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How do
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Truth from Lies?

The truth does not need protection!
"So then I said, 'Don't talk about the Apollo moon landing hoax because the public is not ready for it' and the idiots fell for it!"

And how do we determine who to trust?

updated 15 March 2007
by Eric Hufschmid

After I wrote about the deception in the 9/11 movement, people have been asking me, "How can we figure out who to trust?"

The truth can be placed in the open; exposed naked to the entire world. The truth does not need any laws to protect it, and it does not need secrecy to protect it. The truth does not need evidence destroyed, nor does it need videotapes to be confiscated.

Only lies need secrecy; only lies need protection from laws. Only lies benefit from fear, secrecy, blackmail, gossip, and confiscation of evidence.

For example, to determine the truth about the 9/11 attack, we only have to bring out all of the video recordings, the photographs, the rubble from the World Trade Center, the seismic data, and the testimony of the witnesses. By letting us see everything, we will eventually figure out what happened and who is a liar.

However, the media and government are suppressing some video recordings, witnesses, scientific analyses, and people (such as myself). The government also destroyed most of the rubble from the towers, and there are accusations that they destroyed other evidence also. This destruction of evidence is proof that they are hiding something.

Nobody destroys evidence or suppresses people if they are trying to spread the truth. The truth is supported with evidence. The more evidence we have, the more we can be certain of what the truth is. Therefore, to spread the truth, expose all evidence.

By comparison, if somebody is promoting a lie, he must suppress the particular people and information that expose the lie.

The Incubator Babies

Do you remember the stories circulating in America in 1990 about the evil Iraqi soldiers who were throwing babies out of their incubators?
There were eyewitnesses to this atrocity, such as this adorable girl who is holding back tears as she tells the world about those horrible Iraqis.

Millions of Americans were enraged that the evil Iraqis would behave in such a savage manner, and this anger helped to bring support for the war in Iraq.

The glorious, righteous Americans charged off to battle and slaughtered the evil Iraqis.

Am I allowed to ask, how many babies were thrown out of the incubator? Am I an incubator baby denier for asking such a question?

Some people claim that zero babies were thrown out of incubators, and that the entire story was a hoax in order to enrage the Americans. Here are two articles about it, in case you never heard of this:

Are the people who make these accusations Incubator Baby Deniers? Should they be arrested? Should they be told to shut up?

The truth about the incubator baby story does not need laws to protect it. There is no reason to tell anybody to be quiet about it. The truth about the incubator babies will come out when we expose all evidence, not when we tell people to shut up.

Ignore the pressure to hide evidence

Lots of people and organizations claim to be "truth seekers" in regards to 9-11. However, if they were truly honest, they would encourage people to look at all of the evidence.

For example, the MoveOn organization ignores some of the most important evidence of 9-11. The Air America radio network also ignores lots of critical information and people.

It is the ordinary, unknown citizens who pass out videos, books, and web sites. If this world improves, it will be because of those unknown citizens who are ignoring the large organizations and passing out the suppressed information to their friends and neighbors.

Should I keep quiet on some issues?

Occasionally somebody will advise me to stop talking about one or both of these issues:

  • The Apollo moon landing
  • The Holocaust
  • Why should I ignore those two subjects? How does the truth on those subjects benefit by suppressing discussions of them?

    I have been given two, completely different sets of reasons as to why I should remain quiet, depending on whether the person telling me to keep my mouth shut promotes the official story. The two groups of reasons are:

    1) The people who tell me that Apollo astronauts really did land on the moon, and the official Holocaust story is 99% accurate, tell me to shut my mouth because...
  • I will ruin my reputation.
  • I will hurt everybody else's reputation in the 9-11 movement.

  • 2) The people who tell me that Apollo and the Holocaust are indeed hoaxes tell me to shut my mouth because...

  • Most people are too stupid to understand these issues, so I would be wasting time that could be put to more productive uses.
  • The Zionists will attack me, maybe have me arrested, maybe kill me.

  • Now let's consider whether I should follow their advice and keep quiet about these issues.

    Case 1: The Apollo astronauts really did land on the moon, and the official Holocaust story is at least 99% accurate.

    Consider the issue of mercury dental fillings. The official story is that these fillings are safe. Will I ruin my reputation for asking questions about their safety?

