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NOTE: I made this page for Smith near the end of 2005 when the two of us were exposing the truth seekers as a Zionist agents.

During 2005, both of us were condemned for criticizing "truth seekers", so I put this together to defend Smith.

updated 7 Jan 2006
Daryl Bradford Smith is the Black Mamba of the Truth Movement

"Don't tread on me"

America and Europe are being destroyed, and if you lack the intelligence to join with me and help me, get out of my way, or be considered one of my enemies.


A closer look at 
Jon Carlson's articles

The successful disinformationalist starts a relationship by treating us with decency in order to earn our trust. After we trust them, they cheat us.
This is the pattern I see with Tom Flocco. Flocco started writing articles that seemed sensible, and after a large number of people trusted him, he began writing idiotic articles.

Jon Carlson seems to be following the same pattern. Some of Carlson's early articles were primarily photos, so there was nothing to complain about. For example, there are only four sentences in this entire article, not counting the title:

The photos are related to the 9-11 attack, so the article makes Carlson appear to be a true 9/11 researcher who was helping us understand what happened that day.

This article also makes Carlson appear to be an honest, 9/11 investigator who speculates on the model of engine and landing gear:

In this article Carlson appears to be defending the 9/11 investigators:

Carlson is a wonderful man who wants to expose 9-11, right? Wrong.

Carlson is a disinformationalist

His latest articles are absurd and poorly written. Look at this article, for example:

He complains that my web site is promoting an Israeli connection to 9/11, and he states:

There is no evidence of a Israel connection to 9/11.

However, he does not offer any evidence that my research of the Israeli connection is flawed. I suppose he thinks that he has built up such a strong reputation as an honest 9/11 investigator that he can fool people into trusting him without asking for evidence.

He then goes on to mention a radio interview I had with Eric Hufschmid. He starts the paragraph with:

He pushes Peak Oil.

Who pushes Peak Oil? Certainly not me or Hufschmid. Judging by the rest of Carlson's paragraph, it appears that he glanced at the first chapter of Hufschmid's book in which there is a quote from Mortimer Zuckerman, who promoted the idea that we are running out of oil and that we must get access to the oil in the Caspian Sea area before the Russians get it.

Did Carlson really miss the reason Hufschmid included Zuckerman's remarks about oil? I think not. I suspect that Carlson assumes that he can use his reputation as a 9/11 researcher to turn people away from me, Hufschmid, and other people who are exposing the truth about the 9/11 attack.

If a high school student had written that article, virtually every teacher would complain. For example, Carlson starts a paragraph with this sentence: 

Wrapping himself in Jimmy Walter. 

What does that mean? It appears as if he is trying to criticize Hufschmid. However, in this article:

Carlson holds up Andreas von Bulow for solving the 9/11 attack. The ironic aspect of this is that von Bulow wrote a book about 9/11, and he references Hufschmid's book to explain that the towers were demolished with explosives, and he even includes some of Hufschmid's photos and drawings.

Carlson criticizes Kaminski

One of Carlson's newest articles criticizes John Kaminski:

There are good reasons to question Kaminski's true intentions because Kaminski depends on donations to support himself. It is acceptable to question a person who takes donations, even Daryl Bradford Smith, because he might be influenced by the people who donate.

However, Carlson does not question where Kaminski's money comes from, nor whether Kaminski is influenced by the donations. Instead, we find vague criticism of Kaminski's implication that Israel was involved in 9-11. And we find the following remark in Carlson's article:

Jared Israel gets the honors for first connecting the Bush administration to 9/11.

This is one of the clues as to what Carlson is doing. He is supporting Jared Israel, and Jared Israel is one of the many "9-11 Truth Seekers" who denies any Israeli involvement in 9/11.

The pattern you should see with these people is that they are trying to put all of of the blame for 9/11 on George Bush and/or Dick Cheney. Sometimes they blame the CIA. But they never blame Israel, and rarely mention Britain, the Rothschilds, the media executives, Larry Silverstein, or the Mossad.

