friends, and that they want to help us fight Zionism. After they think they have our trust, they try to create suspicions between us.

Was Christopher Jon Bjerknes trying to break us apart?

When Smith was doing a radio show for the GCN network, Bjerknes, who has, sometimes called the show to expose Zionism. When Smith started his own show, he interviewed Bjerknes several times. It seemed like a very nice relationship. Bjerknes is Jewish, but he did not approve of Zionism.

However, after a while Bjerknes suggested to me that I do my own interviews and stop working with Smith, and he suggested to Smith that he stop working with me. Shortly after providing these suggestions, Bjerknes stopped talking to both of us.

Was Bjerknes providing what he considered to be helpful advice? Did he stop talking to us because he doesn't like our personalities or our approach to exposing Zionism? The most likely explanation is he a Crypto-Zionist, and he was trying to break us apart.
Update #2, 31 Jan 2008:
I just noticed that Bjerknes was interviewed by Daryl Smith on 16 July 2006, and in that interview Smith referred my article What if North Korean terrorists attacked us? (Smith didn't write it.)

In that article I point out that because there are so many Jews involved in 9/11, we are fools to let Jews get involved with the 9/11 investigation. Listen as Bjerknes says this is a bad idea. He wants Jews involved in the investigation.
Smith-Bjerknes-16July2006.mp3  only 200 kbytes

And then both Smith and Bjerknes insist that not all Jews are involved. Smith does this all the time. He and other "truth seekers" imply the majority of Jews are loving, wonderful, kind and honest. He wants only a very small number of Jews and Bush administration officials to be blamed. We are fools to trust any Jew, and that includes the Jew Chris Jon Bjerknes!

They have us arrested or create legal problems

Arranging for us to be arrested, or filing lawsuits against us, can cause us to waste a lot of our time and money, thereby preventing us from exposing Zionism.

On 15 August 2006, Bollyn called the police to have them investigate a mysterious car with three men wearing body armor. The police ended up arresting him that evening. He was taken to the police station and put into jail later that night. It was early morning in France, and Daryl Smith immediately got on the phone and started calling the police and other people to put pressure on the police to let Bollyn out. Fortunately, the police gave up and let Bollyn out of jail after a couple of hours.

Bollyn then had to waste a lot of his time and money trying to figure out what to do about his upcoming trial. The Zionists benefited from this because it caused a tremendous reduction in the number of articles that he would have written.

They try to create financial problems for us

If we work for an organization that the Zionists have influence over, a simple method for them to cause us trouble is to get us fired from our job.

Christopher Bollyn was fired from the American Free Press in October 2006. The only way to explain why they would fire their only honest investigative reporter is that they could no longer tolerate his articles that exposed Zionism. They also did not want to bring publicity to his upcoming trial.

The Zionists were probably hoping that Bollyn would be forced to get some other type of job and stop his journalism. However, I provided a page (at Smith's website) for people to donate to the Bollyn family, and as long as some donations came in, Bollyn was determined to continue his investigative journalism. So, their attempt to stop Bollyn by firing him did not work.

They arrange for us to disappear

The Zionists decided to fix the trial so that Bollyn gets convicted. He would then be sent to jail, or he would try to flee, making him a fugitive.

Bollyn received a lot of useful legal advice from his loving supporters, such as Robert J. More and Linda Shelton. However, if some or all of his supporters were actually Zionist agents, they would be able to help him out of the country:

"Christopher, Your family should flee the country rather than go to jail. I know some people who can help you. Pack your suitcases, and we will pick you up on the night of June 10, and then we will take you to a safe place. Then we will help get you out of the country. Don't worry, you can trust us. The proof that you can trust us is that we donated money to you and/or gave you helpful advice! Would a Zionist give money to you or help you? Of course not!"

We cannot disappear unless people forget about us

The only way they can get away with murdering the Bollyn family is if they convince everybody to forget about the family. But how can they get people to stop thinking about the Bollyn family?

How do you convince a young child to stop playing with one of your possessions? One technique is to offer him a toy that attracts his attention, and move your item out of his sight so that he doesn't see it. He will then play with that toy and forget about your item.

The same trick also works with adults. Specifically, the Zionists have to provide an alternative to Bollyn for us to "play with", and they have to get Bollyn out of our sight so that we forget about him.