    Well... I will ask some questions, and then you can let me know if I just ruined my reputation.

    Questions about mercury dental filling:

    Do molecules from the fillings tear off once in a while? If so, do any of those molecules get into our blood, or do they merely pass through our digestive system?

    If some mercury does get into our blood, does it cause any harm to us?

    Have fillings been proven to be 100% safe, or are they considered safe by corporate executives simply because the amount of mercury that gets into us is so small that they decided not to worry about it?

    OK... I just asked some questions about mercury dental fillings. Did I ruin my reputation?

    Let me now ask some questions about the Vietnam War.

    Questions about the Vietnam War:

    I know a man who is a few years older than me. He was drafted and sent to fight in the Vietnam war. However, he had no desire to kill Vietnamese. He did not understand why he should consider the Vietnamese to be his enemy.

    He told me that in his small group of about six men, only their leader was interested in the war.

    He told me that when their leader took them out into the forest, they had to pretend that they were interested in fighting the war, but often their leader would send them out on their own. This group of about 6 young men would go out into the forest, find a nice tree to sit under, relax, and often play cards.

    When evening came, they would go home and tell their leader that they had killed a few Vietnamese.

    There are many significant lessons to learn from this man. Two of them are:

    1) Many of the deaths reported during the Vietnam War may have been phony. Some news reports claim that the American military killed 3 million Vietnamese. For all we know, most of those dead Vietnamese were "killed" by soldiers who were actually playing cards. 

    2) The American military believes that they were chased out of Vietnam because there was not enough support for the war among the American people, but they may have been chased out of Vietnam because most American soldiers had no interest in the war.

    Now I am ready to ask my questions about the Vietnam War:

  • Did Americans really kill 3 million Vietnamese?
  • How many Vietnamese were killed by Americans, and how many were killed by other Vietnamese?

  • Am I anti-Vietnamese for asking those questions? Have I ruined my reputation or the reputation of other 9/11 researchers for asking those questions? Am I anti-American for asking those questions? Am I a Vietnam War Denier for asking those questions?

    If it is acceptable for me to ask questions about dental fillings and the Vietnam War, why can't I ask questions about Apollo or World War II?

    Case 2: Apollo and the Holocaust are indeed hoaxes.
    It should be obvious that if these are hoaxes, then the pressure on me to shut my mouth is to prevent me from exposing the lies.


    The truth does not need suppression

    The US military has no reason to hide information about the Vietnam War... if they want the truth about the war to be known.

    However, if they want to hide the truth, then they will need to suppress people, questions, and evidence. The same applies to the North Vietnamese and Chinese governments. 

    The only way we will really know what was going on with the Vietnam War is if all of the governments stop their suppression of information.

    Governments justify their suppression of information on the grounds that they are protecting national security. In reality, every government is protecting their incompetence, their criminal activity, and their embarrassing mistakes.

    It is OK to discuss the Vietnam War

    There is nothing wrong with asking questions about the Vietnam War, and there is nothing wrong with asking how many people died.

    There is nothing wrong with asking questions about the Civil War, either, and there's nothing wrong with asking if George Washington really did have his missing teeth replaced with pieces of wood, and whether he really did chop down a cherry tree.

    So why is it wrong to ask questions about what was going on inside those Nazi prison camps? Why is it wrong to ask how many Jews died in those prison camps? If Jews have nothing to hide, why are they trying to stop people from discussing this issue? Why don't they proudly announce to the world,

    "Go ahead and look closely at the Nazi prison camps. You will find that we Jews have been honest about them; that we have been telling you the truth."
    I don't see how we are helping the human race by remaining silent on any issue.


    Laws against Apollo Denial

    What would you think if the United States government passed a law that allowed it to arrest people who did not believe Apollo astronauts landed on the moon? Would you approve of a government that put "Apollo Deniers" in jail? 

    Would you approve of our government arresting people who do not believe Oswald killed Kennedy? Would you support a law against "Lee Harvey Oswald Denial"?

    The people who are described as "Historians" often disagree with each other on historical details. Since they can't agree on the official version, why should we expect the common people to agree? To complicate the issue, every nation has a slightly different version of history.

    To add even more absurdity to this issue, history sometimes changes when a nation gets new government officials. An example is the change in Russian history when Stalin replaced Lenin.