Karl Schwarz; a grifter

Jon Carlson and other people promote Karl Schwarz. However, from personal conversations I have had with Schwarz, and from the research I and others have done, I can guarantee that Schwarz is a grifter who is lying to us about his personal wealth, lying about his Patmos company, and lying about his connections with wealthy and important people.

Before anybody promotes Schwarz, they should look into his company and his past:
Update: Schwarz's web sites seem to have vanished.

Perhaps the reason Jon Carlson promotes Karl Schwarz so often is because Carlson is actually Schwarz. This not-so-clever technique allows Schwarz to promote himself.

Can you see a pattern with UFOs?

  • Steven Greer is very active in promoting UFOs with his Disclosure Project.

  • Stanton Friedman claims be one of the pioneers in UFO exposure. 

  • Art Bell has been promoting aliens and other ridiculous ideas for years on his coast-to-coast radio show

  • One pattern I see is that many of the people who are actively promoting UFOs have strong ties to Israel, or to other Zionists.

    Can you figure it out?

    These UFO researchers claim to be truth seekers who want the government to stop lying about aliens, but they lie to us about Israel's role in 9/11, the attack on the USS Liberty, the assassination of President Kennedy, and other crimes. 

    Also, they lie to us about the role of the media, the banking families, and the Mossad, and they lie about the creation of Israel.

    Some of these people, such as Art Bell, go even further by defending the government story of 9/11 and other crimes.

    These people also promote one another, but they criticize or ignore people who are exposing the Israeli / Zionist connection to these crimes, such as myself, Eric Hufschmid, and Christopher Bollyn. Do you really think it is a coincidence that they don't like us?

    Who is Jeff Rense?

    Try to find information about this man. People will justify his secrecy on the grounds that he is afraid for his life, which is justifiable.

    If Rense was posting intelligent articles that expose corruption, he would be justified in worrying about his life, but most on his web site is nonsense about Martians, or poorly written articles by Jon Carlson or Karl Schwarz. Why would the government want to hurt a person who promotes nonsense?

    However, it is also possible that he is hiding something more sinister. His stepmother, Paige Rense, is editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest. This is one of the magazines owned by Si Newhouse.

    For all we know, Jeff Rense truly believes in UFOs, and associates of Si Newhouse or others are encouraging his UFO habit. 
    Please read our article about the media if you never heard of Newhouse or wonder why we wonder about him.

    It is common for stepfathers, stepmothers, stepsisters, etc. to dislike one another, so Jeff Rense may have no contact with his stepmother or her associates.

    However, the conventional media publications are covering up 9-11 and other horrendous crimes, so we are fools if we do not consider the possibility that Jeff Rense is being influenced by these criminals.

    If Jeff Rense produced a web site that was full of useful and honest information, and if his authors were sensible, intelligent people, there would be no reason to question his association with the Zionists criminal network that controls our media. 

    However, the Rense site is mostly deception and nonsense, and most of his articles are lousy quality or mindless drivel. Is it a coincidence that this worthless web site is the product of a person whose stepmother works for the Zionist's criminal network?

    The person who runs the Cytations blog also has questions about Rense:

    One of the reader's comments at the Cytations site points out an important problem with Rense:

    It just occurred to me that Rense is mixing alien stuff with 9-11 and zionism to create the impression that people who complain about 9-11 AND zionism are all lunatics.

    When a person decides to look on the Internet about 9-11 or zionism, if they discover the Rense site, they will get a bad image of us.

    If you cannot help,
    get out of my way

    I am not doing my radio show for entertainment, nor for money. I'm trying to expose corruption and make a better world, and I am getting fed up with the people who get in my way, or who refuse to help. I would rather spend my life doing something more pleasant. I want this corruption to end as soon as possible.