Take a look at the behavior of the "truth seekers" ever since Bollyn's trial was completed. Most of them are completely ignoring him. They avoid mentioning him by name, and the few people who mention him by name are telling us that he is fine, and that we have nothing to worry about. It appears as if they are trying to "remove him from our sight" so that we forget about him.

To make us feel better, a lot of us have been receiving e-mails from both Christopher and his wife, but these e-mails don't make much sense. For example, they claim to be alive and well, but they refuse to do interviews with everybody. Why are they so afraid? Something is keeping them in a state of fear.

Who could serve as a Bollyn substitute?

In order to get away with murdering the Bollyn family, the Zionist crime network needs to find other people to take Bollyn's position of investigative journalist. They need people to become Bollyn substitutes. Who is capable of exposing Zionism?

The American Free Press quickly hired Mark Glenn to serve as an investigative journalist, but it's easy to expose Glenn as a Zionist agent. For example, take a look at how he claims President Johnson played a major role in the attack on the USS Liberty in this article.

Mark Glenn is no better than Alex Jones at producing propaganda. The Zionists need somebody with more intelligence and more credibility.
How about Christopher Jon Bjerknes, of

Did you notice that Bjerknes has recently been getting a lot of attention and doing his own audio interviews?

His first interview was with Jim Condit Jr:

Mark Dankof, a host at the RBN radio network, interviewed Bjerknes on 18 July 2007 for 3 hours:

Jeff Rense interviewed Bjerknes on July 18 and 22, 2007:

Henry Makow promoted Bjerknes on July 22, 2007:

David Duke promotes that article at his site, also!

Bjerknes certainly is popular all of a sudden! But is Bjerknes an honest investigator? Or is he one of the people trying to take the place of Bollyn by creating the impression that he is a critic and investigator of Zionism?  

“Jews are racists! Follow me to 

I will lead you to the truth. You can trust me because I say bad things about Zionism.”

If Bjerknes can convince the Goyim to follow him to his website, they may forget about Bollyn.

Criminals can provide the best investigation of their crime

Who would be the best at uncovering details about the crimes of the Carlo Gambino gang:

A) An honest police detective
B) A Gambino gang member

It should be obvious that if one of the Gambino gang members was pretending to be an independent investigator of the Gambino crimes, he would be able to uncover amazing details of their crimes, creating the impression that he is a much better investigator than the police detectives.

This concept also applies to the September 11 attack, the world wars, the attack on the USS Liberty, and the London 7-7 train bombings. Specifically, if Christopher Jon Bjerknes, Alex Jones, the American Free Press, or, are part of the Zionist crime network, they could release details about 9/11 that would make it appear as if they were incredible investigators.

When somebody provides amazing details about a crime, you should ask yourself, "Where did he get that information?"

How can they lure you away from us?

In order to draw people away from us, the Zionists have to provide websites that are at least as good as ours.
If nobody was opposing Zionism, their sites would be the only ones on the Internet, so they wouldn't have to do much to lure you to their sites.
If a few sites are exposing their crimes, then the Zionists will be under pressure to make their propaganda more deceptive and more appealing.

But if those other sites are not very impressive, the Zionists don't have to do much. They only have to be as good as their enemies.

The better we become at exposing Zionism, the more pressure the Zionists are under to say at least as much as we say. We force them to produce more attractive propaganda, and we force them to expose more details about their crimes.

One of their common techniques is to pretend that they are patriots. In America, they often post pictures of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Alex Floum has taken this patriotic deception to such an extreme that he refers to himself as George Washington; he created "George Washington's Blog" as I explained here:
• 2929Entertainment.html#Floum
• Hufschmid_20Apr2007.html#Floum

When we uncover details about Zionism, the Zionists must also provide more details in order to keep up with us. However, since they have inside information, they are in a position to release details that none of us would have ever figured out. Therefore, when they get desperate to give themselves credibility, they can release some details about themselves to make it appear as if they are brilliant investigators.

For example, a few months ago some of the Zionist agents, such as Alex Jones, announced that the BBC had talked about the collapse of Building 7 about 20 minutes before it actually collapsed. This mistake was broadcast on British television, but apparently the British citizens didn't think anything of it. Only the people involved with the attack realized that it was a terrible mistake (or sabotage), and so they immediately suppressed this information, and it was never put on television again. 