    We are not going to make our history books more accurate by arresting people who disagree with some arbitrary, official version of history.

    Does any government really believe that we need laws against Holocaust Denial?

    There is currently a man named Ernst Zundel who was taken from America, sent to Canada, and then sent to Germany for a trial, supposedly because he is a Holocaust denier. In February 2007, Zundel was sent to jail for 5 years:

    Could any government possibly be so stupid that they believe they are helping the world by arresting "Holocaust Deniers"? I don't think so!

    The arrest of Holocaust Deniers seems to be an attempt to frighten people into remaining silent about the Holocaust. And the only reason for this is because the Holocaust promoters are trying to hide something; they are trying to protect a lie.

    The truth about the Holocaust does not come out when people are arrested. Rather, lies about the Holocaust are protected when people are arrested.

    The truth about the Holocaust will come out when all of the photos and information is released, and when we are allowed to discuss the information.

    People who question the official story of the Holocaust are not Holocaust Deniers. Rather, they are Holocaust Truth Seekers, or HoloHoax Exposers.

    Are Holocaust trials a deception?

    As I mentioned in my document "To get away with crimes, pretend to be a crime fighter", the deception with 9-11 and other large crimes is much more complex than my simple example of a car thief.

    Let me give you a few possible examples of what is going on with the arrest of Ernst Zundel.

    The Zionists are worried about Ernst Zundel is exposing the HoloHoax, and so they are trying to use him as an example to show us that they control the world, and we better keep our mouths shut or we will go to jail, also.

    Zundel, Germar Rudolf, and most of the other Holohoax exposers are actually Zionists, or working with the Zionists, and they have agreed to be arrested in order to create the impression that the Zionists have such incredible control over the world that they can drag HoloHoax Exposers from one country to the next, and then put them in jail.

    They use the arrest of Zundel to attract our attention while they quietly put a real HoloHoax Exposer in jail.

    How do we determine if Zundel, Rudolf, or others are real HoloHoax Exposers? How do we know who to trust?

    To understand this, imagine what a trial for an "Apollo Denier" would be like. For example, Richard Hoagland, who frequently appears on Coast-to-Coast AM radio, believes that Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, but that NASA faked many of the photographs in order to cover up the ancient civilizations the Apollo astronauts discovered on the moon.

    Hoagland could be classified as an Apollo Denier because he is accusing NASA of faking photos, lying to the world, and covering up the greatest discovery of the human race; namely, that there are alien civilizations on both the moon and Mars.

    If the government were to arrest Richard Hoagland for Denying Apollo, the trial would have to be a sham because both the government and Richard Hoagland would have to lie in order to defend themselves.

    The only reason the government would want to arrest Richard Hoagland is if they wanted to frighten people into thinking that they better not disagree with the official story of the Apollo moon landing or they may end up in court.

    The government would never arrest a real Apollo investigator because a real Apollo investigator would have serious evidence that the moon landing was a hoax, and the government would not want that brought out in the public.

    Consider how this applies to the arrest of Holocaust Deniers:

    The Jews would never want to arrest a real Holocaust investigator because he would fight back with serious evidence.

    The only people the Jews can safely arrest for Holocaust Denial are the people who are working with the Jews to create the impression that the Jews have so much power over the  world that they can arrest anybody for questioning the Holocaust.


    Are the Germans as stupid as they appear?

    In February 2007 a German court sentenced Zundel to jail for five years. How could the Germans be so stupid as to put an old man in jail at taxpayers expense simply because he disagrees with the official story of the Holocaust? Can't the German people think of a better way to spend their tax money?

    Here are some possibilities in regards to Zundel:


    Perhaps Zundel is an honest citizen who questioned the Holocaust. The Zionists realized that he was a potential threat, so a few of them pretended to be his friend in order to set him up for blackmail.

    Ingrid Rimland, his third wife, may be a Zionist. Watch this short video about her:

    Perhaps the Zionists lured Zundel into doing something that he could be blackmailed over, such as pedophilia, and then they gave him an offer: either go to jail for pedophilia, or go to jail as a Holocaust denier.

    Incidentally, Ingrid Rimland is a good friend of Dr. Lorraine Day. Therefore, if Rimland is a Zionist, we have to wonder if Dr. Day is also a Zionist, or if Rimland is working on ruining Dr. Day.