    I am calling for Jeff Rense and other people to immediately stop promoting Jon Carlson. Carlson belongs on the list of suspects in the 9/11 disinformation campaign, and anybody who continues to promote this man after reading his latest articles should also be considered a suspect. And Karl Schwarz should also be investigated.

    I also want Rense and other people to stop promoting UFO theories. A photo that shows a blurry object in the sky is nothing more than a photo of a blurry object. Anybody who claims the blurry object is a spacecraft with aliens from Alpha Centauri is incapable of proper reasoning, or a disinformation agent who is trying to make conspiracy theories seem idiotic.

    People who truly believe aliens are flying around the earth should get out of the 9/11 movement and stop pretending they they are 9/11 researchers. We don't need idiots in this movement. This is a serious fight against a lot of intelligent Zionists, and we don't need morons giving us a bad image.

    We need to attract people who can think properly, not idiots who believe aliens are making crop circles, or lunatics who believe in Paranormal Holiday Stories. We will not defeat the Zionists with a horde of morons. How about this article: How To Tell If You've Been Raped By A Space Alien

    Whitley Strieber, the radio host, has a journal entry for December 26th, 2005 in which he describes how he was raped by insect-like aliens 20 years earlier. Why does Strieber use the word "rape"? Why not describe it as an "experiment" or "analysis"? Does he have a fetish for anal sex with aliens? People like Strieber are giving the phrase "conspiracy theory" a bad image.

    Daryl Bradford Smith has seen God

    On a recent trip to Niagara Falls, Smith was enjoying the beautiful view when he noticed God high up in the sky. Smith quickly took this photograph.

    Smith drew a circle around God, and a square around an angel that is rising from the ground.

    Smith is now trying to get God to autograph this photo. Please pray for Smith's success.

    Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, imagine hundreds of web sitse displaying photos of blurry objects and claiming, "Look, here is a photo of God."

    Discussions are acceptable;
    Deception is a crime

    It is acceptable to discuss the issue of whether there is a god, and whether there are several gods, but it is not acceptable to point to a blurry object in a photograph and claim that the blurry object is God.

    Likewise, it is acceptable to discuss the issue of whether there are aliens on the earth, but it is not acceptable to point to a blurry object in a photograph and claim that the blurry object is an alien spacecraft.

    Please see our new article about UFOs and religion for more details on why we complain so much about UFOs.

    James Neff, the webmaster for Rense, wrote:

    The simple fact of the matter is, UFOs (and whatever may be piloting them) are a substantive, verified and massively documented phenomena

    This is not an intelligent person discussing the possibility of life on other planets. Rather, he and other UFO promoters are trying to put emotional pressure on us to believe that UFOs have been proven to exist. They don't show us the proof; rather, they tell us that UFOs have been proven.

    We should consider the possibility that they are doing this deliberately to give discussions of "conspiracies" a bad image.

    Don't support UFO sites

    Daryl Bradford Smith will no longer tolerate the contamination of evidence of Israel's complicity in world domination. They are mixing UFOs, crop circles, Remote Viewing, and other drivel to discredit the hard evidence of Zionist crimes.

    Do not post Smith's material on any site that promotes such nonsense, and don't support the radio hosts who promote it.

    I also am asking John Kaminski to stop posting articles on the Rense web site. John, why are you supporting Rense?

    People who knowingly deceive people are criminals; con artists; swindlers. The UFO swindlers belong on the list to be guillotined. They are giving the subject of "conspiracies" a bad image, which in turn is allowing corruption to continue.

    Please read our earlier article about the guillotine list before you complain about the previous paragraph.

    If you think UFOs are real, all you have to do is Remote View the people at Coast to Coast radio, and others like them, and watch them laugh at the Useful Idiots who believe their nonsense.

    Here is an example of the UFO propaganda:  Eight foot tall aliens
    If you believe in remote viewing, then you should remote view Greg Szymanski to determine if he truly believes in UFOs, or if he is working with the Jewish crime network to fool the Gullible Goyim.