Then, in 2007, with the credibility of Alex Jones, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and other Zionist agents dropping rapidly, some of the Zionist agents brought this video out of hiding and held it up as evidence that they are brilliant investigators who just uncovered important evidence that the September 11 attack was a false flag operation.

When somebody uncovers important information about a crime, that does not prove that he is an honest investigator. We must consider the possibility that he is a member of the crime network, and his job was to release a few details of their crime in order to fool you into believing that he is an honest investigator.

Ted Gunderson, a former FBI agent, is now an independent investigator, and he works with the American Free Press. He is on the left in the photo below with his friend Anthony Hilder, who is also working with the American Free Press.
Note: If you trust the American Free Press or The Barnes Review, take a look at my article about them.

Gunderson gets involved with a lot of pedophilia cases, such as the McMartin preschool case, and the disappearance of Johnny Gosch, but what has he accomplished? He has also worked with John DeCamp, who wrote The Franklin Cover-up. Does John DeCamp realize that Gunderson should not be trusted?

Gunderson and Hilder have been investigating many crimes for decades, but what have they accomplished? Their silence on the issue of Zionism suggests that they are soldiers in the gigantic Zionist army.

The photo above is one of the photos sent to the mother of Johnny Gosch. She says it is her son. An orphan boy, Paul Bonacci, said that he was used as bait to lure Johnny Gosch to a car so that he could be kidnapped.

Bonacci also testified in court that Congressman Barney Frank and other government officials would have orphans shipped to their parties so that they could be used for sex. There is only one reason the police cannot stop this crime; our government and police agencies are protecting pedophilia and the sex slave trade.
• DarylBradfordSmith_DeCamp.html

Why do the "truth seekers" ignore Bollyn and Hufschmid?

We don't expect everybody to like us or agree with us, but a very suspicious aspect of this "truth movement" is that virtually every "truth seeker" is ignoring us. This cannot be due to personal preferences. This has to be a coordinated attempt to push us aside and promote their own people as "truth seekers".

Jim Condit Jr. has done a few radio shows of his own, but he will not interview me. He also continues to promote and associate with many of the suspicious white supremacists, Nazis, and anti-Semites, such as Mike Piper, Willis Carto, Mark Glenn, and Joe Fields.

Some people have suggested to us that Dylan Avery, Jim Condit Jr, Chris Bjerknes, Reverend Ted Pike, and other "truth seekers" simply have a different approach to exposing corruption, or they are trying to please everybody, or they are naive, overly trusting, or victims of Zionist deception. However, people who promote deception are dangerous, regardless of whether they do it as result of naivety or because they are working with the Zionist crime network.

My philosophy is that you would not let an incompetent pilot fly your airplane, and you would not let an incompetent dentist work on your teeth, so why allow incompetent "truth seekers" to tell you how to fix the world?

They distract us with exciting events

Did you notice that Ed Brown was staging a fight over the Federal Reserve and the income tax issue? He also appears regularly on the RBN radio show, as well as other alternative radio shows, and even the mainstream television news. Have you seen his appearance on television in which he promotes Aaron Russo?

Update: Ed Brown claims that the Vatican is behind the world's problems:

Cindy Sheehan is pretending to be a hero by demanding that Nancy Pelosi start impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney. It would make sense to impeach the Zionist crime network, but what good does it do to impeach Bush or Cheney? President Pelosi will not save us from the Zionist crime network, especially when you consider that she works with Rahm Emanuel. Have you seen Bollyn's article about him?
I suspect that Cindy Sheehan is working with the Jewish crime network, and that she uses her dead son as bait to lure us to people who protect Zionism, such as Jesse Jackson.

Did you see the evidence that Jackson became famous because he helped in the assassination was Martin Luther King?

Ed Brown, Cindy Sheehan, and other "exciting" people and events can distract us from more important events, such as the mysterious disappearance of the Bollyn family; the pardon of Scooter Libby; and the Iraq war. They also remain silent about 9/11, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and other Jewish crimes.

Nobody cares about the Bollyns; why would they care about you?

Do you see anybody in the "alternative media" showing any concern about the Bollyn family? Since they don't care about the Bollyn family, do you think they would care about you if you disappeared? Do you think the Idaho Observer, The American Free Press, the RBN radio network, or Online Journal would provide a news report about your disappearance?