    Since it is almost impossible to lure women into having sex with children, instead of setting Dr. Day up for pedophilia, Rimland and others Zionists may be feeding her propaganda about religion, cancer, or AIDS. If they can fool a person into promoting nonsense, that is almost as good as setting them up to be blackmailed.

    Corruption in the courts

    Perhaps Zundel is an honest citizen who questioned the Holocaust. Perhaps the Jews are getting away with this absurd arrest because the Zionists within the American, Canadian, and German courts system made sure that the only people dealing with Zundel's deportation and trial were Zionists.

    This would allow the Zionists to get away with what would normally be a very serious crime.

    A Crypto-Zionist

    Perhaps Zundel is secretly working with the Zionists. Perhaps he agreed to be put in jail in order to frighten the Gullible Goyim.

    In this case the Zionists don't have to worry about Zundel fighting the deportation or bringing up real evidence at his trial. Instead, Zundel would put up a superficial fight. (Here is one journalist who claims that Zundel is Jewish)

    One Jewish newspaper, in this article, says that Zundel is not really disagreeing with the official story of the Holocaust. Rather, he simply "hates Jewish people".

    Although we cannot believe the media on the Holocaust issue, especially not the Jewish reporters, it appears as if Zundel does not truly want to expose the Holocaust. Rather, he puts up only a superficial fight.

    This implies that he is working with the Zionists, either because he is a Crypto-Zionist, or they have blackmailed him.

    The truth seekers are not stupid

    One of the peculiar aspects of most of the Holocaust investigators, 9/11 truth seekers, antiwar activists, etc., is that they talk a lot, but they don't give good arguments, and they never advocate any action.

    I used to assume they were stupid, but it makes more sense to accuse them of being Crypto-Zionists or blackmail victims.

    Germar Rudolf supposedly has a Ph.D. in chemistry, and he got it from a German university, not an American university. He is certain to be above average intelligence.

    In 2002, he published his analysis of the Apollo moon landing on the website (another site you should be suspicious of):

    Almost all of us grew up believing that the Apollo moon landing was real. Only a few people have bothered to analyze the Apollo moon landing to determine if it was real, or if it was staged here on the Earth.

    Of all the people who analyzed the Apollo moon landing, most of them come to the conclusion that it was indeed staged here on the Earth. Only a few people go so far as to publish a paper to defend the official story. Germar Rudolf is one of those very few.

    I would guess that Rudolf was told to write that article, and he agreed to do it either because he is a Crypto-Zionist, or because he is one of their blackmail victims.

    Incidentally, I have another Science Challenge about Apollo:

    Stand up to the HoloHoax!

    Fredrick Toben, Ernst Zundel, Germar Rudolf, and almost everybody else who is arrested for Holocaust denial seems to be either a Zionist, or one of their blackmail victims.

    They allow themselves to be arrested in order to frighten the Gullible Goyim into remaining silent about the HoloHoax.

    A clever trick, isn't it?

    More on the possibility that David Irving is part of a Zionist trick to frighten us:

    More on the possibility that Zundel is part of a Zionist trick to frighten us:

    The real holocaust investigator seems to be Professor Robert Faurisson:

    Don't be frightened by the Holohoax arrests. What are you; a human or a mouse?

    And take this issue of blackmail seriously. The Zionists are not going to sit by while people expose their crimes. When somebody tries to expose the Holocaust, 9/11, or other crimes, they will be contacted by "helpful" people and "concerned citizens". You should consider all of these people to be possible Zionists.

    Deceptive Romantic Relationships

    There are lots of ways to deceive people. One of the ultimate sacrifices that a Zionist can make for Israel is to form a long-term romantic relationship with a Goyim in order to manipulate him, spy on him, or set him up to be arrested.

    This may have been what happened to the former New Jersey governor McGreevey. The story varies depending on the source, but everybody agrees that he resigned in Aug 2004 on the grounds that he is homosexual, and that he had an affair with a man named Golan Cipel.

    Golan Cipel is an Israeli citizen (the original article has been erased, so look at the archived copy before it is erased) and a former lieutenant in the Israeli Navy. Governor McGreevey made Cipel the head of New Jersey Homeland Security.

