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911.wmv video
9-11 Videos

9-11: A Closer Look
Low res   24 mb
•  High res  53 mb

Are the criminals frightened?
•  Low res  20 mb

For Christopher Bollyn's speech

Flight 77, Uranium
5 mb

Thermite at South Tower
5 mb

Desperate wives

Part 1
16 mb

19 mb

One Woman's Attempt to Inspire Others.

9-11 flash movie
2 mb

Apollo flash movie
3 mb (silent movie)

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Was 9/11 an "Inside Job"? Why would Americans attack themselves? We didn't!

It was an "Outside Job" by Israelis and Zionist Jews!

Benjamin Freedman's speech

An important speech that should be part of history courses. He verifies what many of us figured out on our own, but when we say it, we are accused of anti-Semitism.

More videos at this page: HowToHelp.html

Articles on 9/11 and other deceptive crimes: Eric

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Descriptions of the flash and video files

9-11 Flash Movie

A woman who read my book called me with the suggestion that I made a Macromedia flash movie about 9-11.

She offered to write the text and together we selected the images.

She hopes to inspire other people to look at my book and DVD and learn about the 9-11 attack.

'A Closer Look'

I made this for a 9/11 event in Santa Barbara on 11 Sep 2004.

'Are the
Criminals Frightened'

This is similar to my speech for the European 9-11 Tour, and in Florida, which was sponsored by Jimmy Walter.

Bollyn's video

Uranium may have been used at the WTC and the Pentagon.

Bollyn has several articles about this, and he discussed it during Jimmy Walter's European 9-11 Tour:
Uranium 1

About thermite at the South Tower:

Desperate Wives

Why would the US military ignore 9-11 and other crimes?

These excerpts from an interview with Kay Griggs show one reason.

Kay Griggs is another woman who wants a better world.

Will the men give it to her?

- From 2004 -
Join the Invisible 9-11 Army now!

Do you wonder why John Kerry will not complain about the cheating in the 2004 election?  Click here

Did some French know about 9-11? Here is a short video with excerpts from the documentary, "9/11 The Filmmakers' Commemorative Edition" that might get you wondering.

FrenchRevenge.wmv   3.8 mb video

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