The only news report about the Bollyns that the "truth seekers" promoted recently was the report implying that they are alive and well, and we needn't worry about them:

The police don't care about Bollyn, and they don't care about 9/11, and they don't care about the Oklahoma City bombing. Do you think the police would care if you disappeared?

The military doesn't care about the attack on the USS Liberty, the attack on the Pentagon, or the Iraq war. Do you think anybody in the military would care if you died?

Everybody who has subscribed to the American Free Press, The Barnes Review, the Idaho Observer, RBN, GCN, or any of the other patriot groups, historical revisionist groups, vote-fraud groups, anti-war groups, or peace groups, should wonder who they gave their name and money to.

If they get away with murdering the Bollyns, who will be next?

If the Zionists can fool you into going to their sites and forgetting about the Bollyn family, they can dispose of the Bollyns and nobody will notice. They could then do the same with me and everybody else who opposes them.

They may have been doing this to their critics for decades, but nobody noticed. If it were not for the Internet, would you realize that the Bollyns are missing? How would you find out if it were not for the Internet? The news media is not reporting it; the police are not reporting it; Alex Jones is not reporting it; and none of the other groups of patriots, truth seekers, or investigators are reporting it. I am the only person reporting it or showing any concern about them.

The Zionists have acquired total control of the media, and virtually all other organizations. The only thing they don't have control over yet is the Internet. They are saturating the Internet with their websites, but they cannot block our sites.

This situation is not a game. The Zionist crime network is gigantic; it has organizations around the world. We don't know exactly what their goal is, but we can deduce what it is through their actions, the Protocols of Zion, and Harold Rosenthal (he is easier to understand than the protocols):
• Harold_Rosenthal.html
• Protocols-of-Zion.htm

Can we trust

Occasionally somebody will ask us why judicial-inc is promoting dishonest websites, and why they don't seem capable of spelling my name (Hufschmid) correctly:

Near the bottom of that page are their recommended websites, and it's rather shocking that most of the sites they promote are Zionist propaganda sites. The two most extreme are:
• Signs Of The Times

Their spelling errors may be innocent errors, but why would a site that is so critical of Zionism promote Zionist websites? It is possible that they have been trying desperately to lure people away from Hufschmid and Bollyn, and if they had been successful, we would have disappeared long ago.

We don't know who can be trusted, and there's only one way to find out. We must stop the secrecy that has been protecting organized crime. We must investigate everybody. Don't be intimidated when somebody complains that they feel insulted that you question their honesty.

I have more about the issue of Jews pretending to expose Zionist crimes here:

Judicial-inc has some amazing information on Jewish crimes, and this would be understandable if they are Zionist Jews because criminals know a lot about their own crimes!

Be a smart fish! Take the information from, but don't be fooled into trusting Birdman Bryant, Signs Of The Times, or the other liars they promote.

 What can we do?

As individuals, we are vulnerable. They can pick us off one by one. We must find people to help us. However, most of the people offering to help us are Zionist agents so you have to be careful who you trust. The Bollyn family made a very big mistake about who to trust.

In order to protect ourselves, we need more people to help us spread this information. Warn people about the deception, and encourage them to stop giving money to the Zionists. Virtually every newspaper, magazine, and radio station is under their control. They also control a lot of the gambling casinos, illegal drugs, prostitutes, and strip clubs. It would also help to avoid purchasing Bronfman's whiskey.

The American people may do nothing to stop Zionism, but Zionism is going to be defeated regardless. The reason is that America is becoming a nation of government workers and poor immigrants. We are losing manufacturing and  engineering. America will eventually become like the rest of Central and South America. There will be a point at which America will not be able to protect the Zionist crime network. The Rothschilds, the Oppenheimers, Israel, and everybody else associated with the Zionist crime network will become vulnerable.

The Zionist crime gangs have created a lot of anger around the world, and it doesn't matter if Israel has hundreds of nuclear bombs and it doesn't matter that the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, and Bronfman's have a lot of money. A tiny group of criminals is not going to survive in a world that is becoming increasingly disgusted with them. And the longer they pursue their futile attempt at world conquest, the more anger they will create.

Those of you who are helping the Zionist crime network should face the fact that the party is over; you no longer have the secrecy that you require. Give it up. The sooner you end this, the less suffering for everybody, especially for you, the Zionist gang members.

For more information

Some audio files about the Bollyn incident:
13 July • 16 July • 18 July

Bollyn's audio files are here

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