    One interesting aspect of this case is that an Israeli citizen was given an important position in America's government. How many nations allow foreign citizens to get top positions in their government?

    I also find it interesting to consider that Cipel is telling the truth when he says he is heterosexual, and that Governor McGreevey is telling the truth about his homosexual affair with Cipel.

    In such a case, perhaps Cipel volunteered to pretend he is homosexual in order to manipulate McGreevey into giving him a high level position in the American government.

    If you are heterosexual, imagine the American government asking you to have a long-term homosexual relationship with an official from some other nation. They will set you up with the official when he arrives for a dinner, and you would have to fake a romantic interest in him. If the official likes you, you will have to move to his nation, carry on a homosexual relationship with him, and try to get into their government. Would you volunteer for that type of assignment?

    Governor McGreevey resigned on the grounds that he is homosexual, but perhaps the real reason for his resignation is that he realized that he was being taken advantage of, and he could not think of any other way to get out of the mess.

    He may have been told that he will be blackmailed if he sends Cipel home to Israel. Perhaps he was warned that the Mossad will arrange a suicide or a plane accident if he causes trouble for Israel. So perhaps he decided to quit politics in a manner that does not upset Israel.

    How will we know the truth about that case? Simple; just bring all the information out in the open. Take a look at the lives of Cipel and McGreevey. Take a look at their friends and associates, the phone calls they made, and the flow of money.

    However, as usual, the Israeli citizen quietly returned to Israel, and nobody in the USA investigated anything. Does that remind you of the five dancing Israelis who were caught on September 11th, and then were sent back to Israel?

    Is Ingrid Rimland a female version of Golan Cipel?

    Since an Israeli man is willing to form a homosexual relationship with a New Jersey governor in order to get into the US government, why not consider the possibility that Ingrid Rimland would form a relationship with a Holocaust investigator in order to set him up?

    More about Rimland in this article:

    Zion's Little Helpers, part 2
    Did they destroy the Holocaust "truth movement"? Do they have a team of "Zionist whores" to set us up for blackmail, jail, or death? Do they offer free newsletters to identify their critics?
    Click here


    Are UFOs suppressed?
    If so, does that make them true?

    Since this article talks about the suppression of information as a sign of guilt, I don't want people to use it to justify UFOs.

    People who promote the UFO stories tell us that the government is suppressing information about aliens, and therefore the aliens really exist.

    However, I do not see any suppression of UFO information. Rather, I see the exact opposite. I see public libraries, bookstores, television programs, and movies full of UFO material.

    The stories about the alien spacecraft in Roswell, New Mexico come from a couple of people who said they saw something mysterious, or found something mysterious. This is not evidence of an alien spacecraft. What is especially suspicious is that some of these UFO witnesses work for the military.

    The government can fool people into promoting UFOs by creating the impression that the government is suppressing information about UFOs. Many people will jump to the conclusion that the UFOs must really exist.

    How do we determine the truth in regards to UFOs and crop circles? By exposing all of the information about it. The truth about the UFOs does not need anybody to protect it, not even the UFO supporters. Both the government and the UFO supporters must show us all other information about UFOs.

    However, the people who believe in UFOs have no evidence. They only have a few blurry photos, and some of them have a cousin who has a friend who met somebody on a trip who said he saw a Martian.

    People who believe in crop circles have nothing but photographs of crop circles. These photographs prove that crop circles exist, but they do not prove that they were created by an alien life form. Humans can and do create crop circles, also.

    You should find it peculiar that the people who promote UFOs, such as Richard Hoagland and Art Bell, also promote the official story on 9/11 and other crimes. Do you really think this is a coincidence?

    Steven Greer, who has The Disclosure Project, creates the impression that he is exposing the truth about the UFOs, but I bet that if you look at him and his associates, you will find that most of them are working for some government agency or some group of Zionist criminals, and they are trying to make us look like idiots.

    It's also possible that he is trying to prepare the public for a staged encounter of aliens from another solar system.

    How do we know the truth about Greer? Simple; just expose all the information about him, his friends, his sources of income, and his evidence of UFOs.

    If you are interested in getting to the truth, demand that the television networks put all of us on television, allow us to provide the evidence we have, and let us discuss these issues.

    Have you seen these brief articles about UFOs:
     • FlyingSaucers
     • Space-Aliens